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Brad Davis SEC Community Service Teams

61 days ago

The SEC Community Service Post-Graduate Scholarship is named for former Associate Commissioner Brad Davis. Davis succumbed to cancer on March 2, 2006. He had been a member of the SEC staff since 1988, first serving as an assistant commissioner until 1994 when he was promoted to associate commissioner.

SEC Community Service Award Winners
Year Award Winner, School (sport)
1996 Tony Johnson, Alabama (football) and Erin Tenbrunsel, Alabama (volleyball)
1997 Tim Lanier, LSU (baseball) and Andrea Bullock, Vanderbilt (golf)
1998 Walker Jones, Ole Miss (football) and Nicole Lees, Alabama (soccer)
1999 BJ McKie, South Carolina (basketball) and Carrie Kuhnell, Kentucky (soccer)
2000 Brett Millican, Georgia (football) and Brooke Riley, Ole Miss (soccer)
2001 Lance Jones, Ole Miss (basebal) and Gabby Fuchs, Florida (gymnastics)
2002 Eric vanGoethem, Auburn (swimming) and Andree' Pickens, Alabama (gymnastics)
2003 Brett Kirouac, Georgia (football) and Kara Lawson, Tennessee (basketball)
2004 Michael Boynton, South Carolina (basketball) and Virginia Pate, Georgia (swimming & diving)
2005 Jordan Fairclotch, LSU (baseball) and Holly Hodges, South Carolina (diving)
2006 Antoine Huffman, Kentucky (football) and Hannah McLeod, Arkansas (gymnastics)
2007 Brad Boswell, Tennessee (swimming) and Stacey Stevens, Florida (softball)
2008 William Brown, South Carolina (football) and Brooke Shinaberry, Vanderbilt (lacrosse)
2009 Andrew Smith, Auburn (basketball) and Brionna Dickerson, South Carolina (basketball)
2010 John Egan, Georgia (track and field) and Krissy Voss, Auburn (gymnastics)
2011 Barnabus Kirui, Ole Miss (track and field) and Bridget Lyons, Georgia (track and field)
2012 Cullen Doody, LSU (track and field) and Leigh Gilmore, Alabama (track and field)
2013 Joseph Hladik, Missouri (swimming & diving) and Megan Moir, Kentucky (golf)
2014 Patrick Young, Florida (basketball) and Mackenie McGill, Missouri (gymnastics)
2015 Chris Conley, Georgia (football) and Grace Trimble, Kentucky (tennis)
2016 Wade Karam, Texas A&M (track and field) and Lauren Beers, Alabama (gymnastics)
2017 Maya Evans, South Carolina (track and field) and Eric Freeman, Tennessee (baseball)
2018 Wesley Curles, Auburn (track & field) and Grace McLaughlin, Florida (gymnastics)
2019 Sam Ahrenholz, Florida (track & field) and Megan Rauh, Auburn (equestrian)