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Box Score - Oct 27, 2019

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Team Game Stats
0Total Goals4
9Total Shots29
4Shots On Target13
4Goals Allowed0
6Fouls Committed5
0Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
5'Shot by UM Haleigh Stackpole, SAVE Emma Grace Goldman.00
5'Corner kick by UM [04:29].00
5'GOAL by UM Madison Smith (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Haleigh Stackpole, goal number 1 for season.01
6'Shot by UM Channing Foster, SAVE Emma Grace Goldman.01
7'Offside against LSU.01
11'Shot by UM Channing Foster, SAVE Emma Grace Goldman.01
12'Shot by UM Haleigh Stackpole, SAVE Emma Grace Goldman.01
12'Shot by UM Sydney Michalak WIDE.01
13'GOAL by UM Mo O'Connor, Assist by Channing Foster, goal number 2 for season.02
14'Shot by UM Julia Phillips BLOCKED.02
14'Shot by UM Channing Foster BLOCKED.02
16'UM substitution: Lonnie Mulligan for Gabby Little.02
16'Corner kick by UM [15:27].02
17'Shot by UM Mo O'Connor, SAVE Emma Grace Goldman.02
17'Shot by LS Meghan Johnson, SAVE Ashley Orkus.02
18'Shot by UM Julia Phillips, SAVE Emma Grace Goldman.02
19'Corner kick by UM [18:01].02
20'Offside against LSU.02
21'Offside against LSU.02
22'LS substitution: Rammie Noel for Anna Rockett.02
23'Foul on LSU Marlena Cutura [22:24].03
23'GOAL by UM Channing Foster, Assist by Molly Martin, goal number 9 for season.03
23'UM substitution: Saydie Holland for Mo O'Connor.03
27'Foul on Ole Miss Haleigh Stackpole [25:38].03
27'Corner kick by UM [26:45].03
27'Shot by UM Madison Smith WIDE.03
30'Shot by LS Shannon Cooke WIDE.03
31'Shot by LS Shannon Cooke, SAVE Ashley Orkus.03
33'Foul on Ole Miss Lonnie Mulligan [30:51].03
33'UM substitution: Jenna Kemp for Chanel Thomas.03
33'LS substitution: Makenzie Maher for Courtney Henderson.03
33'LS substitution: Haley Garrett for Molly Thompson.03
34'UM substitution: Jillian Rhian for Sophie Dineen.03
35'UM substitution: Madisyn Pezzino for Lonnie Mulligan.03
35'GOAL by UM Haleigh Stackpole, goal number 5 for season.04
36'Shot by UM Madisyn Pezzino BLOCKED.04
36'Corner kick by LS [36:00].04
39'Shot by LS Maddie Moreau, SAVE Ashley Orkus.04
39'UM substitution: Fain Buete for Molly Martin.04
41'Foul on LSU Marlena Cutura [39:37].04
41'UM substitution: Alley Houghton for Channing Foster.04
41'Shot by UM Madisyn Pezzino, SAVE Emma Grace Goldman.04
42'Corner kick by LS [41:15].04
43'Shot by UM Alley Houghton BLOCKED.04
43'Shot by LS Shannon Cooke WIDE.04
44'LS substitution: Raven Guerrero for Marlena Cutura.04
45'UM substitution: Chanel Thomas for Saydie Holland.04
45'UM substitution: Molly Martin for Jenna Kemp.04
45'UM substitution: Lonnie Mulligan for Fain Buete.04
45'LS substitution: Sydney Lau for Emma Grace Goldman.04
45'LS substitution: Marlena Cutura for Raven Guerrero.04
45'LS substitution: Courtney Henderson for Makenzie Maher.04
45'LS substitution: Molly Thompson for Haley Garrett.04
45'UM substitution: Channing Foster for Alley Houghton.04
45'UM substitution: Gabby Little for Madisyn Pezzino.04
2nd Half
47'Shot by UM Channing Foster, SAVE Sydney Lau.04
48'Corner kick by UM [47:49].04
49'Offside against LSU.04
51'Corner kick by LS [51:00].04
52'Corner kick by LS [51:46].04
54'Shot by LS Shannon Cooke WIDE.04
56'UM substitution: Mo O'Connor for Gabby Little.04
57'Shot by UM Lonnie Mulligan WIDE.04
57'UM substitution: Jenna Kemp for Jillian Rhian.04
59'Shot by UM Jenna Kemp WIDE.04
59'Shot by UM Haleigh Stackpole, SAVE Sydney Lau.04
61'Corner kick by UM [60:24].04
62'Offside against LSU.04
64'Shot by UM Lonnie Mulligan WIDE.04
65'Corner kick by LS [64:22].04
67'Shot by LS Shannon Cooke WIDE.04
68'UM substitution: Saydie Holland for Lonnie Mulligan.04
68'LS substitution: Raven Guerrero for Lindsey Eaton.04
68'LS substitution: Haley Garrett for Marlena Cutura.04
68'LS substitution: Maddison Martin for Courtney Henderson.04
69'Shot by UM Channing Foster WIDE.04
71'Shot by UM Mo O'Connor BLOCKED.04
72'LS substitution: Jade Clarke for Rammie Noel.04
72'LS substitution: Makenzie Maher for Meghan Johnson.04
72'LS substitution: Hannah Cuneo for Molly Thompson.04
75'Offside against Ole Miss.04
75'Shot by UM Mo O'Connor BLOCKED.04
76'Corner kick by UM [75:03].04
76'UM substitution: Jillian Rhian for Chanel Thomas.04
81'LS substitution: Mia Dubroc for Jade Clarke.04
81'UM substitution: Chanel Thomas for Madison Smith.04
83'Shot by UM Mo O'Connor WIDE.04
83'UM substitution: Madisyn Pezzino for Mo O'Connor.04
84'Shot by UM Channing Foster BLOCKED.04
84'Corner kick by UM [83:52].04
85'Shot by UM Channing Foster WIDE.04
86'LS substitution: Meghan Johnson for Makenzie Maher.04
87'LS substitution: Afrah Khan for Haley Garrett.04
87'Shot by LS Maddie Moreau BLOCKED.04
87'LS substitution: Jade Clarke for Shannon Cooke.04
87'Corner kick by LS [86:53].04
88'LS substitution: Haley Garrett for Hannah Cuneo.04
90'Shot by UM Madisyn Pezzino WIDE.04
90'UM substitution: Fain Buete for Saydie Holland.04
90'Shot by LS Maddie Moreau, SAVE Ashley Orkus.04