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Box Score - Aug 28, 2022

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Team Game Stats
0Total Goals3
10Total Shots20
3Shots On Target7
3Goals Allowed0
12Fouls Committed8
3Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
C. Conti031000
H. Hershfelt020000
C. Lindley010000
M. Bornkamp010010
M. Morris011010
R. Lyles011000
E. Wennar010000
H. White000000
K. Smekrud000000
S. Meredith000010
M. Morris, F000000
D. Dudley000000
H. Mackiewicz000000
M. Duff000000
L. St. George000000
S. Minarik000000
C. Smith, D000000
F. Stables000000
A. Lynch000000
E. Hauser000000
E. Brough000000
G. Gambino000000
M. Manousos000000
Game Stats
R. Mattingly Parker232000
G. Paul122100
F. Knox042100
A. Serepca030000
M. Clem020000
K. Henderson021000
K. Rogers010100
R. Tanner010000
A. Streicek010000
E. Kobler010000
M. Crone, G000000
R. Reyes, D000000
S. Pickard000000
A. Berk000000
S. Vincens000000
M. Annest000000
G. Skorka000100
B. Steere000000
S. Japic000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
3'Shot by Bama Clem, Macy, out top left.00
8'Shot by CU Conti, Caroline, out top right.00
10'Shot by Bama Serepca, Ashlynn.00
11'Offside against Alabama.00
12'GOAL by Bama Mattingly Parker, Riley Assist by Knox, Felicia.01
16'Corner kick [15:44].01
18'Shot by CU Hershfelt, Hal, out top right.01
19'Offside against Clemson.01
19'Shot by Bama Knox, Felicia, out top left.01
21'Shot by CU Conti, Caroline, out top right.01
22'Bama substitution: Paul, Gianna for Henderson, Kate.01
26'Corner kick [25:05].01
27'Corner kick [26:37].01
28'CU substitution: Smith, Caitlin for St. George, Layne.01
28'CU substitution: Hauser, Ella for Dudley, Devi.01
28'CU substitution: Manousos, Maria for Morris, Maliah.01
28'Offside against Clemson.01
29'Bama substitution: Streicek, Aislin for Tanner, Riley.01
29'CU substitution: Brough, Emily for Minarik, Sydney.01
30'Bama substitution: Steere, Brooke for Japic, Sydney.01
31'Offside against Alabama.01
32'Offside against Clemson.01
34'Bama substitution: Rogers, Kat for Mattingly Parker, Riley.01
34'Bama substitution: Vincens, Sydney for Serepca, Ashlynn.01
36'CU substitution: Meredith, Samantha for Lyles, Renee.01
36'CU substitution: Lindley, Cassidy for Conti, Caroline.01
45'Shot by CU Lindley, Cassidy, out top.01
2nd Half
45'Bama substitution: Mattingly Parker, Riley for Rogers, Kat.01
45'Bama substitution: Serepca, Ashlynn for Streicek, Aislin.01
45'Bama substitution: Japic, Sydney for Paul, Gianna.01
45'Bama substitution: Tanner, Riley for Vincens, Sydney.01
45'Bama substitution: Henderson, Kate for Steere, Brooke.01
45'CU substitution: Lyles, Renee for Smith, Caitlin.01
45'CU substitution: Duff, Mackenzie for Brough, Emily.01
45'CU substitution: Smekrud, Kacey for Manousos, Maria.01
45'CU substitution: Conti, Caroline for Lindley, Cassidy.01
47'Shot by Bama Serepca, Ashlynn.01
48'Shot by Bama Knox, Felicia, bottom center, saved by Mackiewicz, Halle.01
49'Shot by Bama Mattingly Parker, Riley.01
49'Shot by CU Morris, Makenna, bottom right, saved by Crone, McKinley.01
54'Shot by CU Lyles, Renee, top right, saved by Crone, McKinley.01
54'Corner kick [53:11].01
54'Shot by CU Bornkamp, Megan, out left.01
55'Shot by Bama Henderson, Kate, out left.01
57'Bama substitution: Steere, Brooke for Japic, Sydney.01
57'Shot by Bama Tanner, Riley, out right.01
58'Shot by Bama Henderson, Kate, bottom left, saved by Mackiewicz, Halle.01
61'Bama substitution: Streicek, Aislin for Serepca, Ashlynn.01
61'CU substitution: Minarik, Sydney for Morris, Makenna.01
61'CU substitution: Manousos, Maria for Smekrud, Kacey.01
61'Shot by Bama Streicek, Aislin, blocked.01
62'Bama substitution: Paul, Gianna for Mattingly Parker, Riley.01
62'Yellow card on CU Bornkamp, Megan.01
62'Shot by Bama Knox, Felicia, bottom center, saved by Mackiewicz, Halle.01
62'Yellow card on CU Meredith, Samantha.01
64'Shot by Bama Clem, Macy, out top right.01
66'Bama substitution: Vincens, Sydney for Henderson, Kate.01
66'CU substitution: Smith, Caitlin for Duff, Mackenzie.01
67'CU substitution: Dudley, Devi for Hauser, Ella.01
67'CU substitution: Morris, Maliah for Meredith, Samantha.01
67'Shot by CU Conti, Caroline, bottom center, saved by Crone, McKinley.01
71'Shot by CU Hershfelt, Hal.01
72'Bama substitution: Rogers, Kat for Knox, Felicia.01
72'CU substitution: Morris, Makenna for Manousos, Maria.01
73'GOAL by Bama Paul, Gianna Assist by Rogers, Kat.02
73'Bama substitution: Mattingly Parker, Riley for Vincens, Sydney.02
73'Yellow card on CU Morris, Makenna.02
74'Corner kick [73:57].02
76'Bama substitution: Serepca, Ashlynn for Tanner, Riley.02
80'Shot by Bama Paul, Gianna, bottom center, saved by Mackiewicz, Halle.02
80'GOAL by Bama Mattingly Parker, Riley Assist by Skorka, Gessica and Paul, Gianna.03
80'Bama substitution: Knox, Felicia for Streicek, Aislin.03
80'CU substitution: Gambino, Gabby for Minarik, Sydney.03
80'CU substitution: Stables, Fran for Lyles, Renee.03
80'CU substitution: Manousos, Maria for White, Harper.03
80'CU substitution: Wennar, Emma for Morris, Maliah.03
80'CU substitution: Meredith, Samantha for Hershfelt, Hal.03
80'CU substitution: Duff, Mackenzie for Morris, Makenna.03
80'CU substitution: Smekrud, Kacey for Conti, Caroline.03
80'CU substitution: Brough, Emily for Bornkamp, Megan.03
80'Foul on Steere, Brooke.03
82'Shot by Bama Serepca, Ashlynn, out top right.03
83'Shot by CU Wennar, Emma, out top left.03
83'Bama substitution: Annest, Marianna for Clem, Macy.03
83'Foul on Gambino, Gabby.03
84'Shot by Bama Knox, Felicia, out top right.03
85'Shot by Bama Rogers, Kat, out right.03
86'Offside against Alabama.03
87'Bama substitution: Kobler, Emelie for Rogers, Kat.03
87'Bama substitution: Berk, Allie for Mattingly Parker, Riley.03
88'Shot by Bama Kobler, Emelie, out left.03
88'Foul on Skorka, Gessica.03
90'Corner kick [89:38].03