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Box Score - Oct 18, 2020

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals1
7Total Shots10
4Shots On Target7
1Goals Allowed2
12Fouls Committed14
1Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
R. Kelley122010
M. Konte111000
O. Simmons010000
K. Raietparvar011000
A. Wagner010000
A. Brighton010100
M. Harriott000000
L. Azari000000
S. Fuller000000
K. Eason000000
P. Ellis000000
M. Elwell000000
E. Shamburger000000
M. Allen000000
M. Antoine, D000000
A. Kerr000000
S. Gorski000000
A. Nguyen000000
M. Swinton000000
Game Stats
M. Rhodes111000
C. Lindley033000
P. Roberts010100
M. Alexander011000
G. Eaton-Collins010010
A. Frazier011000
A. Kuyken010000
N. Vernis011000
D. Rose, F000000
K. Loferski000000
S. Espinoza000000
C. Baltrip-Reyes000000
S. Tobar000000
A. Gonzalez000000
L. Steed000000
N. Sosa Sánchez, F000010
S. Kennedy000000
S. Urban000000
D. Tauzel000000
T. Grambo000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
12'SHOT by UF Cassidy Lindley, SAVE Sarah Fuller.00
22'UF substitution: Ansley Frazier for Kit Loferski.00
22'UF substitution: Laney Steed for Syd Kennedy.00
24'SHOT by VANDY Olivia Simmons BLOCKED.00
24'VANDY substitution: Alex Wagner for Madiya Harriott.00
24'UF substitution: Maddy Rhodes for Alivia Gonzalez.00
27'Corner kick by VANDY Madison Elwell[26:10].00
27'SHOT by VANDY Kimya Raietparvar, SAVE Susi Espinoza.00
27'Corner kick by VANDY Leila Azari[26:40].00
28'Corner kick by VANDY Leila Azari[27:47].00
31'UF substitution: Cameron Hall for Georgia Eaton-Collins.00
34'VANDY substitution: Sophia Gorski for Olivia Simmons.00
34'VANDY substitution: Amber Nguyen for Leila Azari.00
34'UF substitution: Ava Kuyken for Madison Alexander.00
35'VANDY substitution: Alex Kerr for Kimya Raietparvar.00
36'SHOT by UF Ansley Frazier, SAVE Sarah Fuller.00
36'VANDY substitution: Mya Swinton for Myra Konte.00
37'VANDY substitution: Madi Allen for Abi Brighton.00
39'SHOT by UF Cassidy Lindley, SAVE Sarah Fuller.00
41'UF substitution: Samantha Tobar for Cassidy Lindley.00
41'GOAL by UF Maddy Rhodes (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Parker Roberts, goal number 1 for season.01
42'SHOT by VANDY Raegan Kelley, SAVE Susi Espinoza.01
42'Corner kick by VANDY Madison Elwell[41:48].01
45'SHOT by UF Ava Kuyken BLOCKED.01
2nd Half
47'Corner kick by VANDY Madison Elwell[46:25].01
50'Corner kick by VANDY Madison Elwell[49:16].01
50'Corner kick by VANDY Madison Elwell[49:41].01
53'UF substitution: Kit Loferski for Laney Steed.01
55'Corner kick by VANDY Madison Elwell[54:30].01
56'Corner kick by VANDY Leila Azari[55:08].01
56'UF substitution: Georgia Eaton-Collins for Parker Roberts.01
56'VANDY substitution: Raegan Kelley for Sophia Gorski.01
56'VANDY substitution: Amber Nguyen for Leila Azari.01
57'Offside against VANDY.01
57'SHOT by UF Georgia Eaton-Collins HIGH.01
57'UF substitution: Delaney Tauzel for Kit Loferski.01
61'SHOT by UF Madison Alexander, SAVE Sarah Fuller.01
63'VANDY substitution: Paola Ellis for Olivia Simmons.01
63'UF substitution: Parker Roberts for Cameron Hall.01
63'UF substitution: Nicole Vernis for Madison Alexander.01
66'Corner kick by UF Nicole Vernis[65:48].01
67'VANDY substitution: Mya Swinton for Myra Konte.01
67'VANDY substitution: Madiya Harriott for Alex Wagner.01
67'VANDY substitution: Madi Allen for Kimya Raietparvar.01
70'Header HDR by UF Nicole Vernis, SAVE Sarah Fuller.01
72'UF substitution: Alivia Gonzalez for Cassidy Lindley.01
72'UF substitution: Laney Steed for Ansley Frazier.01
75'SHOT by VANDY Abi Brighton HIGH.01
75'VANDY substitution: Sophia Gorski for Paola Ellis.01
75'VANDY substitution: Leila Azari for Madison Elwell.01
77'Offside against UF.01
78'UF substitution: Madison Alexander for Nicole Vernis.01
80'Yellow card on VANDY Raegan Kelley.01
80'GOAL by VANDY Raegan Kelley, Assist by Abi Brighton, goal number 1 for season.11
80'VANDY substitution: Olivia Simmons for Mya Swinton.11
80'VANDY substitution: Madison Elwell for Leila Azari.11
80'UF substitution: Cassidy Lindley for Maddy Rhodes.11
81'Corner kick by UF Laney Steed[80:46].11
82'VANDY substitution: Alex Wagner for Sophia Gorski.11
86'Header HDR by UF Cassidy Lindley, SAVE Sarah Fuller.11
88'VANDY substitution: Myra Konte for Madiya Harriott.11
88'SHOT by VANDY Alex Wagner WIDE.11
90'VANDY substitution: Leila Azari for Amber Nguyen.11
93'SHOT by UF Parker Roberts HIGH.11
95'Corner kick by UF Cassidy Lindley[94:58].11
96'Yellow card on UF Georgia Eaton-Collins.11
96'UF substitution: Cameron Hall for Georgia Eaton-Collins.11
96'VANDY substitution: Kimya Raietparvar for Abi Brighton.11
99'Yellow card on UF Cameron Hall.11
2nd Overtime
100'UF substitution: Laney Steed for Delaney Tauzel.11
102'VANDY substitution: Kayla Eason for Maya Antoine.11
103'Corner kick by VANDY Madison Elwell[102:06].11
103'GOAL by VANDY Myra Konte, goal number 1 for season.21