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Box Score - Mar 22, 2015

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Batting Lineup
S. Wrenn, CF522201.330
S. Weber, RF210120.319
Z. Bowers, C420010.278
J. Walsh, 1B512101.282
D. Nichols, DH422310.262
T. Kieboom, 3B401011.224
K. McGovern, LF301010.288
D. Smith, LF-PR110001.233
M. Bell, 2B301101.273
N. King, SS411002.315
S. McLaughlin, P000000.000
B. Tucker, P000000.000
J. Cheek, P000000.000
Batting Lineup
V Jackson, CF401110.357
Simcox, SS511002.270
C Stewart, LF211120.343
Senzel, 2B412001.310
A Lee, DH-P402100.333
N Maggio, 1B301111.256
Langhorne, 3B300000.143
Rodgers, PH010010.240
Santiago, C301011.182
Hall, RF300000.038
K Serrano, P000000.000
H Martin, P000000.000
S. McLaughlin (W)7.2733520314.06
B. Tucker0.110001021.98
J. Cheek1.011112054.63
K Serrano (L)2.1462432154.29
H Martin4.1211230172.16
A Lee2.1433011112.38
Play By Play
Georgia - Top Of 1st
Wrenn homered to right field, RBI.
Weber walked.
Bowers lined into double play 3b to 1b; Weber out on the play.
Walsh flied out to lf.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 1st
Jackson walked.
Simcox popped into double play p to 1b, bunt; Jackson out on the play.
Stewart walked.
Senzel lined out to ss.
Georgia - Top Of 2nd
Nichols homered to right field, RBI.
Kieboom singled up the middle.
McGovern walked; Kieboom advanced to second.
McGovern out at first c to 1b, picked off.
Bell struck out looking.
King struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 2nd
Lee grounded out to 2b.
Maggio walked.
Maggio stole second.
Maggio out at second p to ss, picked off.
Langhorne popped up to lf.
Georgia - Top Of 3rd
Wrenn reached on an error by p, assist by 1b.
Wrenn stole second.
Weber walked.
Bowers reached on a fielder's choice to second base; Weber advanced to second on an error by 2b; Wrenn advanced to third.
Walsh struck out looking.
Nichols singled up the middle, 2 RBI; Bowers advanced to second; Weber scored, unearned; Wrenn scored, unearned.
Kieboom walked; Nichols advanced to second; Bowers advanced to third.
McGovern popped up to 2b.
Kieboom advanced to second on a passed ball; Nichols advanced to third on a passed ball; Bowers scored on a passed ball, unearned.
Bell singled to third base, RBI; Kieboom advanced to third; Nichols scored, unearned.
King popped up to 2b.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 3rd
Santiago singled to left field.
Hall grounded out to 3b; Santiago advanced to second.
Jackson lined out to cf.
Simcox struck out swinging.
Georgia - Top Of 4th
Wrenn flied out to rf.
Weber grounded out to 2b.
Bowers grounded out to p unassisted.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 4th
Stewart flied out to lf.
Senzel doubled to right field.
Lee singled to left field; Senzel advanced to third.
Maggio singled through the left side, RBI; Lee advanced to second; Senzel scored.
Langhorne grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b; Maggio out on the play.
Georgia - Top Of 5th
Walsh grounded out to 2b.
Nichols flied out to lf down the lf line.
Kieboom struck out swinging.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 5th
Santiago walked.
Hall flied out to cf.
Jackson flied into double play rf to 1b; Santiago out on the play.
Georgia - Top Of 6th
McGovern fouled out to 3b.
Bell lined out to cf.
King struck out swinging.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 6th
Simcox tripled to center field.
Stewart doubled to right field, RBI; Simcox scored.
Senzel struck out looking.
Lee grounded out to 2b; Stewart advanced to third.
Maggio flied out to rf to right center.
Georgia - Top Of 7th
Wrenn struck out looking.
Weber flied out to cf.
Bowers walked.
Bowers stole second.
Walsh singled to second base; Bowers advanced to third.
Walsh advanced to second on a wild pitch; Bowers scored on a wild pitch.
Nichols walked.
Nichols advanced to second on a wild pitch; Walsh advanced to third on a wild pitch.
Kieboom fouled out to 1b.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 7th
Langhorne grounded out to 1b unassisted.
Santiago grounded out to 1b unassisted.
Hall grounded out to 3b.
Georgia - Top Of 8th
McGovern singled to right field.
Bell grounded out to 1b unassisted, SAC, bunt; Smith advanced to second.
King singled up the middle, advanced to second on the throw; Smith advanced to third.
Wrenn singled through the right side, RBI; King advanced to third; Smith scored.
Weber flied out to cf, SF, RBI; Wrenn advanced to second on a throwing error by cf; King scored.
Bowers flied out to rf down the rf line.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 8th
Jackson flied out to lf.
Simcox popped up to 3b, bunt.
Stewart walked.
Senzel singled to second base; Stewart advanced to second.
Lee singled to left center, RBI; Senzel advanced to third; Stewart scored.
Maggio struck out swinging.
Georgia - Top Of 9th
Walsh homered to right center, RBI.
Nichols grounded out to 2b.
Kieboom grounded out to ss.
Smith struck out looking.
Tennessee - Bottom Of 9th
Rodgers walked.
Santiago struck out swinging.
Hall grounded out to 3b, SAC, bunt; Rodgers advanced to second.
Jackson singled up the middle, RBI; Rodgers scored.
Simcox struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b.