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Box Score - Nov 7, 2019

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals0
9Total Shots14
4Shots On Target1
0Goals Allowed2
4Fouls Committed7
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Shot by SC Riane Coman, SAVE Lauren Demarchi.00
4'Shot by VU Paola Ellis BLOCKED.00
7'Foul on Vanderbilt [05:56].00
7'Shot by SC Rebecca Koch BLOCKED.00
10'Shot by VU Haley Hopkins BLOCKED.00
10'Corner kick by VU [09:34].00
10'Shot by VU Paola Ellis BLOCKED.00
11'SC substitution: Luciana Zullo for Amanda Martin.00
12'Shot by VU Paola Ellis BLOCKED.00
12'Corner kick by VU [12:00].00
13'Shot by VU Grace Jackson WIDE.00
13'SC substitution: Elexa Bahr for Riane Coman.00
17'Foul on South Carolina Rebecca Koch [15:02].00
17'SC substitution: Claire Griffiths for Rebecca Koch.00
17'Shot by VU Haley Hopkins BLOCKED.00
20'Foul on South Carolina Claire Griffiths [17:46].00
20'SC substitution: Lauren Chang for Samantha Chang.00
20'VU substitution: Olivia Simmons for Paola Ellis.00
23'Corner kick by SC [22:02].00
25'Foul on Vanderbilt Ella Shamburger [24:49].00
25'Yellow card on VU Ella Shamburger.00
26'SC substitution: Riley Tanner for Ryan Gareis.00
27'Shot by SC Elexa Bahr WIDE.00
29'Foul on Vanderbilt Madiya Harriott [27:33].00
29'Corner kick by SC [28:42].00
30'Shot by SC Claire Griffiths BLOCKED.00
31'Shot by VU Grace Jackson WIDE.00
31'VU substitution: Kimya Raietparvar for Madi Allen.00
32'Corner kick by SC [31:22].00
32'GOAL by SC Sutton Jones (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Claire Griffiths, goal number 2 for season.10
33'VU substitution: Kaylann Boyd for Olivia Simmons.10
35'Corner kick by VU [34:32].10
36'Shot by VU Kaylann Boyd BLOCKED.10
36'Corner kick by VU [35:17].10
39'Foul on Vanderbilt Madison Elwell [37:03].10
39'SC substitution: Paige Mikula for Sarah Eskew.10
39'Foul on Vanderbilt Kimya Raietparvar [36:15].10
39'VU substitution: Marin Boyle for Leila Azari.10
39'Foul on Vanderbilt Nia Dorsey [38:30].10
39'Shot by SC Grace Fisk WIDE.10
41'VU substitution: Karissa King for Madison Elwell.10
43'Foul on South Carolina Riley Tanner [39:54].20
43'GOAL by SC Luciana Zullo, Assist by Lauren Chang, goal number 5 for season.20
45'SC substitution: Ryan Gareis for Sutton Jones.20
45'VU substitution: Taiana Tolleson for Lauren Demarchi.20
45'VU substitution: Paola Ellis for Marin Boyle.20
45'VU substitution: Madison Elwell for Kaylann Boyd.20
45'VU substitution: Leila Azari for Karissa King.20
45'SC substitution: Sarah Eskew for Riley Tanner.20
2nd Half
46'Corner kick by VU [45:42].20
56'Corner kick by SC [55:09].20
56'Shot by SC Elexa Bahr WIDE.20
58'Shot by SC Elexa Bahr, SAVE Taiana Tolleson.20
59'VU substitution: Hannon Eberts for Madison Elwell.20
60'SC substitution: Sutton Jones for Paige Mikula.20
63'SC substitution: Rebecca Koch for Luciana Zullo.20
63'SC substitution: Samantha Chang for Claire Griffiths.20
63'SC substitution: Frances Ann Matise for Lauren Chang.20
63'VU substitution: Olivia Simmons for Paola Ellis.20
64'Shot by VU Leila Azari BLOCKED.20
65'Offside against Vanderbilt.20
66'Shot by VU Haley Hopkins WIDE.20
66'SC substitution: Riley Tanner for Elexa Bahr.20
66'SC substitution: Riane Coman for Ryan Gareis.20
66'VU substitution: Madison Elwell for Leila Azari.20
68'Shot by VU Kimya Raietparvar BLOCKED.20
70'SC substitution: Paige Mikula for Sarah Eskew.20
73'Foul on South Carolina Grace Fisk [68:42].20
73'VU substitution: Leila Azari for Hannon Eberts.20
74'Corner kick by VU [73:24].20
75'Shot by VU Madison Elwell, SAVE Mikayla Krzeczowski.20
78'Offside against Vanderbilt.20
79'SC substitution: Bianca Galassini for Rebecca Koch.20
79'SC substitution: Claire Griffiths for Riane Coman.20
79'VU substitution: Paola Ellis for Olivia Simmons.20
80'Offside against Vanderbilt.20
82'SC substitution: Luciana Zullo for Frances Ann Matise.20
82'SC substitution: Sarah Eskew for Paige Mikula.20
84'SC substitution: Elexa Bahr for Samantha Chang.20
84'SC substitution: Lauren Chang for Riley Tanner.20
87'VU substitution: Madi Allen for Nia Dorsey.20
89'Shot by VU Grace Jackson BLOCKED.20
89'Corner kick by VU [88:11].20
89'Corner kick by VU [88:37].20
89'Shot by VU Madiya Harriott WIDE.20