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Box Score - Oct 28, 2021

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals3
5Total Shots11
4Shots On Target5
3Goals Allowed2
10Fouls Committed9
1Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
W. Buchanan, D000000
L. Montgomery000000
K. Maynard, D000000
S. Dineen, D000000
M. Martin000000
S. Michalak000000
C. Foster, M000000
A. Orkus000000
M. Pezzino000000
L. Mulligan000000
H. Stackpole000000
S. Ash000000
T. Radecki000000
S. O'Malley000000
M. O'Connor000000
J. Kemp000000
S. Holland000000
L. Logan, M000000
P. Loposer000000
A. Rushwin000000
S. Downing000000
E. Mcintyre000000
A. Fortenberry000000
L. Green000000
A. Zalac000000
M. Bishop000000
R. Davis000000
Game Stats
J. Taylor, M000000
K. Burroughs000000
M. Karnley000000
M. Carrasco000000
A. Tyrrell000000
N. Johnson000000
G. Mummert000000
H. Telleysh000000
S. Strunk000000
H. Farrington-Bentil000000
M. Cotta000000
O. Echegini000000
H. Pimentel000000
A. D'Aloise000000
E. Figueroa000000
B. Johannsdottir000000
M. Cash000000
M. Anderson000000
O. Simpson000000
K. Pavatt000000
E. Mccaslin000000
M. Hodge000000
A. Perry000000
K. Armenia000000
J. Moore000000
S. Johnson000000
C. Collins000000
E. Otto000000
H. Johnson000000
R. Combs000000
A. Major000000
M. Titus000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Corner kick [00:58].00
4'Corner kick [03:27].00
5'GOAL by MSST Farrington-Bentil, Hailey Assist by Karnley, Monigo.01
7'Shot by MSST Echegini, Onyi, bottom center, saved by Orkus, Ashley.01
11'Shot by MISS Stackpole, Haleigh.01
15'Shot by MSST Echegini, Onyi.01
18'Shot by MSST Perry, Ally, bottom right, saved by Orkus, Ashley.01
19'Offside against Mississippi St..01
31'Shot by MSST Mummert, Gwen, out left.01
33'GOAL by MISS Foster, Channing.11
33'MISS substitution: Downing, Stella for Davis, Ramsey.11
33'MISS substitution: Holland, Saydie for O'Connor, Mo.11
33'MISS substitution: Pezzino, Madisyn for Martin, Molly.11
33'MSST substitution: Burroughs, Ky for Perry, Ally.11
33'MSST substitution: Johnson, Hannah for Karnley, Monigo.11
33'MSST substitution: Combs, Rylie for Farrington-Bentil, Hailey.11
43'MISS substitution: Dineen, Sophie for Stackpole, Haleigh.11
43'MISS substitution: Buchanan, Whitaker for Pezzino, Madisyn.11
2nd Half
45'MSST substitution: Farrington-Bentil, Hailey for Burroughs, Ky.11
45'MSST substitution: Karnley, Monigo for Johnson, Hannah.11
45'MSST substitution: Telleysh, Hannah for Combs, Rylie.11
45'MISS substitution: Davis, Ramsey for Downing, Stella.11
45'MISS substitution: Stackpole, Haleigh for Dineen, Sophie.11
45'MISS substitution: O'Connor, Mo for Holland, Saydie.11
45'MISS substitution: Martin, Molly for Buchanan, Whitaker.11
49'Offside against Ole Miss.11
52'GOAL by MISS O'Connor, Mo Assist by Foster, Channing.21
52'Shot by MSST Echegini, Onyi, out right.21
55'Yellow card on MISS Green, Lucy.21
55'Offside against Ole Miss.21
57'Foul on Green, Lucy.21
57'MSST substitution: Johnson, Hannah for Telleysh, Hannah.21
60'Foul on Echegini, Onyi.21
60'Shot by MISS Foster, Channing, bottom center, saved by Anderson, Maddy.21
61'GOAL by MSST Karnley, Monigo Assist by Echegini, Onyi and Carrasco, Miranda.22
61'MISS substitution: Holland, Saydie for Green, Lucy.22
61'MISS substitution: Downing, Stella for O'Connor, Mo.22
64'Shot by MISS Stackpole, Haleigh, bottom right, saved by Anderson, Maddy.22
64'Corner kick [63:27].22
66'Corner kick [65:38].22
66'Shot by MSST Mummert, Gwen, out left.22
67'MSST substitution: Otto, Elle for Johnson, Hannah.22
68'MSST substitution: Simpson, Olivia for Farrington-Bentil, Hailey.22
68'MISS substitution: Pezzino, Madisyn for Davis, Ramsey.22
71'Foul on Martin, Molly.22
71'MSST substitution: Combs, Rylie for Karnley, Monigo.22
73'MISS substitution: Green, Lucy for Martin, Molly.22
73'Shot by MSST Combs, Rylie, out left.22
75'MISS substitution: Davis, Ramsey for Downing, Stella.22
75'MISS substitution: O'Connor, Mo for Pezzino, Madisyn.22
77'MSST substitution: Karnley, Monigo for Simpson, Olivia.22
77'MSST substitution: Telleysh, Hannah for Combs, Rylie.22
77'MSST substitution: Farrington-Bentil, Hailey for Otto, Elle.22
77'Shot by MSST Karnley, Monigo, out left.22
78'MSST Maddy Anderson PENALTY KICK GOAL.23
79'MISS substitution: Martin, Molly for Green, Lucy.23
80'Corner kick [79:52].23
81'MISS substitution: Pezzino, Madisyn for Holland, Saydie.23
84'MSST substitution: Johnson, Saniya for Karnley, Monigo.23
86'MSST substitution: Simpson, Olivia for Telleysh, Hannah.23
88'Foul on D'Aloise, Alyssa.23
88'Offside against Mississippi St..23
89'MSST substitution: Combs, Rylie for Simpson, Olivia.23
90'Foul on Echegini, Onyi.23
90'Yellow card on MSST Carrasco, Miranda.23