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SEC Storied: Before They Were Cowboys

1248 days ago
SEC Network

"Before They Were Cowboys" looks at how Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson teamed up to help lead the 1964 Arkansas Razorbacks football squad to its only undefeated season in history, long before they joined forces to win two Super Bowls with the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

This evocative and revealing SEC Storied documentary tells the remarkable backstory of two extraordinary men linked by alphabet, alliteration, uniform numbers (60 and 61) and fate. But they were also brought together by Frank Broyles, the legendary coach who taught them how to make their own histories. Broyles is just one of the film's witnesses to those great old days when Jones was an offensive guard with an eye for the dollar sign, and Johnson was a nose guard with a grasp of X's and O's.

Back then, they were vital senior members of the 1964 undefeated team that won a national championship. But "Before They Were Cowboys" shows just how they came to be two of the biggest men in the NFL.

The film is directed by Corey Frost and narrated by country singer Trace Adkins.