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Box Score - Oct 14, 2018

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Team Game Stats
1Total Goals0
13Total Shots13
4Shots On Target4
0Goals Allowed1
16Fouls Committed16
2Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
H. Whitaker111010
B. Folds041000
T. Aycock020000
A. Malsonson020000
G. Montini010000
T. Troutman011000
D. Solaru011010
A. Daly010000
S. Beau000000
M. Cravenor000000
J. Gerow000000
S. Poulter000000
S. Houchin000000
R. Sanders000000
O. Dedels000000
Game Stats
M. Lewis051000
S. Luebbert021000
A. Bellante, G010000
C. Nurnberger010000
L. Whitmore010000
J. Cisneros010000
S. Kingsley011000
B. Beldner011000
K. Dossey000000
B. Coons000000
R. Hise000000
P. Joseph000000
A. Frick000000
M. Trujillo000000
M. Oliphant000000
M. Adesanmi000000
A. Beharry000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Shot by AU Bri Folds WIDE.00
9'Corner kick by MO Peyton Joseph [08:10].00
10'Shot by AU Treva Aycock WIDE.00
10'Corner kick by AU Bri Folds [09:26].00
19'Offside against Missouri.00
20'Shot by AU Alyssa Malsonson WIDE.00
22'Shot by MO Madison Lewis, SAVE Sarah Le Beau.00
23'Shot by MO Julissa Cisneros BLOCKED.00
24'Shot by AU Bri Folds, SAVE Kelsey Dossey.00
25'MO substitution: Bella Alessi for Lindsey Whitmore.00
25'MO substitution: Skye Kingsley for Julissa Cisneros.00
25'AU substitution: Dani Solaru for Hailey Whitaker.00
26'Offside against Auburn.00
27'MO substitution: Blythe Beldner for Bethany Coons.00
28'Shot by MO Blythe Beldner, SAVE Sarah Le Beau.00
31'MO substitution: Morcquess Oliphant for Sarah Luebbert.00
32'Shot by AU Treva Aycock BLOCKED.00
36'MO substitution: Ariela Beharry for Momola Adesanmi.00
36'AU substitution: Rocio Sanders for Angeline Daly.00
38'Shot by MO Cassidy Nurnberger BLOCKED.00
40'MO substitution: Macy Trujillo for Madison Lewis.00
40'Shot by MO Madison Lewis BLOCKED.00
45'AU substitution: Jessie Gerow for Dani Solaru.00
2nd Half
49'Shot by AU Alyssa Malsonson HIT CROSSBAR.00
50'Header Shot by MO Sarah Luebbert, SAVE Sarah Le Beau.00
55'Shot by AU Bri Folds WIDE.00
58'Shot by MO Lindsey Whitmore HIGH.00
58'AU substitution: Taylor Troutman for Olivia Dedels.00
60'Corner kick by AU Bri Folds [59:51].00
61'Header Shot by AU Taylor Troutman, SAVE Kelsey Dossey.00
62'Corner kick by AU Bri Folds [61:24].00
62'MO substitution: Skye Kingsley for Bethany Coons.00
62'MO substitution: Bella Alessi for Lindsey Whitmore.00
63'Shot by MO Bella Alessi BLOCKED.00
65'Yellow card on AU Dani Solaru.00
66'MO substitution: Blythe Beldner for Julissa Cisneros.00
68'Shot by AU Gianna Montini HIGH.00
70'GOAL by AU Hailey Whitaker (FIRST GOAL), goal number 2 for season.10
71'Shot by AU Bri Folds HIGH.10
71'MO substitution: Morcquess Oliphant for Sarah Luebbert.10
72'Shot by AU Dani Solaru, SAVE Kelsey Dossey.10
73'Offside against Auburn.10
74'Shot by MO Madison Lewis HIGH.10
74'AU substitution: Olivia Dedels for Dani Solaru.10
76'MO substitution: Bethany Coons for Skye Kingsley.10
76'MO substitution: Lindsey Whitmore for Rachel Hise.10
76'MO substitution: Julissa Cisneros for Blythe Beldner.10
76'MO substitution: Sarah Luebbert for Morcquess Oliphant.10
76'Yellow card on AU Hailey Whitaker.10
77'AU substitution: Silvana Poulter for Treva Aycock.10
78'Shot by MO Sarah Luebbert BLOCKED.10
80'AU substitution: Jessie Gerow for Hailey Whitaker.10
80'Corner kick by AU Bri Folds [79:33].10
82'Shot by MO Madison Lewis WIDE.10
82'AU substitution: Treva Aycock for Silvana Poulter.10
84'Shot by MO Madison Lewis HIT CROSSBAR.10
84'AU substitution: Hailey Whitaker for Angeline Daly.10
84'MO substitution: Skye Kingsley for Bethany Coons.10
84'MO substitution: Blythe Beldner for Lindsey Whitmore.10
85'Shot by MO Skye Kingsley, SAVE Sarah Le Beau.10
89'Corner kick by MO Peyton Joseph [88:38].10
90'Offside against Auburn.10