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Box Score - Oct 26, 2017

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Team Game Stats
3Total Goals2
4Total Shots10
4Shots On Target6
2Goals Allowed3
8Fouls Committed12
1Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
4'GOAL by ARK Taylor Malham (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Stefani Doyle, goal number 5 for season.01
11'Offside against Arkansas.01
14'Shot by ARK Parker Goins BLOCKED.01
17'Shot by UT Katie Cousins, SAVE Jordan Harris.01
21'UT substitution: Meghan Flynn for Paige Franks.01
25'Corner kick by ARK Parker Goins [24:24].01
27'ARK substitution: Katie Kienstra for Hannah Neece.01
29'Corner kick by ARK Parker Goins [28:23].01
30'ARK substitution: Nayeli Perez for Parker Goins.01
32'GOAL by UT Rylie O'Keefe, Assist by Khadija Shaw, goal number 5 for season.11
32'ARK substitution: Reid Sibley for Kayla McKeon.11
34'Offside against Arkansas.11
35'UT substitution: Danielle Marcano for Khadija Shaw.11
35'UT substitution: Ariel Kupritz for Erin Gilroy.11
38'UT substitution: Salera Jordan for Anna Bialczak.11
42'Shot by ARK Taylor Malham, SAVE Shae Yanez.11
44'ARK substitution: Carsen Parker for Tori Cannata.11
2nd Half
46'Shot by ARK Jessi Hartzler BLOCKED.11
47'Shot by ARK Taylor Malham, SAVE Shae Yanez.11
55'Corner kick by ARK Parker Goins [54:02].12
55'Header Shot by ARK Abbi Neece HIGH.12
58'Shot by ARK Taylor Malham WIDE.12
59'Corner kick by ARK Parker Goins [58:34].12
63'Shot by ARK Stefani Doyle, SAVE Shae Yanez.12
63'ARK substitution: Nayeli Perez for Stefani Doyle.12
63'ARK substitution: Carsen Parker for Abbi Neece.12
65'Shot by ARK Taylor Malham, SAVE Shae Yanez.12
67'ARK substitution: Katie Kienstra for Parker Goins.12
67'UT substitution: Ariel Kupritz for Meghan Flynn.12
67'UT substitution: Michele Christy for Anna Bialczak.12
69'GOAL by UT Erin Gilroy, Assist by Rylie O'Keefe, goal number 3 for season.22
69'ARK substitution: Stefani Doyle for Kayla McKeon.22
69'ARK substitution: Abbi Neece for Carsen Parker.22
74'ARK substitution: Parker Goins for Katie Kienstra.22
74'ARK substitution: Kayla McKeon for Hannah Neece.22
76'Yellow card on UT Ariel Kupritz.22
76'ARK substitution: Hannah Neece for Reece Christopherson.22
76'ARK substitution: Taylor Beitz for Jordan Harris.22
79'UT substitution: Danielle Marcano for Ariel Kupritz.22
80'ARK substitution: Jordan Harris for Taylor Beitz.22
81'Header GOAL by UT Khadija Shaw, Assist by Danielle Marcano, goal number 14 for season.32
81'ARK substitution: Reece Christopherson for Nayeli Perez.32
84'Offside against Tennessee.32
87'UT substitution: Anna Bialczak for Michele Christy.32
87'UT substitution: Meghan Flynn for Erin Gilroy.32
89'Corner kick by ARK Parker Goins [88:58].32
90'Header Shot by ARK Kayla McKeon WIDE.32