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Today's Top 10 Award

1498 days ago

Today's Top 10 Award*

2022 - Mac Jones, Alabama (Football)

2021 - Asia Sedt, Kentucky (Swimming)

2020 - Kristin Quah, Vanderbilt (Bowling)

2019 - Lucas Kaliszak, Alabama (Swimming), Alex McMurtry, Florida (Gymnastics) and Keturah Orji, Georgia (Track and Field) 

2018 - Kasey Cooper, Auburn (Softball), Danielle Galyer, Kentucky (Swimming and Diving), Sarah Gibson, Texas A&M (Swimming and Diving) 

2017 - Taylor Ellis-Watson, Arkansas (Track & Field), Haylie McCleney, Alabama (Softball), Tiffany Mitchell, South Carolina (Basketball), Dak Prescott, Mississippi State (Football)

2016 - Kendra Harrison, Kentucky (Track & Field)

2015 - Kim Jacob, Alabama (Gymnastics), Shannon Vreeland, Georgia (Swimming & Diving)

2014 - Barrett Jones, Alabama (Football), Raven Chavanne, Tennessee (Softball)

2013 - Brooke Pancake, Alabama (Golf), Wendy Trott, Georgia (Swimming)

2012 - Kelsey Bruder, Florida (Softball), Kayla Hoffman, Alabama (Gymnastics), Lee Ellis Moore, Ole Miss (Track and Field)

2011 - Greg McElroy, Alabama (Football), Marcia Newby, Georgia (Gymnastics)

2010 - Courtney Kupets, Georgia (Gymnastics), Brittany Rogers, Alabama (Softball), Tim Tebow, Florida (Football)

2007 - Beth Mallory, Alabama (Track and Field)

2006 - Samantha Arsenault, Georgia (Swimming and Diving), DeMeco Ryans, Alabama (Football)

2005 - Caesar Garcia, Auburn (Swimming)

2004 - Eli Manning, Ole Miss (Football)

2002 - Kimberly Black, Georgia (Swimming)

2001 - Kristy Kowal, Georgia (Swimming), Matthew Busbee, Auburn (Swimming)

1998 - Lisa Coole, Georgia (Swimming), Peyton Manning, Tennessee (Football)

1997 - Danny Wuerffel, Florida (Football)

1987 - Megan L. Neyer, Florida (Diving)

1985 - Gregg Carr, Auburn (Football), Tracy Caulkins, Florida (Swimming)

1984 - Terrell L. Hoage, Georgia (Football)

1982 - Ambrose "Rowdy" Gaines IV, Auburn (Swimming)

1980 - Steadman S. Shealy, Alabama (Football)

1979 - Robert W. Dugas, LSU (Football) James J. Kovach, Kentucky (Football)

1975 - Randy L. Hall, Alabama (Football)

*The award was previously known by three different names, each reflecting the number of recipients: Today's Top V Award or the Top Five Award (1973-1985); Today's Top VI Award (1986-1994); Today's Top VIII Award (1995-2013)