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SEC announces women's basketball conference games

269 days ago
SEC Staff
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (July 7, 2022) - The Southeastern Conference has announced each school's women's basketball conference opponents for the 2022-23 season.

The schedule consists of a single round robin (10 games) of home and away with one permanent opponent (2 games) and two rotating opponents (4 games). The permanent opponents are Alabama-Auburn, Arkansas-Missouri, Florida-Georgia, Kentucky-South Carolina, LSU-Texas A&M, Ole Miss-Mississippi State, and Tennessee-Vanderbilt. Each team will play eight home games and eight away games. The rotating opponents change annually. The 2023 season marks the 14th year of the 16-game schedule for women's basketball and the 11th with 14 teams.

Times, dates and television information will be announced at a later date.

2023 Conference Opponents
School Home Away Home & Away
Alabama UG, LSU, USC, TAM, VU @ARK, @UF, @UK, @MSU, @UT AU, UM, MZ
Arkansas ALA, UF, UM, UT, TAM @AU, @UG, @UK, @MSU, @USC MZ, LSU, VU
Auburn ARK, UF, MZ, TAM, VU @UG, @UK, @LSU, @MSU, @UT ALA, UM, USC
Florida ALA, UK, LSU, MSU, VU @ARK, @AU, @UM, @MZ, @USC UG, UT, TAM
Georgia ARK, AU, UM, MSU, MZ @ALA, @LSU, @UT, @TAM, @VU UF, UK, USC
Kentucky ALA, ARK, AU, LSU, UT @UF, @UM, @MSU, @TAM, @VU USC, UG, MZ
Ole Miss UF, UK, MZ, USC, VU @ARK, @UG, @LSU, @UT, @TAM MSU, ALA, AU
Mississippi State ALA, ARK, AU, UK, USC @UF, @UG, @LSU, @MZ, @VU UM, UT, TAM
Missouri UF, LSU, MSU, UT, VU @AU, @UG, @UM, @USC, @TAM ARK, ALA, UK
South Carolina ARK, UF, LSU, MZ, TAM @ALA, @UM, @MSU, @UT, @VU UK, AU, UG
Tennessee ALA, AU, UG, UM, USC @ARK, @UK, @LSU, @MZ, @TAM VU, UF, MSU
Texas A&M UG, UK, UM, MZ, UT @ALA, @ARK, @AU, @USC, @VU LSU, UF, MSU
Vanderbilt UG, UK, MSU, USC, TAM @ALA, @AU, @UF, @UM, @MZ UT, ARK, LSU