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Box Score - Jan 20, 2018

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Memorial Gym - Nashville, Tennessee

Game Stats
D. Reath, F343113/20.6501/2.5004/8.500581310334
S. Mays, G36134/11.3641/4.2504/5.80003312001
B. Rachal, G1882/6.3330/0.0004/6.66711201113
T. Waters, G3673/12.2501/6.1670/0.00022441035
B. Sampson, G1931/3.3330/2.0001/2.50000001011
D. Edwards, G1731/2.5001/2.5000/0.00002210013
R. Onwuasor, G2121/3.3330/1.0000/0.00022400011
A. Epps, F1121/3.3330/1.0000/0.00003300014
W. Sims, F521/11.0000/0.0000/0.00010100002
G. Alexander, F300/1.0000/1.0000/0.00011200000
Game Stats
R. LaChance, G38268/14.5714/7.5716/61.00015630003
J. Roberson, F36207/13.5382/5.4004/5.80015610043
S. Lee, G34125/7.7140/1.0002/3.66705553132
P. Willis, G3561/6.1671/4.2503/6.50015610031
J. Toye, G1151/2.5000/1.0003/5.60001100013
C. Brown, F931/2.5000/1.0001/2.50011200001
L. Austin Jr., G621/2.5000/0.0000/0.00001100001
E. Obinna, F621/11.0000/0.0000/0.00000000013
D. Baptiste, C2510/2.0000/0.0001/3.33323500303
Scoring Plays
1st Half
19:27J. Roberson made Jumper.02
18:52R. LaChance made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by S. Lee.05
18:13D. Reath made Jumper.25
16:18P. Willis made Three Point Jumper.28
15:04J. Roberson made Layup. Assisted by S. Lee.210
14:21S. Mays made Layup.410
13:43B. Rachal made Free Throw.510
13:43B. Rachal made Free Throw.610
12:24B. Rachal made Free Throw.710
12:24B. Rachal made Free Throw.810
11:26R. LaChance made Three Point Jumper.813
11:06S. Mays made Three Point Jumper.1113
10:16L. Austin Jr. made Jumper.1115
9:40T. Waters made Jumper.1315
8:53A. Epps made Jumper. Assisted by D. Edwards.1515
8:26R. LaChance made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by P. Willis.1518
8:00R. LaChance made Jumper.1520
7:34S. Lee made Layup.1522
6:51J. Roberson made Layup.1524
6:25D. Reath made Jumper.1724
5:51D. Reath made Jumper.1924
5:04J. Roberson made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by S. Lee.1927
4:50B. Rachal made Layup. Assisted by D. Reath.2127
4:16R. LaChance made Jumper.2129
3:14D. Reath made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by T. Waters.2429
2:52E. Obinna made Dunk. Assisted by S. Lee.2431
2:34D. Reath made Jumper.2631
2:02R. LaChance made Jumper.2633
1:41D. Reath made Free Throw.2733
1:41D. Reath made Free Throw.2833
1:01P. Willis made Free Throw.2834
2nd Half
19:47J. Roberson made Layup. Assisted by S. Lee.2836
19:29D. Reath made Jumper.3036
19:06J. Roberson made Jumper.3038
18:24J. Roberson made Free Throw.3039
18:24J. Roberson made Free Throw.3040
17:46J. Roberson made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by R. LaChance.3043
16:54R. LaChance made Three Point Jumper.3046
16:15B. Sampson made Free Throw.3146
16:07B. Sampson made Dunk.3346
16:03W. Sims made Dunk.3546
15:35D. Baptiste made Free Throw.3547
14:31D. Reath made Jumper.3747
13:31J. Roberson made Free Throw.3748
13:31J. Roberson made Free Throw.3749
12:54C. Brown made Dunk. Assisted by R. LaChance.3751
12:22T. Waters made Three Point Jumper.4051
11:57R. LaChance made Layup.4053
11:45S. Mays made Layup.4253
11:10S. Mays made Free Throw.4353
11:10S. Mays made Free Throw.4453
11:02J. Toye made Free Throw.4454
10:53T. Waters made Layup.4654
10:44J. Toye made Layup. Assisted by J. Roberson.4656
10:23R. Onwuasor made Layup.4856
10:02S. Mays made Free Throw.4956
10:02S. Mays made Free Throw.5056
9:18D. Reath made Dunk.5256
8:56D. Reath made Layup. Assisted by T. Waters.5456
8:05R. LaChance made Free Throw.5457
8:05R. LaChance made Free Throw.5458
7:05D. Reath made Layup. Assisted by S. Mays.5658
6:49S. Lee made Free Throw.5659
6:49S. Lee made Free Throw.5660
5:35S. Lee made Layup.5662
5:18D. Reath made Free Throw.5762
4:16D. Reath made Jumper.5962
3:47S. Lee made Layup.5964
3:36D. Edwards made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by T. Waters.6264
2:59D. Reath made Free Throw.6364
2:21D. Reath made Layup. Assisted by T. Waters.6564
2:00R. LaChance made Free Throw.6565
2:00R. LaChance made Free Throw.6566
1:43S. Lee made Dunk. Assisted by R. LaChance.6568
1:16B. Rachal made Jumper.6768
0:46S. Lee made Jumper.6770
0:44C. Brown made Free Throw.6771
0:23R. LaChance made Free Throw.6772
0:23R. LaChance made Free Throw.6773
0:16S. Mays made Jumper.6973
0:15J. Toye made Free Throw.6974
0:15J. Toye made Free Throw.6975
0:05D. Reath made Jumper.7175
0:05P. Willis made Free Throw.7176
0:05P. Willis made Free Throw.7177