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SEC Storied: Stacy's Gift

1243 days ago
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A promising young golfer from Houston, Stacy Lewis was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11. For the next seven years, she wore a brace 18 hours a day except for when she played golf. As she finished high school, she received devastating news that she'd need surgery that would likely end her career. Lewis fought through it all to go to the University of Arkansas on the scholarship that was honored even after the surgery. She arrived at school only able to swing a putter. But two years later, she was SEC champion, and the next year, NCAA champion

As a pro in 2008, Lewis became the first American woman in 18 years to earn the world's top ranking. In 2017, the weekend after Hurricane Harvey devastated her hometown, she broke a long tournament drought, and donated the entire winner's check to storm relief, spearheading a wave of donations.

Directed by Kenan Holley, "Stacy's Gift" is the story of an athlete and a competitor who has never let anything hold her back.