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Box Score - Aug 24, 2023

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Team Game Stats
3Total Goals2
12Total Shots6
7Shots On Target4
2Goals Allowed3
10Fouls Committed5
0Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
C. Barry121000
S. O'Rourke121100
C. Dixon111000
R. Schubach032000
M. Spiehs021000
H. Torres011000
B. Murphy010000
H. Hinz000000
C. Zullo000000
B. Behm000000
H. Meadows000000
L. Render000000
T. Jacobson000000
K. Brown000000
M. Bryant000000
D. Drake000000
G. Falla000000
C. Dike000000
A. Patrick000000
C. Zulauf000000
Game Stats
S. Lowenberg111000
C. Mensi111000
L. Gouvin011100
S. Costello010000
S. Segalla010100
B. Douglas011000
W. Willebrandt000000
S. Walk000000
E. Richards000000
A. Barth000000
E. Sapienza000000
R. Kerber000000
A. Mcneil000000
K. Thomas000000
M. Landers000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
1'Offside against South Carolina.00
3'Corner kick [02:03].00
9'Shot by USC Spiehs, Megan, out left.00
13'Shot by USC O'Rourke, Shae.00
14'Shot by USC Barry, Catherine, blocked.00
17'Corner kick [17:00].00
21'GOAL by USC O'Rourke, Shae.10
21'USC substitution: Murphy, Brinley for Spiehs, Megan.10
21'USC substitution: Zulauf, Cuyler for Zullo, Corinna.10
23'Offside against South Carolina.10
25'Shot by USC Torres, Hollyn, bottom center, saved by Willebrandt, Wiebke.10
28'Shot by BCE Gouvin, Laura, bottom center, saved by Hinz, Heather.10
30'USC substitution: Render, Lily for Meadows, Hallie.10
30'USC substitution: Bryant, Micah for Torres, Hollyn.10
30'Offside against Boston College.10
31'BCE substitution: Lowenberg, Sophia for Richards, Ella.10
31'USC substitution: Schubach, Reagan for O'Rourke, Shae.10
34'USC substitution: Drake, Dru for Jacobson, Taylor.10
35'Offside against South Carolina.10
36'GOAL by BCE Lowenberg, Sophia Assist by Segalla, Sydney.11
36'USC substitution: Dike, Chidubem for Barry, Catherine.11
36'USC substitution: Brown, Kinley for Behm, Brianna.11
37'Shot by BCE Douglas, Bella, bottom center, saved by Hinz, Heather.11
38'USC Camryn Dixon PENALTY KICK GOAL.21
40'Corner kick [39:25].21
42'BCE substitution: Landers, Maddie for Walk, Sonia.21
42'BCE substitution: Kerber, Riley for Barth, Andi.21
45'BCE substitution: Richards, Ella for Kerber, Riley.21
45'USC substitution: Spiehs, Megan for Schubach, Reagan.21
45'USC substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Dixon, Camryn.21
45'USC substitution: Barry, Catherine for Render, Lily.21
45'USC substitution: Meadows, Hallie for Dike, Chidubem.21
45'USC substitution: Torres, Hollyn for Murphy, Brinley.21
45'USC substitution: O'Rourke, Shae for Zulauf, Cuyler.21
45'USC substitution: Patrick, Amanda for Drake, Dru.21
45'USC substitution: Jacobson, Taylor for Bryant, Micah.21
2nd Half
46'GOAL by USC Barry, Catherine Assist by O'Rourke, Shae.31
51'Corner kick [50:42].31
52'BCE substitution: Walk, Sonia for Landers, Maddie.31
54'BCE substitution: Barth, Andi for Lowenberg, Sophia.31
55'Corner kick [54:25].31
56'USC substitution: Dixon, Camryn for Patrick, Amanda.31
58'Shot by BCE Segalla, Sydney, out top left.31
59'USC substitution: Murphy, Brinley for Spiehs, Megan.31
59'USC substitution: Bryant, Micah for Meadows, Hallie.31
60'Corner kick [59:51].31
61'GOAL by BCE Mensi, Claire Assist by Gouvin, Laura.32
63'USC substitution: Schubach, Reagan for O'Rourke, Shae.32
66'Corner kick [65:14].32
66'Shot by USC Murphy, Brinley.32
67'USC substitution: Render, Lily for Zullo, Corinna.32
68'BCE substitution: Kerber, Riley for Sapienza, Emily.32
70'Shot by USC Schubach, Reagan, out top.32
72'Shot by USC Schubach, Reagan, bottom center, saved by Willebrandt, Wiebke.32
73'BCE substitution: Lowenberg, Sophia for Richards, Ella.32
73'USC substitution: O'Rourke, Shae for Barry, Catherine.32
73'USC substitution: Spiehs, Megan for Torres, Hollyn.32
74'Corner kick [73:12].32
74'Shot by BCE Costello, Sarai, out right.32
75'Shot by USC Schubach, Reagan, bottom center, saved by Willebrandt, Wiebke.32
77'Corner kick [76:53].32
78'USC substitution: Meadows, Hallie for Bryant, Micah.32
78'USC substitution: Zullo, Corinna for Behm, Brianna.32
78'USC substitution: Barry, Catherine for Schubach, Reagan.32
79'Offside against South Carolina.32
80'Offside against South Carolina.32
81'BCE substitution: Thomas, Kenna for Kerber, Riley.32
84'BCE substitution: Richards, Ella for McNeil, Ava.32
84'USC substitution: Torres, Hollyn for Zullo, Corinna.32
84'Shot by USC Spiehs, Megan, top, saved by Willebrandt, Wiebke.32
86'USC substitution: Behm, Brianna for Render, Lily.32
86'USC substitution: Schubach, Reagan for Spiehs, Megan.32
87'Corner kick [86:42].32