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Box Score - Nov 5, 2019

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals1
12Total Shots11
4Shots On Target3
1Goals Allowed2
11Fouls Committed17
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Shot by UF Kit Loferski WIDE.00
9'Foul on Florida Kit Loferski [07:41].00
9'Offside against Texas A&M.00
10'Shot by AM Taylor Ziemer BLOCKED.00
12'Foul on Florida Tess Sapone [10:37].00
12'Corner kick by UF [11:15].00
12'Shot by UF Parker Roberts BLOCKED.00
13'AM substitution: Cienna Arrieta for Briana Alston.00
16'Foul on Texas A&M Addie McCain [13:09].00
16'Corner kick by UF [15:24].00
17'Foul on Florida Parker Roberts [16:19].00
17'Shot by AM Jimena Lopez, SAVE Susi Espinoza.00
18'Corner kick by AM [17:04].00
18'AM substitution: Briana Alston for Cienna Arrieta.00
19'Corner kick by UF [18:22].00
20'Shot by AM Grace Piper WIDE.00
22'Foul on Texas A&M Briana Alston [20:13].00
22'Shot by AM Jimena Lopez WIDE.00
24'Foul on Texas A&M [23:07].00
24'Offside against Florida.00
27'AM substitution: Cienna Arrieta for Grace Piper.00
27'UF substitution: Kouri Peace for Vanessa Kara.00
29'Foul on Texas A&M Taylor Ziemer [27:36].00
29'Offside against Texas A&M.00
30'Shot by UF Madison Alexander, SAVE Shantel Hutton.00
31'UF substitution: Laney Steed for Tess Sapone.00
31'Offside against Florida.00
36'Foul on Texas A&M Jimena Lopez [34:13].00
36'Shot by AM Katie Smith WIDE.00
36'AM substitution: Ás Halldórsdóttir for Ally Watt.00
36'AM substitution: Tera Ziemer for Addie McCain.00
36'UF substitution: Ava Kuyken for Madison Alexander.00
38'Corner kick by AM [37:19].00
40'Foul on Texas A&M Cienna Arrieta [39:10].00
40'Shot by UF Kit Loferski BLOCKED.00
40'Corner kick by UF [39:49].00
41'GOAL by UF Parker Roberts (FIRST GOAL), goal number 5 for season.10
45'AM substitution: Addie McCain for Tera Ziemer.10
45'UF substitution: Madison Alexander for Cassidy Lindley.10
45'UF substitution: Vanessa Kara for Ava Kuyken.10
45'AM substitution: Ally Watt for Ás Halldórsdóttir.10
45'AM substitution: Grace Piper for Cienna Arrieta.10
2nd Half
45'Foul on Florida Kouri Peace [46:52].10
56'Shot by AM Addie McCain BLOCKED.10
57'Corner kick by UF [56:31].10
57'Foul on Texas A&M Jimena Lopez [57:59].10
59'Foul on Florida Carina Baltrip-Reyes [60:23].10
59'Shot by UF Laney Steed WIDE.10
62'Yellow card on AM Grace Piper.10
62'AM substitution: Tera Ziemer for Callyn Walton.10
63'Shot by UF Kouri Peace WIDE.10
63'GOAL by UF Vanessa Kara, Assist by Sammie Betters, goal number 9 for season.20
66'AM substitution: Cienna Arrieta for Grace Piper.20
66'Foul on Florida Vanessa Kara [65:54].20
66'Shot by AM Ally Watt WIDE.20
67'Foul on Florida Cassidy Lindley [66:29].20
67'UF substitution: Cassidy Lindley for Kouri Peace.20
69'Foul on Texas A&M Katie Smith [68:34].20
69'Shot by AM Ás Halldórsdóttir WIDE.20
69'Shot by UF Kit Loferski, SAVE Shantel Hutton.20
69'AM substitution: Ás Halldórsdóttir for Tera Ziemer.20
69'Foul on Florida Parker Roberts [70:40].20
72'Shot by AM Ally Watt, SAVE Susi Espinoza.20
73'Shot by UF Laney Steed BLOCKED.20
74'AM substitution: Tera Ziemer for Addie McCain.20
74'AM substitution: Rheagen Smith for Ás Halldórsdóttir.20
74'Foul on Texas A&M Tera Ziemer [74:04].20
77'Corner kick by AM [76:31].20
78'Shot by UF Vanessa Kara WIDE.20
78'UF substitution: Kouri Peace for Laney Steed.20
78'UF substitution: Tess Sapone for Cassidy Lindley.20
78'Foul on Texas A&M Jimena Lopez [78:01].20
79'Foul on Florida Madison Alexander [80:04].20
79'Offside against Florida.20
81'GOAL by AM Ally Watt, goal number 15 for season.21
83'AM substitution: Ali Russell for Tera Ziemer.21
83'Corner kick by AM [82:57].21
85'Shot by AM Taylor Ziemer WIDE.21
85'UF substitution: Cassidy Lindley for Vanessa Kara.21
88'Shot by UF Tess Sapone WIDE.21
89'Corner kick by UF [88:02].21
89'Corner kick by UF [88:19].21
90'UF substitution: Vanessa Kara for Sammie Betters.21