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Box Score - Dec 10, 2017

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Thompson-Boling Aren - Knoxville, Tennessee

Game Stats
A. Atkins, G27216/14.4291/4.2508/81.00022403033
L. Higgs, G27157/15.4671/4.2500/0.00023522053
J. White, C25115/9.5560/0.0001/2.50016700015
B. McCarty, G3882/15.1330/6.0004/41.00014522025
A. Sutton, G3083/10.3001/3.3331/2.50003332023
O. Aborowa, F1242/4.5000/0.0000/0.00034710012
J. Underwood, G841/2.5000/0.0002/3.66710100012
A. Caron-Goudreau, F2121/5.2000/1.0000/0.00004411015
J. Hosey, F1221/2.5000/0.0000/0.00003300001
Game Stats
J. Nared, G40236/20.3000/4.00011/14.786491314142
E. Westbrook, G37155/11.4552/5.4003/4.75002221274
M. Russell, C31157/13.5380/0.0001/3.333481211110
R. Davis, G2792/9.2220/3.0005/6.83325702033
A. Hayes, G2683/6.5000/0.0002/5.40001141124
C. Green, F1283/5.6000/0.0002/3.66732500000
M. Jackson, G2741/3.3330/1.0002/21.00006621013
Scoring Plays
1st Period
8:01R. Davis made Free Throw.01
8:01R. Davis made Free Throw.02
7:29M. Russell made Layup.04
6:48J. Nared made Layup.06
6:32J. White made Jumper. Assisted by L. Higgs.26
5:28E. Westbrook made Jumper.28
4:19M. Russell made Layup. Assisted by M. Jackson.210
2:55J. Nared made Jumper.212
2:35J. White made Free Throw.312
2:03A. Atkins made Free Throw.412
2:03A. Atkins made Free Throw.512
1:30E. Westbrook made Free Throw.513
1:30E. Westbrook made Free Throw.514
1:18J. Hosey made Layup. Assisted by A. Sutton.714
0:49A. Sutton made Jumper.914
0:15M. Russell made Layup. Assisted by J. Nared.916
0:04A. Sutton made Jumper.1116
2nd Period
9:49E. Westbrook made Jumper. Assisted by M. Russell.1118
9:04L. Higgs made Layup.1318
8:37J. Nared made Free Throw.1319
8:37J. Nared made Free Throw.1320
7:37J. White made Layup. Assisted by L. Higgs.1520
6:07J. Nared made Layup.1522
5:23E. Westbrook made Layup. Assisted by A. Hayes.1524
4:54J. White made Jumper.1724
4:20R. Davis made Layup.1726
3:08B. McCarty made Jumper.1926
1:52J. Underwood made Layup.2126
1:12L. Higgs made Layup.2326
0:58M. Jackson made Jumper.2328
0:35O. Aborowa made Layup.2528
0:21E. Westbrook made Free Throw.2529
0:01J. Underwood made Free Throw.2629
0:01J. Underwood made Free Throw.2729
3rd Period
9:23A. Atkins made Jumper.2929
9:09E. Westbrook made Three Point Jumper.2932
8:42J. Nared made Layup. Assisted by M. Jackson.2934
8:04J. Nared made Jumper.2936
6:25A. Caron-Goudreau made Jumper.3136
5:22E. Westbrook made Three Point Jumper.3139
5:07A. Atkins made Three Point Jumper.3439
4:39A. Atkins made Free Throw.3539
4:39A. Atkins made Free Throw.3639
4:23M. Russell made Jumper. Assisted by E. Westbrook.3641
4:04J. White made Jumper. Assisted by A. Sutton.3841
3:23M. Russell made Layup. Assisted by A. Hayes.3843
3:12A. Atkins made Free Throw.3943
3:12A. Atkins made Free Throw.4043
2:46M. Russell made Free Throw.4044
2:33A. Atkins made Jumper. Assisted by A. Sutton.4244
2:15A. Hayes made Layup.4246
1:22C. Green made Free Throw.4247
1:22C. Green made Free Throw.4248
1:00O. Aborowa made Layup.4448
4th Period
9:19A. Sutton made Free Throw.4548
9:05C. Green made Layup.4550
8:05A. Atkins made Jumper. Assisted by B. McCarty.4750
7:35M. Jackson made Free Throw.4751
7:35M. Jackson made Free Throw.4752
7:25L. Higgs made Jumper.4952
6:49L. Higgs made Layup.5152
6:32C. Green made Jumper. Assisted by E. Westbrook.5154
6:19J. Nared made Free Throw.5155
6:19J. Nared made Free Throw.5156
6:12B. McCarty made Layup.5356
5:58A. Atkins made Free Throw.5456
5:58A. Atkins made Free Throw.5556
5:52J. Nared made Free Throw.5557
5:52J. Nared made Free Throw.5558
5:44J. White made Layup. Assisted by B. McCarty.5758
5:20A. Hayes made Layup.5760
4:55J. Nared made Layup. Assisted by A. Hayes.5762
4:16M. Russell made Layup.5764
4:00L. Higgs made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Caron-Goudreau.6064
3:33R. Davis made Layup. Assisted by A. Hayes.6066
3:22A. Sutton made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by O. Aborowa.6366
2:50C. Green made Layup. Assisted by E. Westbrook.6368
2:50M. Russell made Layup. Assisted by E. Westbrook.6370
2:37B. McCarty made Free Throw.6470
2:37B. McCarty made Free Throw.6570
2:24A. Hayes made Layup.6572
2:22J. Nared made Free Throw.6573
2:21B. McCarty made Free Throw.6673
2:21B. McCarty made Free Throw.6773
2:07A. Atkins made Layup.6973
1:54A. Hayes made Free Throw.6974
1:41A. Atkins made Jumper.7174
1:01L. Higgs made Layup.7374
0:42A. Hayes made Free Throw.7375
0:33J. Nared made Free Throw.7376
0:33J. Nared made Free Throw.7377
0:30R. Davis made Free Throw.7378
0:14J. Nared made Free Throw.7379
0:14J. Nared made Free Throw.7380
0:08L. Higgs made Layup.7580
0:02R. Davis made Free Throw.7581
0:02R. Davis made Free Throw.7582