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Box Score - Nov 17, 2020

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals3
12Total Shots14
6Shots On Target6
3Goals Allowed2
11Fouls Committed11
0Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
A. Bellante, G143000
J. Cisneros122000
M. Trujillo010000
Z. Cross010000
L. Whitmore010000
S. Kingsley010000
B. Beldner011000
E. Mcintyre010000
G. Kitts000000
M. Adesanmi000000
M. Oliphant000000
K. Slack000000
J. Easley000000
G. Pettet000000
J. Bartels000000
H. Joella000000
K. Grubb000000
I. Alessio000000
A. Van Cleave000000
K. Reeves000000
M. Hamline000000
Game Stats
C. Barry132100
L. Chang121000
J. Sutton111000
J. Harris031000
C. Zullo031000
L. Zullo010000
S. Chang, M010000
R. Gareis000000
J. Colter000000
B. Galassini000000
C. Griffiths000000
A. Patten, D000000
R. Tanner000000
H. Hinz000000
A. Hugo000000
C. Dixon000000
M. Christopher000000
R. Senhaji000000
H. Meadows000000
R. Forster000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
3'Shot by USC Zullo, Luciana, out left.00
4'Shot by USC Barry, Catherine, top, saved by Alessio, Isabella.00
5'Corner kick [04:05].00
5'GOAL by USC Chang, Lauren.01
8'Shot by MIZ Cisneros, Julissa, bottom right, saved by Hinz, Heather.01
8'Corner kick [07:35].01
17'USC substitution: Griffiths, Claire for Meadows, Hallie.01
17'USC substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Zullo, Luciana.01
18'Shot by MIZ Trujillo, Macy.01
20'Shot by USC Barry, Catherine.01
21'GOAL by USC Jones, Sutton Assist by Barry, Catherine.02
21'Corner kick [20:30].02
22'MIZ substitution: Bartels, Jenna for Alessi, Bella.02
25'Shot by MIZ Kingsley, Skye, out left.02
25'USC substitution: Tanner, Riley for Barry, Catherine.02
25'USC substitution: Senhaji, Ranya for Gareis, Ryan.02
30'MIZ substitution: Hamline, Madilyn for Beldner, Blythe.02
30'MIZ substitution: Adesanmi, Mo for Trujillo, Macy.02
37'USC substitution: Forster, Rylee for Chang, Lauren.02
37'MIZ substitution: Joella, Hannah for Cross, Zoe.02
37'MIZ substitution: Slack, Keiarra for Cisneros, Julissa.02
37'MIZ substitution: Easley, Jadyn for Kingsley, Skye.02
41'Shot by USC Harris, Jyllissa, top woodwork.02
41'USC substitution: Galassini, Bianca for Senhaji, Ranya.02
41'MIZ substitution: Van Cleave, Ashlie for Whitmore, Lindsey.02
44'USC substitution: Christopher, Meredith for Zullo, Corinna.02
44'MIZ substitution: Grubb, Kloee for McIntyre, Eryka.02
44'MIZ substitution: Oliphant, Morcquess for Hamline, Madilyn.02
2nd Half
45'USC substitution: Zullo, Luciana for Christopher, Meredith.02
45'USC substitution: Barry, Catherine for Griffiths, Claire.02
45'USC substitution: Gareis, Ryan for Tanner, Riley.02
45'USC substitution: Chang, Lauren for Galassini, Bianca.02
45'USC substitution: Hugo, Abby for Forster, Rylee.02
45'MIZ substitution: McIntyre, Eryka for Grubb, Kloee.02
45'MIZ substitution: Alessi, Bella for Bartels, Jenna.02
45'MIZ substitution: Beldner, Blythe for Oliphant, Morcquess.02
45'MIZ substitution: Cross, Zoe for Joella, Hannah.02
45'MIZ substitution: Whitmore, Lindsey for Van Cleave, Ashlie.02
45'MIZ substitution: Cisneros, Julissa for Slack, Keiarra.02
45'MIZ substitution: Trujillo, Macy for Adesanmi, Mo.02
45'MIZ substitution: Kingsley, Skye for Easley, Jadyn.02
47'Shot by USC Harris, Jyllissa, bottom center, saved by Alessio, Isabella.02
47'GOAL by USC Barry, Catherine.03
47'GOAL by MIZ Alessi, Bella.13
50'Shot by MIZ Alessi, Bella, out left.13
51'Shot by USC Chang, Lauren.13
51'Corner kick [50:59].13
52'Shot by USC Harris, Jyllissa, out top.13
54'Shot by MIZ Alessi, Bella, bottom center, saved by Hinz, Heather.13
55'Shot by MIZ Cross, Zoe, out right.13
55'USC substitution: Griffiths, Claire for Hugo, Abby.13
56'Shot by MIZ McIntyre, Eryka, out right.13
59'Shot by MIZ Alessi, Bella, bottom center, saved by Hinz, Heather.13
60'GOAL by MIZ Cisneros, Julissa.23
60'USC substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Zullo, Luciana.23
60'USC substitution: Senhaji, Ranya for Barry, Catherine.23
60'USC substitution: Tanner, Riley for Gareis, Ryan.23
60'MIZ substitution: Bartels, Jenna for Cisneros, Julissa.23
62'Corner kick [61:22].23
63'Shot by USC Zullo, Corinna, out top.23
63'MIZ substitution: Reeves, Kyra for Pettet, Grace.23
63'MIZ substitution: Adesanmi, Mo for Trujillo, Macy.23
64'Shot by USC Zullo, Corinna.23
65'Shot by MIZ Beldner, Blythe, bottom center, saved by Hinz, Heather.23
68'Offside against South Carolina.23
69'USC substitution: Forster, Rylee for Chang, Lauren.23
69'MIZ substitution: Easley, Jadyn for Alessi, Bella.23
69'MIZ substitution: Slack, Keiarra for Cross, Zoe.23
69'MIZ substitution: Joella, Hannah for Whitmore, Lindsey.23
71'Shot by USC Chang, Samantha, out left.23
72'MIZ substitution: Hamline, Madilyn for Reeves, Kyra.23
72'MIZ substitution: Cisneros, Julissa for Bartels, Jenna.23
74'USC substitution: Barry, Catherine for Zullo, Corinna.23
74'USC substitution: Zullo, Luciana for Griffiths, Claire.23
74'Corner kick [73:50].23
75'USC substitution: Gareis, Ryan for Senhaji, Ranya.23
75'MIZ substitution: Whitmore, Lindsey for Joella, Hannah.23
76'MIZ substitution: Trujillo, Macy for Easley, Jadyn.23
76'MIZ substitution: Alessi, Bella for Slack, Keiarra.23
76'MIZ substitution: Cross, Zoe for Hamline, Madilyn.23
78'Corner kick [77:42].23
79'USC substitution: Chang, Lauren for Forster, Rylee.23
79'MIZ substitution: Easley, Jadyn for Kingsley, Skye.23
82'USC substitution: Colter, Jenn for Zullo, Luciana.23
83'USC substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Gareis, Ryan.23
84'Shot by MIZ Whitmore, Lindsey, out right.23
84'MIZ substitution: Kingsley, Skye for Easley, Jadyn.23
89'Shot by USC Zullo, Corinna, bottom center, saved by Alessio, Isabella.23
90'MIZ substitution: Slack, Keiarra for Cross, Zoe.23