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SEC announces Women's Basketball TV schedule

2198 days ago
SEC Staff
Photo: Todd Van Emst

Birmingham, Ala. -- The 2018 women's basketball television schedule has been released by the Southeastern Conference office. Additionally, the 2018 SEC Tournament schedule has been unveiled.

ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU will produce a combined 15 regular season conference contests as well as three non-conference games. The SEC Network will televise 50 conference games. The SEC Network will announce additional non-conference games at a later date.

The SEC Tournament will be played Wednesday, February 28 - Sunday, March 4 at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. The SEC Network will televise the first three days of the SEC Women's Basketball Tournament while the semifinals will air on ESPNU, and the championship game on ESPN2.

All of the games included in the ESPN package (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and SEC Network) will also be available through the ESPN app, which is accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets and connected devices to fans who receive their video subscription from an affiliated provider.

Institutions will continue to have the ability to produce for SEC Network + any conference and non-conference games that are not otherwise televised, which will be available on the ESPN app and

2018 SEC Women's Basketball TV Schedule
DateMatch-UpTime (ET)Network
December 10 (Sunday)Texas at Tennessee3 p.m.ESPN2
December 31 (Sunday)Tennessee at Kentucky12 p.m.SEC Network
Texas A&M at South Carolina2 p.m.SEC Network
Missouri at Alabama3 p.m.SECN+
Ole Miss at Arkansas3 p.m.SECN+
Florida at Auburn4 p.m.ESPN2
Vanderbilt at LSU4 p.m.SEC Network
Mississippi State at Georgia6 p.m.SEC Network
January 4 (Thursday)Alabama at Florida7 p.m.SECN+
South Carolina at Ole Miss7 p.m.SECN+
Auburn at Tennessee7 p.m.SECN+
Kentucky at Texas A&M7 p.m.SEC Network
Georgia at Vanderbilt8 p.m.SECN+
LSU at Missouri8 p.m.SECN+
Arkansas at Mississippi State9 p.m.SEC Network
January 7 (Sunday)Vanderbilt at Tennessee12 p.m.SEC Network
Georgia at Kentucky2 p.m.SECN+
Mississippi State at LSU2 p.m.SEC Network
South Carolina at Missouri2 p.m.ESPN2
Texas A&M at Auburn3 p.m.SECN+
Florida at Ole Miss3 p.m.SECN+
Alabama at Arkansas4 p.m.SEC Network
January 11 (Thursday)Kentucky at Florida7 p.m.SECN+
Arkansas at Georgia7 p.m.SECN+
Auburn at South Carolina7 p.m.SECN+
Tennessee at Texas A&M7 p.m.SEC Network
Missouri at Vanderbilt8 p.m.SECN+
LSU at Alabama8 p.m.SECN+
Ole Miss at Mississippi State9 p.m.SEC Network
January 14 (Sunday)LSU at Florida1 p.m.SEC Network
Tennessee at South Carolina1 p.m.ESPN2
Georgia at Texas A&M3 p.m.SEC Network
Alabama at Mississippi State4 p.m.ESPNU
Arkansas at Auburn5 p.m.SEC Network
January 15 (Monday)Kentucky at Vanderbilt7 p.m.SEC Network
January 18 (Thursday)Florida at Arkansas7 p.m.SEC Network
Tennessee at Notre Dame7 p.m.ESPN
Texas A&M at Alabama8 p.m.SECN+
Auburn at LSU8 p.m.SECN+
South Carolina at Vanderbilt8 p.m.SECN+
Missouri at Ole Miss9 p.m.SEC Network
January 21 (Sunday)South Carolina at Kentucky12 p.m.ESPNU
Ole Miss at Florida1 p.m.SEC Network
Vanderbilt at Alabama3 p.m.SECN+
Auburn at Georgia3 p.m.SEC Network
Mississippi State at Tennessee3 p.m.ESPN2
Arkansas at Missouri5 p.m.SEC Network
January 22 (Monday)LSU at Texas A&M7 p.m.SEC Network
January 25 (Thursday)Arkansas at South Carolina6:30 p.m.SEC Network
Alabama at Kentucky7 p.m.SECN+
Missouri at Georgia7 p.m.SECN+
Ole Miss at Tennessee7 p.m.SECN+
Florida at Mississippi State8:30 p.m.SEC Network
January 28 (Sunday)Tennessee at LSU1 p.m.SEC Network
Georgia at Florida2 p.m.SECN+
Mississippi State at Ole Miss2 p.m.ESPNU
Texas A&M at Vanderbilt3 p.m.SEC Network
Alabama at Auburn5 p.m.SEC Network
Missouri at South Carolina6 p.m.ESPN2
January 29 (Monday)Kentucky at Arkansas7 p.m.SEC Network
February 1 (Thursday)Texas A&M at Tennessee6:30 p.m.SEC Network
Auburn at Kentucky7 p.m.SECN+
Vanderbilt at Ole Miss7 p.m.SECN+
Connecticut at South Carolina7 p.m.ESPN
Georgia at LSU8 p.m.SECN+
Mississippi State at Missouri8:30 p.m.SEC Network
February 4 (Sunday)LSU at Kentucky12 p.m.SEC Network
Arkansas at Alabama2 p.m.SEC Network
Ole Miss at Georgia2 p.m.SECN+
Auburn at Texas A&M4 p.m.SEC Network
Tennessee at Vanderbilt2 p.m.ESPNU
February 5 (Monday)South Carolina at Mississippi State7 p.m.ESPN2
Florida at Missouri7 p.m.SEC Network
February 8 (Thursday)South Carolina at Alabama7 p.m.SEC Network
LSU at Auburn7 p.m.SECN+
Mississippi State at Florida7 p.m.SECN+
Vanderbilt at Georgia7 p.m.SECN+
Tennessee at Arkansas8 p.m.SECN+
Ole Miss at Texas A&M8 p.m.SECN+
Kentucky at Missouri9 p.m.SEC Network
February 11 (Sunday)Florida at South Carolina1 p.m.SEC Network
Kentucky at Mississippi State2 p.m.ESPNU
Georgia at Tennessee3 p.m.SEC Network
Texas A&M at LSU3 p.m.SECN+
Alabama at Ole Miss3 p.m.SECN+
Missouri at Arkansas5 p.m.SEC Network
February 12 (Monday)Vanderbilt at Auburn7 p.m.SEC Network
February 15 (Thursday)Alabama at Tennessee6:30 p.m.SEC Network
Missouri at Auburn7 p.m.SECN+
South Carolina at Georgia7 p.m.SECN+
Arkansas at Kentucky7 p.m.SECN+
Ole Miss at LSU8 p.m.SECN+
Florida at Texas A&M8 p.m.SECN+
Mississippi State at Vanderbilt8:30 p.m.SEC Network
February 18 (Sunday)Vanderbilt at Florida1 p.m.SEC Network
LSU at Arkansas3 p.m.SECN+
Kentucky at South Carolina3 p.m.SEC Network
Texas A&M at Mississippi State2/5 p.m.ESPNU/2
Tennessee at Missouri2/5 p.m.ESPNU/2
Auburn at Alabama5 p.m.SEC Network
February 19 (Monday)Georgia at Ole Miss7 p.m.SEC Network
February 22 (Thursday)LSU at South Carolina6:30 p.m.SEC Network
Tennessee at Florida7 p.m.SECN+
Auburn at Mississippi State8 p.m.SECN+
Georgia at Alabama8 p.m.SECN+
Texas A&M at Arkansas8 p.m.SECN+
Vanderbilt at Missouri8 p.m.SECN+
Kentucky at Ole Miss8:30 p.m.SEC Network
February 25 (Sunday)Florida at Georgia12 p.m.SEC Network
Ole Miss at Auburn2 p.m.SEC Network
Arkansas at Vanderbilt3 p.m.SECN+
Mississippi State at Kentucky12/4 p.m.ESPNU/2
South Carolina at Tennessee12/4 p.m.ESPNU/2
Missouri at Texas A&M4 p.m.SEC Network
Alabama at LSUTBDSECN+