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Box Score - Sep 14, 2016

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals3
10Total Shots16
4Shots On Target9
3Goals Allowed2
13Fouls Committed6
2Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
2'Shot by UK Marissa Bosco WIDE.00
7'Corner kick by SEMO GONZALES, Esmeralda [06:37].00
14'Offside against Kentucky.00
16'UK substitution: Katy Keen for Danielle Hayden.00
17'Shot by UK Tanya Samarzich BLOCKED.00
17'Shot by UK Katy Keen, SAVE LIERZ, Kindra.00
18'Shot by UK Marissa Bosco, SAVE LIERZ, Kindra.00
20'UK substitution: LaMaya Williams for Gina Crosetti.00
22'Shot by UK Zoe Swift, SAVE TEAM.00
23'UK substitution: Jade Klump for Marissa Bosco.00
27'Offside against Kentucky.00
27'SEMO substitution: MERSEAL, Brooke for DARGA, Shay.00
29'SEMO substitution: BRIEN, Jennifer for TOMSU, Cassidi.00
29'UK Kaitlin Miller PENALTY KICK GOAL, goal number 3 for season.01
30'SEMO substitution: SENATORE, Siena for BLANKENHEIM, Paige.01
30'SEMO substitution: CORNELL, Maddy for KUZNACIC, Kaitlin.01
31'UK substitution: Lauren Nemeroff for Foster Ignoffo.01
34'Shot by SEMO KAEMPFE, Lauren WIDE.01
34'SEMO substitution: PIKE, Maggie for GONZALES, Esmeralda.01
35'Offside against Southeast Missouri.01
36'SEMO substitution: LEVER, Katie for MINOR, Natasha.01
36'SEMO substitution: SALM, Maria for KAEMPFE, Lauren.01
36'UK substitution: Sophie Babo for Tanya Samarzich.01
39'Corner kick by UK Katy Keen [38:46].01
40'Header Shot by UK Kaitlin Miller HIT CROSSBAR.01
40'UK substitution: Payton Atkins for Kaitlin Miller.01
42'UK substitution: Kalli Vogel for Zoe Swift.01
43'Shot by UK LaMaya Williams WIDE.01
45'Shot by SEMO BRIEN, Jennifer WIDE.01
2nd Half
48'Shot by SEMO GONZALES, Esmeralda WIDE.01
52'Shot by SEMO GONZALES, Esmeralda WIDE.01
56'GOAL by SEMO GONZALES, Esmeralda, goal number 2 for season.11
56'SEMO substitution: CORNELL, Maddy for KAEMPFE, Lauren.11
56'UK substitution: LaMaya Williams for Zoe Swift.11
59'GOAL by UK Jade Klump, Assist by Tanya Samarzich, goal number 1 for season.12
60'Shot by SEMO BLANKENHEIM, Paige, SAVE Evangeline Soucie.12
62'UK substitution: Lauren Nemeroff for Michaela Dooley.12
62'UK substitution: Zoe Swift for Foster Ignoffo.12
64'Shot by SEMO BLANKENHEIM, Paige, SAVE Evangeline Soucie.12
64'Corner kick by SEMO HILLIARD, Jasmin [63:49].12
65'GOAL by SEMO MANN, Angie, Assist by HILLIARD, Jasmin, goal number 1 for season.22
65'UK substitution: Gina Crosetti for Kaitlin Miller.22
65'UK substitution: Katy Keen for Gina Crosetti.22
66'SEMO substitution: SENATORE, Siena for BLANKENHEIM, Paige.22
67'SEMO substitution: KAEMPFE, Lauren for GONZALES, Esmeralda.22
68'Yellow card on SEMO MERSEAL, Brooke.22
68'Header Shot by UK Marissa Bosco, SAVE LIERZ, Kindra.22
71'SEMO substitution: BRIEN, Jennifer for MINOR, Natasha.22
71'UK substitution: Kaitlin Miller for Payton Atkins.22
72'Shot by UK Marissa Bosco BLOCKED.22
72'SEMO substitution: GONZALES, Esmeralda for KUZNACIC, Kaitlin.22
72'UK substitution: Gina Crosetti for LaMaya Williams.22
73'Shot by UK Zoe Swift WIDE.22
75'Shot by SEMO SENATORE, Siena HIGH.22
80'Header GOAL by UK Tanya Samarzich, Assist by Marissa Bosco, goal number 6 for season.23
80'SEMO substitution: BLANKENHEIM, Paige for SENATORE, Siena.23
80'SEMO substitution: KUZNACIC, Kaitlin for CORNELL, Maddy.23
80'SEMO substitution: MINOR, Natasha for MANN, Angie.23
80'UK substitution: Foster Ignoffo for Jade Klump.23
80'UK substitution: Michaela Dooley for Lauren Nemeroff.23
82'Shot by UK Kaitlin Miller, SAVE LIERZ, Kindra.23
84'SEMO substitution: SENATORE, Siena for MERSEAL, Brooke.23
85'Header Shot by UK Tanya Samarzich, SAVE LIERZ, Kindra.23
86'Yellow card on SEMO MINOR, Natasha.23
86'SEMO substitution: TOMSU, Cassidi for BRIEN, Jennifer.23
86'UK substitution: Payton Atkins for Alex Carter.23
87'Yellow card on UK Michaela Dooley.23
87'UK substitution: Jade Klump for Tanya Samarzich.23
87'Header Shot by UK Katy Keen WIDE.23
90'Offside against Kentucky.23