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Box Score - Feb 28, 2017

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Colonial Life Arena - Columbia, SC

Shot Chart
Game Stats
M. Kegler, G26123/9.3332/6.3334/41.00004421154
T. Carter, G30114/11.3643/9.3330/0.00004401004
A. Holman, F2583/5.6000/0.0002/21.00042611220
I. Ready, G3362/11.1820/3.0002/21.00002231041
L. Peters, G2362/8.2501/4.2501/2.50014541134
S. Herard, C1563/4.7500/0.0000/1.00030300032
E. Wright, G2352/4.5001/2.5000/0.00012301014
E. Datcher, C931/11.0000/0.0001/11.00002200302
X. Stapleton, F1600/2.0000/2.0000/0.00000000005
Game Stats
S. Thornwell, G37225/11.4551/4.25011/12.91724632133
C. Silva, F29154/9.4440/0.0007/10.700651101034
P. Dozier, G3693/15.2001/7.1432/5.40036913021
D. Notice, G3861/7.1431/4.2503/4.75002242002
M. Kotsar, F2252/21.0000/0.0001/2.50012301023
R. Felder, G1541/3.3331/2.5001/2.50011201030
H. Gravett, G1921/3.3330/2.0000/0.00002210020
J. McKie, G200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000010
S. Keita, F200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000001
Scoring Plays
1st Half
19:32M. Kegler made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by L. Peters.30
18:44C. Silva made Free Throw.31
18:18C. Silva made Layup. Assisted by H. Gravett.33
16:48P. Dozier made Free Throw.34
16:23I. Ready made Layup.54
15:50S. Thornwell made Layup.56
15:05H. Gravett made Jumper.58
14:25C. Silva made Free Throw.59
14:25C. Silva made Free Throw.510
12:34L. Peters made Three Point Jumper.810
12:17D. Notice made Free Throw.811
12:17D. Notice made Free Throw.812
11:19M. Kegler made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by A. Holman.1112
11:00S. Herard made Dunk. Assisted by I. Ready.1312
10:36M. Kegler made Free Throw.1412
10:36M. Kegler made Free Throw.1512
10:10M. Kotsar made Free Throw.1513
10:07C. Silva made Dunk.1515
9:43P. Dozier made Layup.1517
9:21I. Ready made Layup.1717
9:03C. Silva made Jumper. Assisted by S. Thornwell.1719
8:42E. Wright made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by I. Ready.2019
8:19P. Dozier made Jumper.2021
6:25C. Silva made Free Throw.2022
6:25C. Silva made Free Throw.2023
6:12E. Datcher made Layup.2223
6:12E. Datcher made Free Throw.2323
4:59S. Thornwell made Free Throw.2324
4:59S. Thornwell made Free Throw.2325
4:33A. Holman made Layup. Assisted by L. Peters.2525
4:23R. Felder made Free Throw.2526
3:24T. Carter made Jumper.2726
2:19E. Wright made Two Point Tip Shot.2926
2:07P. Dozier made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Notice.2929
1:23M. Kotsar made Layup. Assisted by S. Thornwell.2931
0:02S. Thornwell made Free Throw.2932
2nd Half
19:38L. Peters made Layup.3132
19:24S. Thornwell made Jumper. Assisted by D. Notice.3134
18:06S. Thornwell made Free Throw.3135
18:06S. Thornwell made Free Throw.3136
17:39A. Holman made Free Throw.3236
17:39A. Holman made Free Throw.3336
17:08S. Thornwell made Free Throw.3337
17:08S. Thornwell made Free Throw.3338
16:13S. Thornwell made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by P. Dozier.3341
14:10M. Kotsar made Jumper. Assisted by D. Notice.3343
13:51I. Ready made Free Throw.3443
13:51I. Ready made Free Throw.3543
12:44S. Thornwell made Jumper.3545
12:22T. Carter made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by L. Peters.3845
11:34T. Carter made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by L. Peters.4145
10:32C. Silva made Layup.4147
10:07S. Herard made Dunk. Assisted by I. Ready.4347
9:50R. Felder made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Notice.4350
9:19S. Herard made Two Point Tip Shot.4550
7:56M. Kegler made Dunk.4750
6:53A. Holman made Dunk. Assisted by M. Kegler.4950
4:21T. Carter made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by M. Kegler.5250
4:18S. Thornwell made Free Throw.5251
4:18S. Thornwell made Free Throw.5252
3:11D. Notice made Free Throw.5253
2:52C. Silva made Free Throw.5254
2:16D. Notice made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by S. Thornwell.5257
1:53A. Holman made Jumper.5457
1:35S. Thornwell made Layup.5459
0:36P. Dozier made Free Throw.5460
0:24L. Peters made Free Throw.5560
0:21C. Silva made Free Throw.5561
0:08M. Kegler made Free Throw.5661
0:08M. Kegler made Free Throw.5761
0:06S. Thornwell made Free Throw.5762
0:06S. Thornwell made Free Throw.5763