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Game Preview - Nov 22, 2018

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Vaught-Hemingway Stadium - Oxford, MS

7-4Wins - Losses5-6
6-1Home Record3-3
1-3Road Record1-3
3-2Division Record1-4
3-4Conference Record1-6
Team Averages
12.8Points Allowed36.3
400.4Total YDS539.7
181.5Pass YDS364.1
218.9Rush YDS175.6
275.6Total YDS Allowed489.2
165.3Pass YDS Allowed275.4
110.4Rush YDS Allowed213.8
Season Passing Stats
N. Fitzgerald, QB120/2316.51504147
K. Thompson, QB18/3911.745861
L. Burnett, QB1/125.02500
J. Mayden, QB1/24.5900
Season Passing Stats
J. Ta'amu, QB258/4019.63831197
M. Corral, QB11/1412.417420
Season Rushing Stats
N. Fitzgerald, QB1834.99011076
K. Hill, RB886.6583352
A. Williams, RB686.4438229
K. Thompson, QB2110.3216425
N. Gibson, RB237.7177162
D. Lee, RB174.678113
J. Mayden, QB74.632014
R. Rivers, RB56.23109
L. Burnett, QB13.0303
Season Rushing Stats
S. Phillips, RB1496.29271265
J. Ta'amu, QB1123.3366639
I. Woullard, RB735.0365446
T. Knight, RB195.6107041
M. Corral, QB711.379261
E. Swinney, RB143.245022
A. Linton, RB63.72208
K. Wells, RB45.321011
E. Moore, WR16.0606
J. Pellerin, TE13.0303
Season Receiving Stats
O. Mitchell, WR2416.0385484
S. Guidry, WR1721.4364384
J. Johnson, TE1515.5233137
D. Thomas, WR1514.5217144
K. Hill, RB178.9152353
A. Williams, WR1013.7137333
K. Mixon, WR814.8118225
A. Williams, RB613.581127
F. Green, TE89.173013
D. Jones, TE416.566121
J. Jackson, WR78.459124
D. Jason, WR221.042025
N. Gibson, RB57.236012
B. Cumbest, TE121.021021
M. Dear, WR112.012012
Season Receiving Stats
A. Brown, WR8115.51259684
D. Lodge, WR6213.3823451
D. Metcalf, WR2621.9569575
E. Moore, WR3511.1387250
B. Sanders, WR1616.9271155
D. Knox, TE1221.3256048
O. Cooley, TE821.5172166
S. Phillips, RB1010.5105238
I. Woullard, RB77.754011
F. Allen, WR411.044014
A. Weber, WR311.735031
M. Battle, WR29.018012
E. Swinney, RB34.01208