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Box Score - Sep 22, 2019

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals1
6Total Shots8
3Shots On Target3
1Goals Allowed2
13Fouls Committed5
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
3'Offside against Central Mich..00
8'Corner kick [07:41].00
13'Shot by UKY Rhodes, Jordyn, out left.00
14'Offside against Central Mich..00
19'Shot by UKY Rhodes, Jordyn, out top.00
22'Corner kick [21:24].00
29'Shot by CMU DeBeau, Lauren, bottom right, saved by Stull, Steph.00
30'Corner kick [29:06].00
32'Offside against Kentucky.00
33'Yellow card on UKY Fava, Alex .00
33'Shot by CMU Bringard, Marle.00
33'Corner kick [32:57].00
38'Offside against Kentucky.00
39'UKY substitution: Richardson, Hannah for Bosco, Marissa.00
40'Shot by CMU Taylor, Cami.00
40'UKY substitution: Knight, Josie for Fava, Alex .00
41'Offside against Kentucky.00
42'UKY substitution: Siekkinen, Sarah for Rhodes, Jordyn.00
42'CMU substitution: Brough, Devyn for Mann, Riley.00
44'CMU substitution: Hebert, Alex for Miagkova, Alina.00
45'Offside against Central Mich..00
2nd Half
45'UKY substitution: Rennie, Madi for Newland, Caroline.00
45'CMU substitution: Mann, Riley for Brough, Devyn.00
45'CMU substitution: Miagkova, Alina for Hebert, Alex.00
58'Shot by UKY Ignoffo, Foster, bottom right, saved by Reed, Zoie.00
58'Corner kick [57:30].00
59'GOAL by UKY TEAM.01
60'CMU substitution: Hebert, Alex for Miagkova, Alina.01
64'UKY substitution: Bosco, Marissa for Grosso, Julia.01
66'GOAL by CMU Taylor, Cami.11
66'Offside against Kentucky.11
67'CMU substitution: Wargo, Chesney for Mann, Riley.11
68'Corner kick [67:52].11
71'UKY substitution: Newland, Caroline for Danielson, Rebekka.11
71'UKY substitution: Rhodes, Jordyn for Ignoffo, Foster.11
73'UKY substitution: Mills, Gretchen for Knight, Josie.11
74'Corner kick [73:33].11
74'Shot by UKY Rhodes, Jordyn, out top.11
76'CMU substitution: Mann, Riley for Wargo, Chesney.11
76'CMU substitution: Miagkova, Alina for Taylor, Cami.11
78'Shot by CMU DeBeau, Lauren, out right.11
82'Shot by UKY Richardson, Hannah, out right.11
83'UKY substitution: Grosso, Julia for Siekkinen, Sarah.11
83'CMU substitution: Taylor, Cami for Miagkova, Alina.11
85'Corner kick [84:44].11
86'Shot by UKY Grosso, Julia, top left, saved by Reed, Zoie.11
86'Corner kick [85:56].11
89'Corner kick [88:24].11
95'Corner kick [94:15].11
95'Shot by UKY Koziara, Hunter, top right, saved by Reed, Zoie.11
97'Shot by UKY Mills, Gretchen, top woodwork.11
100'Corner kick [99:45].11
100'GOAL by CMU DeBeau, Lauren.21