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Box Score - Sep 29, 2019

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals1
19Total Shots6
6Shots On Target3
1Goals Allowed2
13Fouls Committed13
2Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Shot by UKY Bosco, Marissa.00
2'Offside against Mississippi St..00
3'Shot by MSU Ward, AK, bottom center, saved by Stull, Steph.00
4'Shot by MSU Karnley, Monigo.00
4'Corner kick [03:51].00
6'Shot by MSU Zerbel, Hailey.00
6'Corner kick [05:42].00
7'Offside against Kentucky.00
10'Shot by MSU Karnley, Monigo, bottom center, saved by Stull, Steph.00
13'Offside against Kentucky.00
14'Corner kick [13:07].00
14'Shot by UKY Rhodes, Jordyn, out right.00
17'UKY Hannah Richardson PENALTY KICK GOAL.01
20'MSU substitution: Hernandez, Olivia for Farrington-Bentil, Hailey.01
20'MSU substitution: Cotta, Madison for McGillivary, Zakirah.01
23'MSU substitution: Strunk, Sydney for Watkins, Niejia.01
25'Offside against Kentucky.01
26'Shot by UKY Crosetti, Gina, bottom center, saved by English, Gabby.01
33'Shot by MSU Waldner, MaKayla.01
36'UKY substitution: Newland, Caroline for Rennie, Madi.01
36'UKY substitution: Yamada, Hikari for Rhodes, Jordyn.01
38'Shot by MSU Hernandez, Olivia.01
38'Corner kick [37:37].01
38'Shot by MSU Karnley, Monigo, bottom center, Team save.01
39'UKY substitution: Trout, Caroline for Ignoffo, Foster.01
39'MSU substitution: Williams, Katelyn for Ward, AK.01
39'MSU substitution: Stiglmair, Sam for Waldner, MaKayla.01
39'MSU substitution: Meier, Stormy for Karnley, Monigo.01
39'MSU substitution: Stewart, Alissa for Hernandez, Olivia.01
43'UKY substitution: Hahnel, Emily for Richardson, Hannah.01
45'UKY substitution: Fava, Alex for Grosso, Julia.01
2nd Half
45'UKY substitution: Grosso, Julia for Trout, Caroline.01
45'UKY substitution: Ignoffo, Foster for Hahnel, Emily.01
45'UKY substitution: Rhodes, Jordyn for Fava, Alex .01
45'UKY substitution: Richardson, Hannah for Yamada, Hikari.01
45'MSU substitution: Ward, AK for Williams, Katelyn.01
45'MSU substitution: Waldner, MaKayla for Stiglmair, Sam.01
45'MSU substitution: Karnley, Monigo for Meier, Stormy.01
45'MSU substitution: McGillivary, Zakirah for Stewart, Alissa.01
45'MSU substitution: Hernandez, Olivia for Cotta, Madison.01
52'Corner kick [51:27].01
55'Shot by MSU Ward, AK, out left.01
58'Shot by MSU Karnley, Monigo, out left.01
63'MSU substitution: Cotta, Madison for Ward, AK.01
64'Shot by UKY Ignoffo, Foster, bottom center, saved by English, Gabby.01
65'Corner kick [64:12].01
66'Yellow card on MSU TEAM.01
71'UKY substitution: Yamada, Hikari for Newland, Caroline.01
71'UKY substitution: Rennie, Madi for Ignoffo, Foster.01
71'UKY substitution: Fava, Alex for Rhodes, Jordyn.01
71'MSU substitution: Farrington-Bentil, Hailey for Hernandez, Olivia.01
71'Shot by MSU Karnley, Monigo, out left.01
72'Offside against Kentucky.01
73'Shot by UKY Bosco, Marissa, out right.01
73'MSU substitution: Williams, Katelyn for McGillivary, Zakirah.01
74'UKY substitution: Knight, Josie for Bosco, Marissa.01
74'MSU substitution: Ward, AK for Karnley, Monigo.01
74'Shot by MSU Farrington-Bentil, Hailey.01
75'Shot by MSU Williams, Katelyn, bottom center, saved by Stull, Steph.01
77'Shot by MSU Farrington-Bentil, Hailey.01
78'Offside against Mississippi St..01
78'Yellow card on UKY Sigurbjornsdottir, Valdis Bjorg.01
80'Yellow card on MSU Williams, Katelyn.01
81'UKY substitution: Shields, Emma for Grosso, Julia.01
81'UKY substitution: Rhodes, Jordyn for Yamada, Hikari.01
81'UKY substitution: Bosco, Marissa for Richardson, Hannah.01
81'MSU substitution: Stewart, Alissa for Cotta, Madison.01
81'MSU substitution: Karnley, Monigo for Ward, AK.01
81'MSU substitution: McGillivary, Zakirah for Williams, Katelyn.01
84'MSU substitution: Hernandez, Olivia for Strunk, Sydney.01
85'Shot by MSU Hernandez, Olivia.01
85'Shot by MSU Waldner, MaKayla, out left.01
87'GOAL by MSU Farrington-Bentil, Hailey Assist by McGillivary, Zakirah.11
87'UKY substitution: Richardson, Hannah for Knight, Josie.11
87'MSU substitution: Strunk, Sydney for McGillivary, Zakirah.11
87'Shot by MSU Johnson, Niah, out top.11
89'Shot by MSU Stewart, Alissa.11
89'GOAL by MSU Karnley, Monigo.21