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Box Score - Nov 6, 2015

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Team Game Stats
0Total Goals2
10Total Shots7
5Shots On Target3
2Goals Allowed0
9Fouls Committed6
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Offside against Auburn.00
6'Corner kick by UF Lauren Smith [05:48].00
11'GOAL by UF Christen Westphal (FIRST GOAL), goal number 2 for season.01
14'Header Shot by UF Savannah Jordan HIGH.01
16'Offside against Florida.01
18'UF substitution: Betsy Middleton for Pamela Begic.01
19'GOAL by UF Savannah Jordan, Assist by Betsy Middleton and Christen Westphal, goal number 21 for season.02
19'AU substitution: Sophie Simantel for Hannah Alspach.02
19'AU substitution: Logan Beal for Taylor Troutman.02
22'Yellow card on UF Savannah Jordan.02
26'UF substitution: Melanie Monteagudo for Lauren Smith.02
29'Shot by AU Brooke Ramsier HIGH.02
31'UF substitution: Sarah Troccoli for Brooke Sharp.02
31'UF substitution: Briana Solis for Liz Slattery.02
31'AU substitution: Ashton Brock for Ellie Leek.02
32'Shot by UF Betsy Middleton BLOCKED.02
34'UF substitution: Gaby Rivera for Kristen Cardano.02
34'AU substitution: Gianna Montini for Courtney Schell.02
37'Corner kick by AU Brooke Ramsier [36:54].02
39'Shot by UF Savannah Jordan, SAVE Sarah Le Beau.02
41'AU substitution: Angel Krell for Kristen Dodson.02
42'Shot by AU Samantha Solaru, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.02
43'Shot by AU Brooke Ramsier, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.02
43'UF substitution: Cassie Owens for Rachelle Smith.02
45'AU substitution: Alex Massey for Samantha Solaru.02
45'Header Shot by UF Sarah Troccoli HIGH.02
2nd Half
48'Shot by AU Kala Faulkner, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.02
48'Offside against Florida.02
51'Corner kick by AU Taylor Troutman [50:17].02
51'Offside against Auburn.02
52'Shot by AU Casie Ramsier, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.02
53'Shot by AU Casie Ramsier HIT POST.02
58'UF substitution: Betsy Middleton for Brooke Sharp.02
58'UF substitution: Gaby Rivera for Rachelle Smith.02
60'Offside against Florida.02
67'AU substitution: Sophie Simantel for Hannah Alspach.02
67'AU substitution: Taylor Troutman for Ellie Leek.02
68'UF substitution: Briana Solis for Liz Slattery.02
68'UF substitution: Rachelle Smith for Kristen Cardano.02
69'Shot by AU Kristen Dodson WIDE RIGHT.02
72'UF substitution: Sarah Troccoli for Meg Dougherty Howard.02
73'Shot by UF Lauren Smith HIT POST.02
74'Offside against Florida.02
75'Shot by AU Kristen Dodson HIGH.02
75'AU substitution: Ashton Brock for Courtney Schell.02
75'AU substitution: Hannah Alspach for Sophie Simantel.02
75'AU substitution: Ellie Leek for Kristen Dodson.02
76'AU substitution: Melissa Pagoaga for A.J. Peacock.02
78'Shot by AU Hannah Alspach, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.02
78'UF substitution: Meg Dougherty Howard for Betsy Middleton.02
79'AU substitution: Taylor Troutman for Ashton Brock.02
79'AU substitution: Kristen Dodson for Taylor Troutman.02
79'Offside against Florida.02
82'Shot by AU Brooke Ramsier WIDE RIGHT.02
82'UF substitution: Kristen Cardano for Gaby Rivera.02
83'AU substitution: Taylor Troutman for Samantha Solaru.02
85'Corner kick by AU Taylor Troutman [84:32].02
88'Offside against Florida.02
89'UF substitution: Pamela Begic for Brooke Sharp.02
89'UF substitution: Samantha Chung for Sarah Troccoli.02