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Box Score - Feb 1, 2020

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Pete Maravich Assembly Center - Baton Rouge, LA

Shot Chart
Game Stats
D. Shuler, G36288/17.4715/9.5567/71.00016712013
K. Sy, F22114/8.5001/2.5002/21.00024600105
B. Tyree, G3392/10.2000/4.0005/6.83302221013
K. Buffen, F2263/6.5000/0.0000/0.00013400125
S. Hunter, F1163/31.0000/0.0000/0.00000000020
A. Crowley, G2121/5.2000/1.0000/0.00010130010
B. Williams, G2410/3.0000/1.0001/2.50002221014
B. Hinson, F2400/6.0000/4.0000/2.00012320025
A. Collum, G500/1.0000/1.0000/0.00011200000
C. Curry, F200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00001100001
F. Miller Jr., G000/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000001
Game Stats
J. Smart, G37217/12.5830/0.0007/9.77802232022
T. Watford, F31133/5.6000/1.0007/11.63618921141
M. Taylor, G29134/9.4442/21.0003/4.750291112113
E. Williams, F3092/6.3330/0.0005/7.71416711432
D. Days, F2183/5.6001/2.5001/2.50022400023
S. Mays, G1742/3.6670/1.0000/1.00002200005
M. Graves, G1131/2.5001/2.5000/0.00002200010
A. Hyatt, F2221/6.1670/2.0000/0.00032510000
J. Bishop IV, G200/0.0000/0.0000/0.00000000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
19:36T. Watford made Free Throw.01
19:16D. Shuler made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by B. Williams.31
18:59T. Watford made Layup.33
18:29D. Shuler made Layup.53
18:29D. Shuler made Free Throw.63
18:10T. Watford made Jumper. Assisted by E. Williams.65
17:21S. Mays made Layup.67
16:50D. Shuler made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by B. Tyree.97
16:34J. Smart made Layup.99
15:18J. Smart made Jumper.911
14:42E. Williams made Two Point Tip Shot.913
13:33T. Watford made Free Throw.914
13:33T. Watford made Free Throw.915
12:19E. Williams made Free Throw.916
12:19E. Williams made Free Throw.917
11:21M. Graves made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by M. Taylor.920
10:58K. Sy made Layup. Assisted by B. Williams.1120
10:36T. Watford made Jumper.1122
9:24J. Smart made Free Throw.1123
9:24J. Smart made Free Throw.1124
8:13E. Williams made Layup.1126
7:50D. Days made Jumper. Assisted by T. Watford.1128
7:38M. Taylor made Free Throw.1129
7:00E. Williams made Free Throw.1130
6:24S. Mays made Layup.1132
5:38S. Hunter made Dunk. Assisted by A. Crowley.1332
4:39E. Williams made Free Throw.1333
4:39E. Williams made Free Throw.1334
4:27S. Hunter made Dunk. Assisted by A. Crowley.1534
3:15A. Hyatt made Layup.1536
2:03B. Williams made Free Throw.1636
1:45J. Smart made Free Throw.1637
1:45J. Smart made Free Throw.1638
0:45T. Watford made Free Throw.1639
0:45T. Watford made Free Throw.1640
0:33D. Shuler made Free Throw.1740
0:33D. Shuler made Free Throw.1840
0:01A. Crowley made Jumper.2040
2nd Half
19:46K. Buffen made Jumper.2240
18:43D. Shuler made Three Point Jumper.2540
17:58B. Tyree made Free Throw.2640
17:58B. Tyree made Free Throw.2740
17:34B. Tyree made Layup.2940
16:48D. Shuler made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by B. Hinson.3240
16:23D. Days made Layup. Assisted by J. Smart.3242
15:49J. Smart made Free Throw.3243
15:49J. Smart made Free Throw.3244
15:34B. Tyree made Jumper.3444
14:21M. Taylor made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by T. Watford.3447
13:53K. Sy made Layup. Assisted by B. Hinson.3647
13:29D. Shuler made Layup.3847
12:50J. Smart made Layup. Assisted by A. Hyatt.3849
12:50J. Smart made Free Throw.3850
12:10M. Taylor made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by J. Smart.3853
11:26B. Tyree made Free Throw.3953
11:02K. Buffen made Layup.4153
10:40J. Smart made Layup.4155
9:25M. Taylor made Layup.4157
9:00K. Sy made Layup. Assisted by B. Tyree.4357
8:41J. Smart made Jumper.4359
8:07J. Smart made Jumper.4361
6:51D. Days made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by J. Smart.4364
5:59B. Tyree made Free Throw.4464
5:59B. Tyree made Free Throw.4564
5:45D. Days made Free Throw.4565
5:34D. Shuler made Jumper.4765
5:15M. Taylor made Free Throw.4766
5:15M. Taylor made Free Throw.4767
5:08D. Shuler made Free Throw.4867
5:08D. Shuler made Free Throw.4967
4:24K. Sy made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by D. Shuler.5267
4:05M. Taylor made Jumper.5269
3:21K. Buffen made Layup. Assisted by A. Crowley.5469
2:51J. Smart made Jumper.5471
2:31D. Shuler made Three Point Jumper.5771
2:06T. Watford made Free Throw.5772
1:34K. Sy made Free Throw.5872
1:34K. Sy made Free Throw.5972
1:09S. Hunter made Jumper.6172
0:45D. Shuler made Free Throw.6272
0:45D. Shuler made Free Throw.6372
0:27T. Watford made Free Throw.6373