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Box Score - Nov 5, 2019

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Team Game Stats
1Total Goals2
10Total Shots8
3Shots On Target4
2Goals Allowed1
11Fouls Committed7
1Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
3'Foul on Vanderbilt Paola Ellis [02:14].00
3'Shot by UA Reyes, Reyna BLOCKED.00
3'Shot by VU Haley Hopkins, SAVE Crooks, A.J..00
6'Foul on Vanderbilt Nia Dorsey [05:06].00
6'Shot by UA Verpaele, Kaley BLOCKED.00
10'Foul on Vanderbilt [07:27].00
10'Shot by VU Paola Ellis BLOCKED.00
10'Corner kick by VU [09:37].00
13'Foul on Alabama Verpaele, Kaley [11:25].01
13'Corner kick by VU [12:58].01
13'GOAL by VU Haley Hopkins (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Madison Elwell, goal number 12 for season.01
15'Shot by VU Leila Azari WIDE.01
17'UA substitution: Casey Wertz for Chloe Maize.01
20'UA substitution: Clem, Macy for Taylor Morgan.01
23'Foul on Alabama Pickard, Sasha [20:31].01
23'Shot by UA Giammona, Carlee WIDE.01
25'Foul on Vanderbilt Madi Allen [22:01].01
25'Corner kick by UA [24:05].01
26'VU substitution: Olivia Simmons for Paola Ellis.01
27'Offside against Vanderbilt.01
29'UA substitution: Pham, Serena for Verpaele, Kaley.01
34'Foul on Alabama Giammona, Carlee [29:45].01
34'Offside against Vanderbilt.01
35'Foul on Alabama Giammona, Carlee [32:16].01
35'Shot by UA Mattingly, Riley WIDE.01
35'UA substitution: Kat Rogers for Mattingly, Riley.01
35'UA substitution: Gabby Duca for Reyes, Reyna.01
35'VU substitution: Kimya Raietparvar for Grace Jackson.01
37'VU substitution: Grace Jackson for Kimya Raietparvar.01
40'Offside against Alabama.01
42'UA substitution: Taylor Hubbard for Giammona, Carlee.01
42'Foul on Alabama Clem, Macy [37:49].01
42'VU substitution: Kimya Raietparvar for Olivia Simmons.01
45'Foul on Alabama Pham, Serena [41:52].01
45'VU substitution: Olivia Simmons for Kimya Raietparvar.01
45'UA substitution: Mattingly, Riley for Taylor Hubbard.01
45'UA substitution: Reyes, Reyna for Pickard, Sasha.01
45'UA substitution: Giammona, Carlee for Gabby Duca.01
45'VU substitution: Taiana Tolleson for Lauren Demarchi.01
2nd Half
48'Shot by VU Haley Hopkins BLOCKED.01
48'Shot by VU Olivia Simmons WIDE.01
53'Foul on Alabama Kat Rogers [49:09].01
53'Shot by UA Kat Rogers WIDE.01
54'UA substitution: Pickard, Sasha for Scaturro, Bella.01
57'VU substitution: Hannon Eberts for Leila Azari.01
57'UA substitution: Chloe Maize for Pham, Serena.01
60'UA substitution: Wyatt, Carly for Mattingly, Riley.01
62'Corner kick by UA [61:10].01
63'UA substitution: Gabby Duca for Casey Wertz.01
63'UA substitution: Taylor Morgan for Kat Rogers.01
63'Corner kick by UA [62:30].01
63'Shot by UA Wyatt, Carly WIDE.01
64'VU substitution: Paola Ellis for Hannon Eberts.01
64'Corner kick by VU [63:43].01
65'VU substitution: Kimya Raietparvar for Madi Allen.01
67'Offside against Alabama.01
69'UA substitution: Verpaele, Kaley for Gabby Duca.01
69'UA substitution: Casey Wertz for Chloe Maize.01
69'Foul on Vanderbilt Madison Elwell [68:26].01
69'VU substitution: Leila Azari for Olivia Simmons.01
71'UA substitution: Berk, Allie for Giammona, Carlee.01
75'Foul on Alabama Taylor Morgan [71:37].02
75'GOAL by VU Haley Hopkins, goal number 13 for season.02
75'UA substitution: Giammona, Carlee for Taylor Morgan.02
75'UA substitution: Pham, Serena for Berk, Allie.02
77'Shot by VU Raegan Kelley, SAVE Crooks, A.J..02
77'Yellow card on UA Reyes, Reyna.02
78'Foul on Alabama Reyes, Reyna [76:22].02
78'Offside against Vanderbilt.02
80'Foul on Vanderbilt Kimya Raietparvar [78:22].02
80'Offside against Vanderbilt.02
81'Corner kick by UA [80:05].02
81'UA substitution: Mattingly, Riley for Brynn Martin.02
81'Shot by UA Verpaele, Kaley WIDE.02
82'VU substitution: Madi Allen for Paola Ellis.02
82'VU substitution: Karissa King for Kimya Raietparvar.02
83'Shot by UA Nealy Martin, SAVE Taiana Tolleson.02
84'VU substitution: Olivia Simmons for Madison Elwell.02
85'Offside against Vanderbilt.02
86'UA substitution: Abby Bivens for Reyes, Reyna.02
88'Foul on Alabama Wyatt, Carly [86:20].02
88'Corner kick by UA [87:22].02
88'Shot by UA Nealy Martin, SAVE Taiana Tolleson.02
88'GOAL by UA Nealy Martin, Assist by Pham, Serena, goal number 3 for season.12
90'Corner kick by UA [89:02].12