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Box Score - Mar 26, 2017

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Shot Chart
Game Stats
S. Thornwell, G36268/13.6151/4.2509/10.90016712044
P. Dozier, G36177/11.6360/2.0003/31.00003311122
C. Silva, F21132/5.4000/0.0009/12.75045900124
M. Kotsar, F36126/10.6000/0.0000/2.00030300021
D. Notice, G3862/9.2220/2.0002/4.50024630001
J. McKie, G1331/3.3331/11.0000/0.00002200002
R. Felder, G1500/2.0000/1.0000/0.00000021013
S. Keita, F300/0.0000/0.0000/0.00001100000
H. Gravett, G200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
Game Stats
J. Leon, F29187/15.4673/9.3331/11.00033601011
K. Allen, G27134/12.3332/8.2503/31.00001110114
K. Hill, G31114/7.5710/0.0003/4.75001153043
C. Chiozza, G2593/10.3001/3.3332/21.00012342034
K. Hayes, F3183/4.7500/0.0002/21.00035801412
D. Robinson, F2251/5.2001/3.3332/21.00010110022
C. Barry, G2042/4.5000/2.0000/0.00001100013
K. Stone, F721/2.5000/1.0000/0.00001100012
G. Gak, C800/1.0000/0.0000/0.00011200000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
19:46S. Thornwell made Jumper. Assisted by D. Notice.20
19:15J. Leon made Jumper.22
18:47J. Leon made Jumper.24
17:15M. Kotsar made Layup.44
16:33M. Kotsar made Layup.64
16:04K. Allen made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Hill.67
15:35S. Thornwell made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Notice.97
14:27S. Thornwell made Free Throw.107
14:27S. Thornwell made Free Throw.117
14:14K. Hill made Layup.119
13:39J. Leon made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Hill.1112
12:30P. Dozier made Layup. Assisted by R. Felder.1312
12:19C. Barry made Layup. Assisted by C. Chiozza.1314
12:01P. Dozier made Jumper.1514
11:27J. McKie made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by R. Felder.1814
9:40K. Stone made Jumper. Assisted by K. Hill.1816
7:57K. Hill made Layup.1818
7:50S. Thornwell made Layup.2018
6:19D. Notice made Layup.2218
6:03C. Chiozza made Free Throw.2219
6:03C. Chiozza made Free Throw.2220
5:44S. Thornwell made Jumper.2420
5:23J. Leon made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Robinson.2423
4:56D. Robinson made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by C. Chiozza.2426
4:15P. Dozier made Jumper.2626
3:48K. Allen made Three Point Jumper.2629
3:38S. Thornwell made Layup.2829
3:02C. Chiozza made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Allen.2832
2:26S. Thornwell made Layup.3032
2:03J. Leon made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Hill.3035
1:06K. Hayes made Layup. Assisted by C. Chiozza.3037
0:49K. Hill made Free Throw.3038
0:43P. Dozier made Layup.3238
0:43P. Dozier made Free Throw.3338
0:32K. Hayes made Free Throw.3339
0:32K. Hayes made Free Throw.3340
2nd Half
19:05C. Silva made Dunk.3540
18:13M. Kotsar made Layup.3740
17:48K. Hayes made Two Point Tip Shot.3742
17:30C. Silva made Free Throw.3842
17:30C. Silva made Free Throw.3942
16:56K. Hill made Jumper.3944
16:41M. Kotsar made Jumper. Assisted by D. Notice.4144
16:13P. Dozier made Layup.4344
15:50C. Barry made Layup. Assisted by K. Hill.4346
14:51C. Silva made Free Throw.4446
14:51C. Silva made Free Throw.4546
14:27D. Robinson made Free Throw.4547
14:27D. Robinson made Free Throw.4548
13:35P. Dozier made Jumper.4748
11:34M. Kotsar made Two Point Tip Shot.4948
10:43C. Silva made Free Throw.5048
10:43C. Silva made Free Throw.5148
10:00J. Leon made Two Point Tip Shot.5150
9:23J. Leon made Two Point Tip Shot.5152
9:23J. Leon made Free Throw.5153
9:03P. Dozier made Layup.5353
7:17K. Allen made Jumper.5355
6:55S. Thornwell made Free Throw.5455
6:55S. Thornwell made Free Throw.5555
6:45K. Hill made Free Throw.5556
6:45K. Hill made Free Throw.5557
6:32S. Thornwell made Free Throw.5657
6:32S. Thornwell made Free Throw.5757
5:38S. Thornwell made Layup.5957
5:17K. Hill made Layup.5959
4:55S. Thornwell made Layup.6159
4:23K. Allen made Free Throw.6160
4:23K. Allen made Free Throw.6161
3:51C. Chiozza made Layup.6163
3:32C. Silva made Layup.6363
2:24S. Thornwell made Free Throw.6463
2:24S. Thornwell made Free Throw.6563
1:55M. Kotsar made Jumper. Assisted by S. Thornwell.6763
1:41K. Hayes made Layup. Assisted by C. Chiozza.6765
1:15P. Dozier made Free Throw.6865
1:15P. Dozier made Free Throw.6965
0:59C. Silva made Free Throw.7065
0:53K. Allen made Layup.7067
0:53K. Allen made Free Throw.7068
0:50D. Notice made Free Throw.7168
0:50D. Notice made Free Throw.7268
0:40C. Silva made Free Throw.7368
0:31C. Silva made Free Throw.7468
0:24C. Chiozza made Layup.7470
0:19S. Thornwell made Free Throw.7570
0:11D. Notice made Dunk. Assisted by P. Dozier.7770