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Box Score - Feb 14, 2015

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MD-Eastern - Top Of 1st
Hamrick,Q flied out to cf (0-0).
Martin,J walked (3-1).
Martin,J out at second c to ss, caught stealing.
Dattilo,J grounded out to ss (1-0).
Alabama - Bottom Of 1st
Avant walked (3-2).
Salem struck out; Avant stole second, advanced to third on an error by c.
White singled, RBI; Avant scored.
Hughston singled (1-2); White advanced to second.
Overstreet singled, RBI, advanced to second (1-2); Hughston advanced to second, advanced to third on the throw; White scored.
Vincent struck out (0-0).
Haynie flied out to rf.
MD-Eastern - Top Of 2nd
Murray,S grounded out to 2b (0-0).
Turlik,G flied out to cf (0-1).
Trower,J struck out looking (1-2).
Alabama - Bottom Of 2nd
Blanchard singled to left field (1-0).
Cucjen grounded out to p, SAC (0-0); Blanchard advanced to second.
Avant grounded out to ss (0-0); Blanchard advanced to third.
Salem struck out swinging (1-2).
MD-Eastern - Top Of 3rd
Breslin,C grounded out to ss (1-1).
Trower,G singled to center field (3-2).
James,J grounded into double play ss to 2b to 1b (0-0); Trower,G out on the play.
Alabama - Bottom Of 3rd
White lined out to 3b (1-2).
Hughston singled to right field (0-0).
Hughston stole second.
Overstreet struck out swinging (3-2); Hughston stole third.
Vincent flied out to lf (1-1).
MD-Eastern - Top Of 4th
Hamrick,Q grounded out to ss (0-0).
Martin,J flied out to rf (1-0).
Dattilo,J walked (3-2).
Dattilo,J advanced to second on a passed ball.
Murray,S struck out swinging (0-2).
Alabama - Bottom Of 4th
Haynie reached on an error by ss, advanced to second (1-2).
Blanchard reached on an error by 3b (0-0).
Cucjen singled (2-1); Blanchard advanced to second; Haynie advanced to third.
Avant hit by pitch, RBI (2-1); Cucjen advanced to second; Blanchard advanced to third; Haynie scored, unearned.
Salem hit by pitch, RBI (3-0); Avant advanced to second; Cucjen advanced to third; Blanchard scored, unearned.
White popped up to ss (0-0).
Hughston singled, RBI (0-2); Salem advanced to second; Avant advanced to third; Cucjen scored.
Overstreet popped up to 3b, reached on a fielder's choice, RBI (0-2); Hughston advanced to second; Salem out on the play; Avant scored.
Vincent struck out swinging (2-2).
MD-Eastern - Top Of 5th
Turlik,G grounded out to ss (2-1).
Trower,J struck out swinging (0-2).
Breslin,C singled (0-1).
Trower,G flied out to cf.
Alabama - Bottom Of 5th
Haynie struck out looking (2-2).
Blanchard flied out to cf (0-2).
Cucjen grounded out to 1b unassisted (0-0).
MD-Eastern - Top Of 6th
James,J flied out to cf (1-2).
Hamrick,Q lined out to lf (0-1).
Martin,J struck out swinging (1-2).
Alabama - Bottom Of 6th
Avant popped up to 1b (3-2).
Salem flied out to lf (0-1).
White singled to center field (0-0).
White advanced to second on an error by p.
Hughston hit by pitch (3-1).
Overstreet singled to right field, RBI (2-0); Hughston advanced to third; White scored.
Overstreet advanced to second on a wild pitch.
Vincent doubled, 2 RBI (0-0); Overstreet scored; Hughston scored.
Haynie grounded out to 2b (0-0).
MD-Eastern - Top Of 7th
Dattilo,J walked (3-0).
Murray,S lined out to cf (1-2).
Turlik,G struck out swinging (1-2).
Cooper,N struck out looking (0-2).
Alabama - Bottom Of 7th
Blanchard singled (2-1).
Cucjen doubled (3-1); Blanchard advanced to third.
Elliott walked, RBI (3-2); Cucjen advanced to third on a wild pitch; Blanchard scored on a wild pitch.
Colburn flied out to ss (0-0).
White flied out to lf, SAC, RBI (1-1); Elliott advanced to second; Cucjen scored.
Hughston singled (2-1); Elliott advanced to third.
Overstreet flied out to cf (1-0).
MD-Eastern - Top Of 8th
Breslin,C struck out swinging (3-2).
Trower,G flied out to rf (1-2).
James,J flied out to lf (0-1).
Alabama - Bottom Of 8th
Henry grounded out to 2b (0-0).
Poe flied out to cf (0-1).
Freeman reached on an error by 2b, advanced to second (1-1).
Cucjen walked (3-0).
Elliott singled (2-1); Cucjen advanced to second; Freeman advanced to third.
Colburn popped up to 3b (2-2).
MD-Eastern - Top Of 9th
Hamrick,Q singled (1-2).
Martin,J struck out swinging (1-2).
Hamrick,Q advanced to second on a wild pitch.
Anderson,T grounded out to ss (2-2); Hamrick,Q advanced to third.
Chambers,I struck out swinging (0-2).