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Box Score - May 23, 2019

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SEC TOURNAMENT - 3rd ROUND - Hoover, Alabama

Ole Miss000000001120
Texas A&M000000000040
Play By Play
Ole Miss - Top Of 1st
Dillard walked (3-1 FBBBB).
Kessinger struck out looking (1-2 BFFK).
Keenan grounded out to 3b (0-0); Dillard advanced to second.
Zabowski popped up to ss (3-2 SFBBB).
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 1st
Shewmake singled to left field (3-2 BFBSB).
Blaum grounded into double play ss to 1b (1-2 BSSF); Shewmake out on the play.
Blake flied out to lf (3-2 FKBBB).
Ole Miss - Top Of 2nd
Olenek grounded out to ss (2-2 BSBK).
Johnson struck out swinging (1-2 BKFFFFS).
Servideo grounded out to p (0-2 SK).
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 2nd
H. Coleman flied out to lf (2-1 BBS).
Hoehner popped up to 2b (1-2 BSK).
Ducoff popped up to 2b (0-1 K).
Ole Miss - Top Of 3rd
Fitzsimmons grounded out to 3b (0-1 K).
Adams struck out looking (1-2 FBKK).
Dillard grounded out to ss (1-0 B).
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 3rd
Foster popped up to ss (0-2 SSF).
Frizzell flied out to cf (1-0 B).
T. Coleman flied out to cf (1-2 KSBF).
Ole Miss - Top Of 4th
Kessinger flied out to lf (0-0).
Keenan walked (3-2 KBBBFB).
Zabowski grounded into double play 1b to ss to 1b (1-0 B); Keenan out on the play.
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 4th
Shewmake flied out to lf (0-0).
Blaum walked (3-2 BKKBBB).
Blake singled to left center (1-2 KBK); Blaum advanced to third.
H. Coleman popped up to 1b (0-1 K).
Hoehner grounded out to 2b (0-0).
Ole Miss - Top Of 5th
Olenek hit by pitch (0-0).
Johnson grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b (0-0); Olenek out on the play.
Servideo struck out swinging (0-2 KKS).
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 5th
Ducoff walked (3-2 SBBBKB).
Foster flied out to cf (1-2 BKSF).
Frizzell struck out looking (0-2 KFK).
T. Coleman struck out swinging (0-2 FFS).
Ole Miss - Top Of 6th
Fitzsimmons flied out to rf (0-0).
Adams struck out looking (0-2 KSK).
Dillard struck out looking (1-2 KBKK).
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 6th
Shewmake out at first 1b to p (1-0 B).
Blaum walked (3-2 BBSSBB).
Blaum out at second c to ss, caught stealing.
The call at 2B was reviewed and confirmed.
Blake grounded out to 2b (2-2 KSFBFB).
Ole Miss - Top Of 7th
Kessinger flied out to rf (0-0).
Keenan struck out swinging (3-2 KBBBFS).
Zabowski flied out to cf to left center (2-2 BSKBF).
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 7th
H. Coleman flied out to rf (1-2 BKKF).
Hoehner flied out to rf (1-1 KB).
Ducoff grounded out to ss (1-2 SBF).
Ole Miss - Top Of 8th
Olenek walked (3-2 BFBFFFBB).
Olenek stole second.
Johnson struck out looking (2-2 BFBKK).
Servideo struck out swinging (1-2 KKBS).
Fitzsimmons intentionally walked (2-0 BB).
Adams struck out swinging (3-2 BBBKFS).
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 8th
Foster flied out to rf (1-2 KBS).
Frizzell singled to right field (0-0).
Wingate advanced to second on a wild pitch.
T. Coleman grounded out to 2b (1-2 BFK); Wingate advanced to third.
Shewmake intentionally walked.
Blaum grounded out to 2b (1-0 B).
Ole Miss - Top Of 9th
Dillard singled to left field (1-2 KKB).
Kessinger fouled out to c, bunt (0-0).
Dillard advanced to second on a balk.
Keenan grounded out to 3b (2-2 KBSBFF).
Zabowski doubled down the rf line, RBI (1-0 B); Dillard scored.
Olenek walked (3-0 BBBB).
Johnson struck out swinging (0-2 SFS).
Texas A&M - Bottom Of 9th
Blake grounded out to 2b (1-2 BKF).
H. Coleman doubled down the rf line (2-2 BFBS).
Hoehner flied out to lf (1-0 B).
Ducoff struck out swinging (2-2 SKBBS).