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Box Score - Sep 29, 2019

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals1
29Total Shots11
12Shots On Target4
1Goals Allowed2
16Fouls Committed13
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
S. Pham122000
N. Martin111000
R. Mattingly062000
C. Wertz052000
C. Giammona043000
T. Morgan, F030000
K. Rogers021000
C. Maize010000
K. Verpaele010000
G. Schorr010000
B. Martin010000
N. Khalilian010000
A. Berk011000
G. Duca000000
A. Bivens000000
M. Clem000000
B. Scaturro000000
R. Reyes000000
S. Pickard000000
A. Crooks000000
Game Stats
A. Donley122000
C. Mcilvenna031000
A. Thompson020000
M. Vignola011000
W. French010000
I. Cook010000
T. Katz010000
M. Neal000000
K. Cousins000000
C. Franks000000
M. Ostrom000000
A. Burdette000000
M. Nelson000000
L. Romig000010
S. Ouchene Saln000000
H. Cytron000000
M. George000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
6'Corner kick [05:37].00
13'Shot by ALA Morgan, Taylor, out left.00
16'Shot by UTK McIlvenna, Colleen.00
17'ALA substitution: Mattingly, Riley for Pham, Serena.00
19'Shot by ALA Mattingly, Riley, bottom center, saved by Romig, Lindsey.00
21'UTK substitution: Katz, Tara for Ouchene Saln, Sonia.00
21'ALA substitution: Giammona, Carlee for Rogers, Kat.00
24'Corner kick [23:24].00
25'Shot by UTK Vignola, MA, top, saved by Crooks, A.J..00
25'Corner kick [24:31].00
26'ALA substitution: Duca, Gabby for Maize, Chloe.00
26'Shot by UTK French, Wrenne, out right.00
26'Shot by UTK Cook, Isabella.00
28'UTK substitution: Thompson, Amy for Cook, Isabella.00
30'Shot by UTK Katz, Tara, out left.00
30'ALA substitution: Berk, Allie for Morgan, Taylor.00
31'Shot by ALA Giammona, Carlee, bottom right, Team save.00
32'UTK substitution: Ostrom, Mackenzie for Burdette, Abbey.00
32'ALA substitution: Pickard, Sasha for Martin, Brynn.00
35'Shot by ALA Giammona, Carlee, out left.00
35'UTK substitution: Cousins, Katie for McIlvenna, Colleen.00
35'ALA substitution: Khalilian, Neaka for Wertz, Casey.00
35'ALA substitution: Clem, Macy for Reyes, Reyna.00
37'UTK substitution: Donley, Alicia for George, Mackenzie.00
37'ALA substitution: Schorr, Gigi for Duca, Gabby.00
38'Shot by ALA Mattingly, Riley, bottom right, saved by Romig, Lindsey.00
38'Corner kick [37:21].00
41'Shot by ALA Berk, Allie, bottom center, saved by Romig, Lindsey.00
44'Shot by ALA Schorr, Gigi, out top.00
2nd Half
45'UTK substitution: Burdette, Abbey for Ostrom, Mackenzie.00
45'UTK substitution: McIlvenna, Colleen for Thompson, Amy.00
45'UTK substitution: George, Mackenzie for Cousins, Katie.00
45'UTK substitution: Cook, Isabella for Donley, Alicia.00
45'ALA substitution: Morgan, Taylor for Pickard, Sasha .00
45'ALA substitution: Wertz, Casey for Schorr, Gigi.00
45'ALA substitution: Reyes, Reyna for Berk, Allie.00
45'ALA substitution: Martin, Brynn for Clem, Macy.00
49'Offside against Alabama.00
50'Corner kick [49:48].00
51'UTK substitution: Donley, Alicia for Vignola, MA.00
52'Shot by UTK McIlvenna, Colleen, bottom right, saved by Crooks, A.J..00
55'Shot by ALA Morgan, Taylor.00
57'ALA substitution: Verpaele, Kaley for Bivens, Abby.00
58'Shot by ALA Martin, Brynn.00
58'Shot by UTK McIlvenna, Colleen, out left.00
60'Shot by ALA Mattingly, Riley.00
61'Corner kick [60:06].00
63'Shot by ALA Mattingly, Riley.00
63'Shot by ALA Khalilian, Neaka, out left.00
63'UTK substitution: Thompson, Amy for French, Wrenne.00
63'UTK substitution: Ostrom, Mackenzie for Cook, Isabella.00
63'ALA substitution: Maize, Chloe for Wertz, Casey.00
63'ALA substitution: Pham, Serena for Khalilian, Neaka.00
64'Corner kick [63:54].00
65'Shot by ALA Giammona, Carlee, bottom center, saved by Romig, Lindsey.00
66'UTK substitution: Cousins, Katie for Katz, Tara.00
66'UTK substitution: Cytron, Hadley for McIlvenna, Colleen.00
66'ALA substitution: Rogers, Kat for Morgan, Taylor.00
66'Shot by ALA Maize, Chloe, out left.00
68'Offside against Alabama.00
69'Shot by UTK Thompson, Amy, out left.00
70'Corner kick [69:27].00
71'Shot by ALA Rogers, Kat, bottom center, Team save.00
72'UTK substitution: French, Wrenne for Ostrom, Mackenzie.10
74'GOAL by UTK Donley, Alicia.11
74'ALA substitution: Clem, Macy for Rogers, Kat.11
78'Shot by UTK Donley, Alicia, bottom center, saved by Crooks, A.J..11
78'UTK substitution: McIlvenna, Colleen for Cytron, Hadley.11
79'Shot by ALA Pham, Serena, bottom center, saved by Romig, Lindsey.11
80'UTK substitution: Cytron, Hadley for Donley, Alicia.11
80'ALA substitution: Wertz, Casey for Maize, Chloe.11
81'Shot by ALA Wertz, Casey, bottom right, saved by Romig, Lindsey.11
81'ALA substitution: Morgan, Taylor for Giammona, Carlee.11
82'Shot by ALA Wertz, Casey, out left.11
83'UTK substitution: Katz, Tara for Cousins, Katie.11
83'UTK substitution: Cook, Isabella for Thompson, Amy.11
84'Shot by ALA Morgan, Taylor.11
84'Shot by ALA Verpaele, Kaley, out top.11
86'Shot by ALA Wertz, Casey, bottom center, saved by Romig, Lindsey.11
86'Shot by ALA Wertz, Casey.11
86'ALA substitution: Giammona, Carlee for Reyes, Reyna.11
86'Corner kick [85:59].11
88'Yellow card on UTK Romig, Lindsey.11
89'UTK substitution: Thompson, Amy for Cook, Isabella.11
90'Shot by UTK Thompson, Amy, out left.11
90'UTK substitution: Cousins, Katie for Cytron, Hadley.11
90'UTK substitution: Ostrom, Mackenzie for Thompson, Amy.11
90'ALA substitution: Reyes, Reyna for Clem, Macy.11
92'Shot by ALA Wertz, Casey, top woodwork.11
92'Shot by ALA Giammona, Carlee, bottom center, saved by Romig, Lindsey.11
93'Shot by ALA Mattingly, Riley, out left.11
97'ALA substitution: Maize, Chloe for Wertz, Casey.11
2nd Overtime
100'UTK substitution: Cook, Isabella for Cousins, Katie.11
100'UTK substitution: Cytron, Hadley for Katz, Tara.11
100'UTK substitution: Thompson, Amy for McIlvenna, Colleen.11
100'ALA substitution: Wertz, Casey for Pham, Serena.11
100'ALA substitution: Rogers, Kat for Morgan, Taylor.11
102'Shot by ALA Mattingly, Riley, out top left.11
104'UTK substitution: Katz, Tara for French, Wrenne.11
104'Shot by ALA Rogers, Kat.11
105'ALA substitution: Pham, Serena for Maize, Chloe.11
105'Corner kick [104:09].11
105'Corner kick [104:22].11
105'GOAL by ALA Martin, Nealy.21