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Box Score - Oct 14, 2018

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Team Game Stats
0Total Goals0
15Total Shots13
4Shots On Target5
0Goals Allowed0
17Fouls Committed15
3Yellow Cards0
1Red Cards0
Game Stats
M. Monteagudo031011
B. Bennett030000
L. Araujo030010
M. Pelayo021000
M. Alexander021000
S. Troccoli010000
T. Sapone011000
A. Howell000000
S. Wilson000000
K. Marckese, G000000
B. Solis000000
J. Lester000000
S. Betters000000
K. Loferski000000
C. Baltrip-Reyes000000
G. Eaton-Collins000010
C. Lindley000000
Game Stats
E. Welch020000
A. Boswell021000
G. Duca021000
C. Wertz021000
R. Mattingly021000
K. Rogers011000
K. Verpaele010000
E. Thomson010000
T. Morgan, F000000
T. Gann000000
E. Zang000000
N. Martin000000
T. Hubbard000000
A. Plavin000000
G. Schorr000000
B. Martin000000
C. Maartensso000000
A. Bivens000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Offside against Florida.00
3'Corner kick by UF Briana Solis [02:35].00
6'Shot by UA Casey Wertz, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.00
6'Corner kick by UA Emma Welch [05:45].00
7'Corner kick by UA Christina Maartensso [06:25].00
11'Offside against Florida.00
26'Shot by UA Casey Wertz WIDE.00
26'UF substitution: Melanie Monteagudo for Sarah Troccoli.00
27'Shot by UA Riley Mattingly HIGH.00
28'Corner kick by UA Riley Mattingly [27:27].00
29'Shot by UF Melanie Monteagudo BLOCKED.00
31'UF substitution: Brittney Bennett for Tess Sapone.00
31'UA substitution: Gabby Duca for Casey Wertz.00
32'Shot by UA Gabby Duca, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.00
35'UF substitution: Sara Wilson for Sammie Betters.00
35'UF substitution: Cassidy Lindley for Mayra Pelayo.00
35'UF substitution: Alyssa Howell for Madison Alexander.00
36'Corner kick by UA Riley Mattingly [35:49].00
37'Corner kick by UA Emma Welch [36:24].00
37'Corner kick by UA Riley Mattingly [36:54].00
41'Shot by UA Abbie Boswell BLOCKED.00
45'Shot by UF Brittney Bennett BLOCKED.00
2nd Half
51'UA substitution: Gigi Schorr for Christina Maartensso.00
51'Shot by UF Madison Alexander, SAVE Alex Plavin.00
57'Shot by UF Sarah Troccoli BLOCKED.00
59'Shot by UF Madison Alexander WIDE.00
59'UA substitution: Kat Rogers for Emma Welch.00
59'UA substitution: Taylor Hubbard for Riley Mattingly.00
60'Yellow card on UF Melanie Monteagudo.00
62'UA substitution: Casey Wertz for Emma Thomson.00
62'UF substitution: Tess Sapone for Lais Araujo.00
64'Shot by UF Mayra Pelayo, SAVE Alex Plavin.00
65'Offside against Florida.00
66'UA substitution: Tori Gann for Gigi Schorr.00
69'Shot by UF Mayra Pelayo HIGH.00
69'UA substitution: Riley Mattingly for Taylor Hubbard.00
70'Shot by UA Kat Rogers, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.00
71'UA substitution: Emma Welch for Kat Rogers.00
72'Offside against Alabama.00
73'UF substitution: Lais Araujo for Mayra Pelayo.00
73'UF substitution: Brittney Bennett for Briana Solis.00
76'Yellow card on UF Georgi Eaton-Collins.00
77'Shot by UA Abbie Boswell, SAVE Kaylan Marckese.00
78'Offside against Alabama.00
78'Shot by UF Brittney Bennett HIGH.00
78'UF substitution: Mayra Pelayo for Melanie Monteagudo.00
78'UA substitution: Gabby Duca for Casey Wertz.00
81'Shot by UF Tess Sapone, SAVE Alex Plavin.00
81'UF substitution: Briana Solis for Brittney Bennett.00
81'UA substitution: Kaley Verpaele for Tori Gann.00
86'UF substitution: Sammie Betters for Cassidy Lindley.00
86'UA substitution: Emma Thomson for Riley Mattingly.00
89'Offside against Alabama.00
89'UF substitution: Melanie Monteagudo for Lais Araujo.00
90'Offside against Alabama.00
93'Shot by UF Melanie Monteagudo, SAVE Alex Plavin.00
94'Corner kick by UF Briana Solis [93:46].00
96'Shot by UF Lais Araujo WIDE.00
96'Shot by UF Lais Araujo WIDE.00
99'Offside against Florida.00
100'Shot by UA Gabby Duca HIGH.00
2nd Overtime
102'Shot by UF Melanie Monteagudo HIGH.00
104'Shot by UA Kaley Verpaele WIDE.00
104'UF substitution: Mayra Pelayo for Madison Alexander.00
104'UA substitution: Emma Thomson for Gabby Duca.00
106'UA substitution: Taylor Hubbard for Kaley Verpaele.00
107'Yellow card on UF Lais Araujo.00
108'Shot by UF Brittney Bennett HIGH.00
109'Red card on UF Melanie Monteagudo.00
110'Shot by UA Emma Thomson BLOCKED.00