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Box Score - Oct 23, 2020

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Team Game Stats
3Total Goals1
13Total Shots9
9Shots On Target3
1Goals Allowed3
11Fouls Committed11
2Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
L. Geczik222000
A. Mccain121010
T. Pounds032000
J. Lopez020000
T. Ziemer011100
M. Kolb011000
K. Colvin011000
L. Carroll011000
A. Russell000000
S. Karlina000100
K. Bates000000
J. Burbank000000
J. Smith000000
K. Smith000000
B. Olivieri000010
Game Stats
E. Gilroy121000
M. George031000
M. Eskin020000
J. Thomas010000
A. Donley011000
W. French000000
M. Ostrom000010
A. Burdette000000
H. Tillett000000
G. Washington, M000000
C. Dipasupil000000
L. Romig000000
I. Cook000000
C. Mcilvenna000000
T. Katz000000
L. Renie000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
7'Shot by UTK Donley, Alicia, bottom left, saved by Burbank, Jordan.00
14'Offside against Tennessee.00
16'Shot by TAM Ziemer, Taylor, bottom left, saved by Romig, Lindsey.00
19'Shot by TAM Pounds, Taylor, bottom center, saved by Romig, Lindsey.00
22'Shot by TAM Lopez, Jimena, out right.00
22'Yellow card on TAM McCain, Addie.00
25'TAM substitution: Geczik, Lauren for Russell, Ali.00
25'TAM substitution: Colvin, Kate for Carroll, Laney.00
27'GOAL by TAM Geczik, Lauren.10
27'UTK substitution: Washington, Giselle for Thomas, Jaida.10
27'UTK substitution: Eskin, Maddie for Cook, Isabella.10
30'Corner kick [29:54].10
31'Shot by TAM Lopez, Jimena, out left.10
31'UTK substitution: McIlvenna, Colleen for Donley, Alicia.10
34'Corner kick [33:44].10
35'TAM substitution: Bates, Kendall for McCain, Addie.10
35'Shot by TAM Pounds, Taylor, out top.10
38'Shot by TAM Pounds, Taylor, bottom right, saved by Romig, Lindsey.10
38'Corner kick [37:34].10
39'GOAL by TAM Geczik, Lauren Assist by Sample, Karlina.20
39'UTK substitution: Gilroy, Erin for Tillett, Hannah.20
40'Offside against Tennessee.20
42'Shot by UTK George, Mackenzie, top woodwork.20
45'Shot by UTK Eskin, Maddie.20
2nd Half
45'UTK substitution: Renie, Lawson for Romig, Lindsey.20
45'UTK substitution: Thomas, Jaida for Washington, Giselle.20
45'UTK substitution: Tillett, Hannah for Gilroy, Erin.20
45'UTK substitution: Cook, Isabella for McIlvenna, Colleen.20
45'TAM substitution: Carroll, Laney for Geczik, Lauren.20
45'TAM substitution: McCain, Addie for Bates, Kendall.20
46'Shot by TAM Colvin, Kate, bottom left, saved by Renie, Lawson.20
48'Shot by TAM McCain, Addie, out top.20
54'Shot by TAM Carroll, Laney, bottom right, saved by Renie, Lawson.20
55'Corner kick [54:56].20
58'Corner kick [57:03].20
58'GOAL by TAM McCain, Addie Assist by Ziemer, Taylor.30
58'Shot by UTK George, Mackenzie.30
60'Shot by UTK Thomas, Jaida, out right.30
61'UTK substitution: Washington, Giselle for Cook, Isabella.30
62'Yellow card on UTK Ostrom, Mackenzie.30
63'Yellow card on UTK TEAM.30
66'UTK substitution: Gilroy, Erin for Tillett, Hannah.30
66'TAM substitution: Geczik, Lauren for Carroll, Laney.30
66'UTK substitution: McIlvenna, Colleen for Thomas, Jaida.30
69'Shot by UTK Gilroy, Erin, out top right.30
71'Foul on Olivieri, Barbara.30
71'Yellow card on TAM Olivieri, Barbara.30
71'TAM substitution: Russell, Ali for Olivieri, Barbara.30
71'TAM substitution: Bates, Kendall for McCain, Addie.30
75'Foul on Burdette, Abbey.30
75'Shot by TAM Kolb, Macie, bottom right, saved by Renie, Lawson.30
76'Foul on Russell, Ali.30
76'Corner kick [75:59].30
77'UTK substitution: Thomas, Jaida for McIlvenna, Colleen.30
77'UTK substitution: Donley, Alicia for Burdette, Abbey.30
82'Foul on Gilroy, Erin.30
82'Shot by UTK George, Mackenzie, bottom left, saved by Burbank, Jordan.31
82'GOAL by UTK Gilroy, Erin.31
82'UTK substitution: Cook, Isabella for Dipasupil, Claudia.31
82'TAM substitution: Smith, Jai for Geczik, Lauren.31
82'TAM substitution: Carroll, Laney for Russell, Ali.31
84'TAM substitution: McCain, Addie for Bates, Kendall.31
85'Shot by UTK Eskin, Maddie, out right.31
85'Corner kick [84:42].31
89'UTK substitution: Burdette, Abbey for Donley, Alicia.31