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218 from SEC named to CSCAA Scholar All-America teams

229 days ago
Photo: Auburn Athletics

The College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) has named 218 student-athletes from the Southeastern Conference to the 2019 CSCAA Scholar All-America teams.

The award recognizes students that have achieved a grade point average of 3.50 or higher and competed at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships.

In addition to the first-team selections, students were named as Honorable Mention selections. These students have similarly achieved a GPA of 3.50 and achieved a "B" time standard or competed at an NCAA Regional or Zone Diving qualifier.

Kalia Antoniou // Pre Major Studies
Christian Arseneau (HM) // Human Performance Exercise Science
Knox Auerbach // Marketing
Laurent Bams // Accounting
Halia Bower (HM) // Finance
Cameron Brown (HM) // Biology
Michael Burris (HM) // Accounting
Sam Disette // Marketing
Alina Faunce (HM) // Biology
Sarah Helm // Nursing
Robert Howard // Accounting
Hunter Jaynes (HM) // Communicative Disorders
Daniel Kober (HM) // Chemical Engineering
Leonie Kullmann (HM) // Construction Engineering
Morgan Liberto (HM) // Political Science
Kyle Maas (HM) // Biology
Justine Macfarlane // Biology
Kensey McMahon // Public Relations
Richard Miksi (HM) // Management Information Systems
Emma Murray (HM) // Management & Marketing
Kacey Oberlander (HM) // Marketing
Nicholas Perera // Mechanical Engineering
Nico Perner (HM) // Mechanical Engineering
Alexis Preski (HM) // Psychology
Ryan Ratliff (HM) // Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Sesvold (HM) // Business
Alexandria (Allie) Surrency // Mechanical Engineering
Zane Waddell // Management Information Systems
Kaila Wong (HM) // Aerospace Engineering
Ayanna Woods (HM) // Mechanical Engineering

Maha Amer (HM) // Economics & Public Health
Sydney Angell // Childhood & Education
Anna Hopkin // Kinesiology Exercise Science (MS)
Kobie Melton // Animal Science
Molly Moore // Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Marlena Pigliacampi // Kinesiology Adapted Movement Science
Brooke Schultz // Business Management

Thomas Brewer // Exercise Science
David Crossland // Business Analytics
Brogan Davis (HM) // Pre-Public Relations
Erin Falconer // Supply Chain Management
Bryan Lee (HM) // Marketing
Allison Maillard // Industrial & Systems Engineering
Aryan Makhija (HM) // Pre-Business Administration
Jessica Merritt // Exercise Science
Julie Meynen // Exercise Science
Russell Noletto (HM) // Finance
Sonnele Oeztuerk // Pre-Business Administration
Mcauley Parker (HM) // Neuroscience
Owen Upchurch // Finance
Abi Wilder // Exercise Science
Matthew Yish // Interdisciplinary Studies

Taylor Ault // Biology (Pre-Med)
Victoria Bindi // Biochemistry & Pre-med
Leah Braswell // History
Chandler Bray (HM) // Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Hannah Burns // Health Education & Behavior
Georgia Darwent (HM) // Psychology
Willie Davis // Sport Management
Alex Farrow (HM) // Sport Management
Savanna Faulconer // Microbiology & Cell Science
Kelly Fertel // Telecommunication - News
Robert Finke // Business Administration
Isabella Garofalo // Finance
Jillian Hatch (HM) // Telecommunication - Production
Gabrielle Hillis (HM) // Natural Resource Conservation
Abigail Howell (HM) // Telecom - Media & Society
Nicholas Lydon (HM) // Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
Christoph Margotti (HM) // Finance
Georgia Marris // Horticultural Sciences
Vanessa Pearl // Environmental Engineering
Sydney Sell (HM) // Advertising
Kieran Smith // Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
Lauren Snider (HM) // Finance
Emma Whitner (HM) // Finance
Stanley Wu // Health Education & Behavior
Mabel Zavaros // Psychology

Andrew Abruzzo // Accounting
Katherine Aikins // Psychology
Olivia Anderson (HM) // Genetics
Edward-Christopher (Blake) Atmore // Finance & Accounting
Mckensi Austin // Health Promotion
Donna Blaum (HM) // Management
Portia Del Rio Brown (HM) // Cognitive Science
Veronica Burchill // Human Development & Family Science
Olivia Carter // Theatre
Caitlin Casazza // Exercise & Sport Science
Callie Dickinson // Exercise & Sport Science
Gabrielle Fa'amausili // Communication Studies
Clayton Forde // Social Studies Education
James Guest // Finance
Courtney Harnish // Marketing
Caleb Harrington (HM) // Genetics
Kelliann Howell (HM) // Family & Consumer Science Education
Freida Lim // Culinary Science & Nutrition
Colin Monaghan (HM) // Biology
William Rothery // Civil Engineering
Sandra Scott (HM) // Exercise & Sport Science
Jordan Stout // Psychology
Keegan Walsh (HM) // Exercise & Sport Science

Wyatt Amdor // Marketing
Kyle Barker (HM) // Management
Matthew Beach (HM) // Kinesiology
Connor Blandford (HM) // Computer Science
Bailey Bonnett // Elementary Education
Glen Brown // Accounting
Kayla Churman (HM) // Biology
Courtney Clark // Marketing
David Dingess // Accounting
Savannah Dupuis (HM) // Psychology
Kailey Francetic (HM) // Kinesiology
Geena Freriks // Dietetics
Riley Gaines // Health Sciences
Alex (Ali) Galyer // Marketing
Isabella Gati // Kinesiology
Austin Haney (HM) // Civil Engineering
Jaclyn Hill (HM) // Kinesiology
Jarod Kehl (HM) // Anthropology
Chase Lane (HM) // Kinesiology
Sebastian Masterton // Kinesiology
Haley McInerny // Marketing
Payton Neff // Psychology
Asia Seidt // Kinesiology
Sophia Sorenson // Marketing
Peter Wetzlar // Accounting
Meredith Whisenhunt (HM) // Psychology
Madison Winstead // Human Health Sciences

Ellie Baldwin (HM) // Sports Admin
Helen Grossman (HM) // Chemical engineering
Harrison Jones (HM) // Kinesiology
Alarii Levreault-Lopez (HM) // Petroleum Engineering
Gabrielle Pick (HM) // Marketing
Thomas Smith (HM) // ISDS
Summer Spradley // International Trade & Finance
Brittany Thompson (HM) // Marketing
Kate Zimmer (HM) // Nutrition Food Studies

Anthony Ashley // Journalism
Tally Brown (HM) // Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
Payton Conrad // Health Science
Jack Dahlgren // Engineering
Kylie Dahlgren // Engineering
John Dubois // International Studies
Courtney Evensen // Communication Science & Disorders
Kyle Goodwin // Art
Molly Gowans (HM) // Health Science
Carter Grimes (HM) // Biological Science
Giovanni Gutierrez (HM) // Health Science
Audrey Guyett (HM) // Health Science
Daniel Hein // Engineering
Haley Hynes // Art History
Iliana Jones (HM) // Business Administration
Isaac Khamis // Health Science
Jennifer King // Psychology
William (Danny) Kovac // Business
Annie Ochitwa // Journalism
Sammie Jo Porter // Nursing
Sarah Rousseau (HM) // Health Science
Griffin Schaetzle (HM) // Journalism
Emily Snyder // Elementary Education
Nick Staver (HM) // Engineering
Devan Sweeney (HM) // Art
Jacob Wielinski // Mathematics
South Carolina
Emily Barksdale // Public Relations
Cody Bekemeyer (HM) // Exercise Science
Emily Cornell // Public Health
Rafael Davila // Management
Marissa Delgado (HM) // Sport & Entertainment Management
Anton Down Jenkins // Undeclared
Yu Qian Goh (HM) // Operations & Supply Chain Management
Ben Fenwick (HM) // Exercise Science
Itay Goldfaden // Computer Sciences
Margaret Higgs // Public Health
Lionel Khoo // Retailing
Mari Kraus // Biological Sciences
Edith Lingmann // Sport & Entertainment Management
Kevin Liu (HM) // Operations & Supply Chain Management
Mikaela Lujan // Biological Sciences
Justin Rose // Business Economics
Allen Ross // Civil Engineering
Marissa Roth // International Business
Jack Smith (HM) // Public Health
Caleb Tosh // Chemical Engineering

Bailey Grinter // Biological Sciences
Carrie Johnson // Recreation & Sport Management
Sinclair Larson // Business Analytics
Constanze (Stanzi) Moseley // Psychology
Nathaniel Murray // Food & Agricultural Business
Amanda Nunan // Nutrition
Tjasa Pintar // Kinesiology
Joey Reilman // Industrial Engineering
Samuel Rice // Biological Sciences
Trude Rothrock // Biochemistry
Megan Sichterman // Food Science
Matthew Wade // Recreation & Sport Management
Zhipeng Zeng // Kinesiology

Texas A&M
Haley Allen (HM) // Economics
Kaley Batten (HM) // Finance
Timothy (Clayton) Bobo // Business
Mckenna Debever // Biomedical Sciences
Raena Eldridge // Genetics & Animal Science
Monika González-Hermosillo // Economics
Karling Hemstreet (HM) // Animal Science
Adam Koster // Supply Chain Management
Connor Long (HM) // Industrial Distribution
Sara Metzsch (HM) // Allied Health
Katie Portz (HM) // Marketing
Kylie Powers // Environmental Geosciences
Steven Richardson // Entomology
Felipe Rizzo (HM) // Accounting
Victoria Roubique (HM) // Interdisciplinary Studies
Kornkarnjana Sapianchai // Computer Engineering
Mark Schnippenkoetter (HM) // Business
Sam Siebenaller (HM) // Interdisciplinary Studies
Hudson Smith (HM) // Construction Science
Camryn Toney // Kinesiology
Benjamin Walker // Accounting
Max White (HM) // Psychology
Haley Yelle // Urban & Regional Planning