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Box Score - Sep 4, 2022

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Team Game Stats
3Total Goals1
17Total Shots5
10Shots On Target3
1Goals Allowed3
5Fouls Committed2
0Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
A. Garcia131000
B. Mcpartlan, M122000
O. Wilkes111000
M. Baker031000
R. Prince032000
L. Jennings, D010000
B. Bertram011000
I. Hermannsdottir, M010000
S. Glover011000
A. Thoreson011000
J. Johnson, M000000
S. Cooke, D000000
R. Noel000000
T. Dobles000000
M. Gordon000100
A. Rockett000000
M. Swift000000
W. Diwura-Soale000000
K. Bowers, M000000
J. Humbyrd000000
L. Gonzales000000
J. Ollivierre000000
Game Stats
I. Izquierdo, M111000
P. Gasparovicova011000
R. Smith010000
A. Nakano011000
B. Stefan010100
T. Collum000000
S. Stiglmair000000
M. Flammia000000
E. Figueroa000000
B. Kingsley000000
N. Wilson000000
E. Nelson000000
T. Cobyte000000
A. Williamson000000
A. Helbling000000
J. Boaventura000000
L. Griffin000000
S. Magliocca000000
M. Tapper000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
6'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, top left, saved by Helbling, Alex.00
8'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, out top.00
10'Shot by LSU Prince, Raelyn, bottom center, saved by Helbling, Alex.00
13'Shot by LSU Baker, Mollie, out right.00
16'Shot by LSU Jennings, Lindsi, out top.00
19'USM substitution: Magliocca, Sydney for Kingsley, Blessing.00
23'Corner kick [22:06].00
26'Shot by USM Smith, Ryan, out top right.00
26'USM substitution: Gasparovicova, Patricia for Smith, Ryan.00
26'LSU substitution: Ollivierre, Jocelyn for Thoreson, Angelina.00
26'LSU substitution: Garcia, Alesia for Jennings, Lindsi.00
26'LSU substitution: Gonzales, Laney for Prince, Raelyn.00
28'LSU substitution: Johnson, Jordan for McPartlan, Brenna.00
29'LSU substitution: Dobles, Taylor for Baker, Mollie.00
29'LSU substitution: Glover, Sage for Noel, Rammie.00
30'Shot by LSU Hermannsdottir, Ida, out top.00
31'USM substitution: Cobyte, Technayda for Magliocca, Sydney.00
34'Shot by LSU Garcia, Alesia, out right.00
35'Shot by USM Nakano, Adaira, top left, saved by Swift, Mollee.00
36'Corner kick [35:05].00
38'Corner kick [37:18].00
38'Shot by USM Stefan, Bernadett, out top.00
39'LSU substitution: Humbyrd, Jaden for Hermannsdottir, Ida.00
40'USM substitution: Williamson, Alice for Cobyte, Technayda.00
41'Shot by LSU Glover, Sage, bottom right, saved by Helbling, Alex.00
45'USM substitution: Nelson, Elexia for Nakano, Adaira.00
45'Shot by LSU Garcia, Alesia.00
2nd Half
45'USM substitution: Nakano, Adaira for Nelson, Elexia.00
45'USM substitution: Kingsley, Blessing for Williamson, Alice.00
45'USM substitution: Smith, Ryan for Gasparovicova, Patricia.00
45'LSU substitution: Thoreson, Angelina for Gordon, Maya.00
45'LSU substitution: Prince, Raelyn for Humbyrd, Jaden.00
45'LSU substitution: Jennings, Lindsi for Glover, Sage.00
49'Shot by LSU Prince, Raelyn, left woodwork.00
51'Shot by LSU Thoreson, Angelina, bottom right, saved by Helbling, Alex.00
52'GOAL by LSU Garcia, Alesia.10
53'USM substitution: Gasparovicova, Patricia for Nakano, Adaira.10
54'GOAL by USM Izquierdo, Ilana Assist by Stefan, Bernadett.11
55'LSU substitution: Noel, Rammie for Gonzales, Laney.11
56'LSU substitution: McPartlan, Brenna for Garcia, Alesia.11
56'LSU substitution: Baker, Mollie for Prince, Raelyn.11
56'LSU substitution: Hermannsdottir, Ida for Johnson, Jordan.11
57'Corner kick [56:04].11
57'GOAL by LSU McPartlan, Brenna.21
58'LSU substitution: Glover, Sage for Thoreson, Angelina.21
58'LSU substitution: Gordon, Maya for Ollivierre, Jocelyn.21
60'Corner kick [59:33].21
61'USM substitution: Magliocca, Sydney for Kingsley, Blessing.21
61'LSU substitution: Humbyrd, Jaden for Diwura-Soale, Wasila.21
61'Shot by USM Gasparovicova, Patricia, bottom center, saved by Swift, Mollee.21
68'USM substitution: Williamson, Alice for Magliocca, Sydney.21
68'USM substitution: Nakano, Adaira for Smith, Ryan.21
68'LSU substitution: Bertram, Britney for Dobles, Taylor.21
68'LSU substitution: Wilkes, Olivia for Glover, Sage.21
69'USM substitution: Smith, Ryan for Nakano, Adaira.21
69'Shot by LSU Bertram, Britney, bottom left, saved by Helbling, Alex.21
70'GOAL by LSU Wilkes, Olivia Assist by Gordon, Maya.31
70'USM substitution: Nakano, Adaira for Stefan, Bernadett.31
70'USM substitution: Boaventura, Julia for Smith, Ryan.31
73'Corner kick [72:06].31
73'LSU substitution: Bowers, Kelci for Cooke, Shannon.31
73'Shot by LSU McPartlan, Brenna, bottom right, saved by Helbling, Alex.31
75'USM substitution: Stefan, Bernadett for Gasparovicova, Patricia.31
75'USM substitution: Kingsley, Blessing for Williamson, Alice.31
75'USM substitution: Smith, Ryan for Boaventura, Julia.31
75'Corner kick [74:38].31
78'Corner kick [77:17].31
78'LSU substitution: Rockett, Anna for Gordon, Maya.31
78'LSU substitution: Prince, Raelyn for Hermannsdottir, Ida.31
79'LSU substitution: Gonzales, Laney for Noel, Rammie.31
79'LSU substitution: Ollivierre, Jocelyn for Jennings, Lindsi.31
81'Offside against Southern Miss..31
83'USM substitution: Gasparovicova, Patricia for Nakano, Adaira.31
83'LSU substitution: Garcia, Alesia for Baker, Mollie.31
83'Shot by LSU Prince, Raelyn, bottom center, saved by Helbling, Alex.31
86'USM substitution: Cobyte, Technayda for Kingsley, Blessing.31
86'USM substitution: Griffin, Lexi for Collum, Tay.31
86'LSU substitution: Johnson, Jordan for Bertram, Britney.31
86'LSU substitution: Glover, Sage for Humbyrd, Jaden.31
88'USM substitution: Tapper, Mallory for Wilson, Natalie.31
89'Offside against LSU.31