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Box Score - Oct 5, 2017

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals0
5Total Shots8
3Shots On Target0
0Goals Allowed2
12Fouls Committed6
2Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
L. Azari222000
S. Charley011100
S. Amack010000
R. Rossett010000
L. Simmons000000
C. Zeeuw000000
G. Rademaker000000
N. Dorsey000000
G. Jackson000000
H. Eberts000000
K. Boyd000000
T. Tolleson000000
C. Saltmarsh000010
J. Welch000000
O. Simmons000000
M. Konte000000
M. Harriott000010
Game Stats
S. Babo020000
P. Atkins020000
K. Keen010000
F. Ignoffo010010
L. Williams010000
M. Jimenez010000
K. Novak000000
E. Soucie000000
D. Hayden000000
G. Crosetti000000
M. Evans, M000000
S. Stewart-Hobbs000000
H. Olding000000
J. Grosso, M000000
T. Edwards000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
2'Shot by UK Sophie Babo WIDE RIGHT.00
3'Offside against Vanderbilt.00
17'VU substitution: Olivia Simmons for Hannon Eberts.00
19'Corner kick by UK Katy Keen [18:24].00
24'GOAL by VU Leila Azari (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Simone Charley, goal number 1 for season.10
25'Corner kick by UK Katy Keen [24:57].10
30'Corner kick by VU Lydia Simmons [29:27].10
30'Header Shot by VU Stephanie Amack WIDE LEFT.10
33'VU substitution: Jackie Welch for Leila Azari.10
33'Shot by UK Foster Ignoffo WIDE LEFT.10
34'UK substitution: Taya Edwards for Kelly Novak.10
37'UK substitution: LaMaya Williams for Sophie Babo.10
37'VU substitution: Rebecca Rossett for Simone Charley.10
39'Yellow card on VU Caroline Saltmarsh.10
39'Corner kick by UK Katy Keen [38:29].10
40'Header Shot by UK Payton Atkins BLOCKED.10
45'Header Shot by UK LaMaya Williams BLOCKED.10
2nd Half
49'Shot by VU Rebecca Rossett WIDE RIGHT.10
53'Shot by UK Miranda Jimenez BLOCKED.10
56'Shot by VU Simone Charley, SAVE Evangeline Soucie.10
57'Shot by UK Payton Atkins HIGH.10
60'VU substitution: Madiya Harriott for Rebecca Rossett.10
60'VU substitution: Leila Azari for Jackie Welch.10
62'Yellow card on UK Foster Ignoffo.10
68'UK substitution: LaMaya Williams for Sophie Babo.10
68'VU substitution: Olivia Simmons for Simone Charley.10
69'Yellow card on VU Madiya Harriott.10
72'UK substitution: Sophie Babo for LaMaya Williams.10
72'Corner kick by UK Katy Keen [71:10].10
72'Header Shot by UK Sophie Babo WIDE RIGHT.10
72'Corner kick by UK Katy Keen [71:40].10
73'Corner kick by UK Katy Keen [72:49].10
75'Shot by UK Katy Keen WIDE LEFT.10
75'VU substitution: Kaylann Boyd for Lydia Simmons.10
75'VU substitution: Simone Charley for Olivia Simmons.10
79'VU substitution: Gabrielle Rademaker for Madiya Harriott.10
80'Corner kick by UK Katy Keen [79:28].10
82'UK substitution: Julia Grosso for Miranda Jimenez.10
86'VU substitution: Olivia Simmons for Gabrielle Rademaker.10
86'VU substitution: Lydia Simmons for Kaylann Boyd.10
87'GOAL by VU Leila Azari, goal number 2 for season.20
87'UK substitution: Sophie Stewart-Hobbs for Julia Grosso.20