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Box Score - Nov 20, 2017

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HOOPS IN THE HEARTLAND - Humphrey Coliseum - Starkville, MS

Game Stats
K. Small, G34153/6.5001/2.5008/10.80025711043
T. Parham, F22154/9.4443/5.6004/6.66711210021
K. Hankerson, G25104/6.6670/1.0002/21.00013411033
M. Patterson, F2193/6.5000/0.0003/4.75003301013
W. Chevalier, F2093/7.4293/6.5000/0.00003300001
D. Jesperson, F2552/6.3331/4.2500/0.00041520014
T. Bell, G1252/6.3331/2.5000/0.00002201020
H. Crist, G2000/4.0000/3.0000/0.00014550023
P. Pipes, G1500/4.0000/1.0000/0.00002221021
S. Bains, F600/0.0000/0.0000/2.00001100000
Game Stats
L. Peters, G29186/15.4001/7.1435/6.83300023130
A. Holman, F23135/7.7141/2.5002/3.66714510013
A. Ado, F24124/8.5000/0.0004/5.800651111224
N. Weatherspoon, G28103/7.4291/3.3333/4.75005541033
E. Wright, G1784/6.6670/2.0000/0.00040410012
T. Carter, G1962/6.3330/4.0002/21.00000000001
E. Datcher, C1942/21.0000/0.0000/0.00006600311
Q. Weatherspoon, G2821/8.1250/5.0000/0.00003341022
K. Feazell, F721/3.3330/0.0000/0.00001100011
S. Herard, C621/11.0000/0.0000/1.00003300002
Scoring Plays
1st Half
19:43A. Holman made Dunk. Assisted by A. Ado.02
19:20L. Peters made Free Throw.03
19:20L. Peters made Free Throw.04
19:07K. Hankerson made Free Throw.14
19:07K. Hankerson made Free Throw.24
17:35A. Ado made Dunk. Assisted by A. Holman.26
17:35A. Ado made Free Throw.27
17:07A. Ado made Jumper.29
16:59T. Bell made Three Point Jumper.59
16:12A. Ado made Jumper.511
16:02L. Peters made Jumper.513
15:04N. Weatherspoon made Layup.515
14:16E. Wright made Layup. Assisted by N. Weatherspoon.517
13:45L. Peters made Three Point Jumper.520
11:28K. Small made Free Throw.620
11:28K. Small made Free Throw.720
11:28K. Small made Free Throw.820
11:14E. Wright made Jumper.822
10:46L. Peters made Layup.824
10:37D. Jesperson made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by H. Crist.1124
10:20A. Ado made Free Throw.1125
9:46Q. Weatherspoon made Jumper. Assisted by E. Wright.1127
9:03K. Hankerson made Jumper. Assisted by D. Jesperson.1327
7:59T. Bell made Jumper. Assisted by H. Crist.1527
7:05A. Holman made Dunk. Assisted by Q. Weatherspoon.1529
6:41W. Chevalier made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by H. Crist.1829
6:04T. Carter made Layup.1831
5:23A. Holman made Jumper. Assisted by N. Weatherspoon.1833
4:49M. Patterson made Free Throw.1933
4:49M. Patterson made Free Throw.2033
4:27M. Patterson made Layup. Assisted by T. Parham.2233
3:20T. Parham made Three Point Jumper.2533
2:57N. Weatherspoon made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by Q. Weathers2536
2:41N. Weatherspoon made Free Throw.2537
2:41N. Weatherspoon made Free Throw.2538
2:05K. Small made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by P. Pipes.2838
1:02K. Feazell made Dunk. Assisted by L. Peters.2840
0:45M. Patterson made Free Throw.2940
0:04T. Parham made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by P. Pipes.3240
2nd Half
19:20L. Peters made Layup.3242
18:37K. Hankerson made Layup.3442
17:25K. Small made Jumper. Assisted by H. Crist.3642
17:25K. Small made Free Throw.3742
17:03A. Ado made Free Throw.3743
17:03A. Ado made Free Throw.3744
15:49E. Datcher made Dunk. Assisted by L. Peters.3746
15:14T. Carter made Dunk. Assisted by Q. Weatherspoon.3748
14:59E. Datcher made Jumper. Assisted by Q. Weatherspoon.3750
14:41M. Patterson made Jumper. Assisted by K. Small.3950
14:16N. Weatherspoon made Free Throw.3951
14:11K. Hankerson made Layup.4151
13:25A. Holman made Dunk. Assisted by N. Weatherspoon.4153
12:53E. Wright made Layup.4155
12:22T. Parham made Jumper.4355
11:47W. Chevalier made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Jesperson.4655
11:11T. Parham made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by H. Crist.4955
10:48T. Parham made Free Throw.5055
10:48T. Parham made Free Throw.5155
10:24L. Peters made Free Throw.5156
10:24L. Peters made Free Throw.5157
9:02T. Carter made Free Throw.5158
9:02T. Carter made Free Throw.5159
8:21M. Patterson made Jumper.5359
8:04S. Herard made Jumper.5361
7:35K. Small made Free Throw.5461
7:35K. Small made Free Throw.5561
7:13A. Ado made Jumper.5563
6:47N. Weatherspoon made Layup.5565
6:33K. Small made Jumper.5765
5:51L. Peters made Free Throw.5766
5:15A. Holman made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by N. Weatherspoon.5769
4:12W. Chevalier made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by K. Hankerson.6069
3:39A. Holman made Free Throw.6070
3:39A. Holman made Free Throw.6071
3:01L. Peters made Layup.6073
2:24E. Wright made Layup.6075
2:06D. Jesperson made Layup.6275
1:42L. Peters made Layup.6277
1:30K. Hankerson made Layup.6477
1:12K. Small made Free Throw.6577
1:12K. Small made Free Throw.6677
0:21T. Parham made Free Throw.6777
0:21T. Parham made Free Throw.6877