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Box Score - Aug 27, 2023

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Team Game Stats
3Total Goals2
13Total Shots12
7Shots On Target7
2Goals Allowed3
10Fouls Committed12
0Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards1
Game Stats
S. Brown121000
A. Haddock111000
O. Candelino054000
O. Woodson020000
S. Richards010100
M. Mooney011100
C. Thatcher010100
M. Arias000000
M. Prohaska000000
M. Moore000000
M. Bondon000000
B. Contreras000000
L. Knox000000
H. Duca000000
S. Thibodaux000000
H. Colson000000
D. Driver000000
E. Houston000000
M. O'Callaghan000100
Game Stats
J. Follenweider132021
B. Duffy121100
J. Talley022000
M. Woodward020000
M. Hupp011000
E. Oberhaus010000
C. Silvestro011000
L. Smith000000
S. Bender000000
K. Bradley000100
M. Niebish000000
K. Palaian000100
S. Strohman000000
K. Vesy000000
M. Nichols000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
3'Corner kick [02:28].00
7'Shot by AUB Candelino, Olivia.00
7'Corner kick [06:52].00
17'Corner kick [16:30].00
21'Corner kick [20:30].00
21'AUB substitution: Woodson, Olivia for Arias, Marissa.00
22'Corner kick [21:13].00
25'Shot by ARMY Talley, Jasmine, bottom center, saved by Prohaska, Maddie.00
25'GOAL by ARMY Duffy, Brigid Assist by Palaian, Kaitlin.01
25'Shot by ARMY Duffy, Brigid, blocked.01
26'ARMY substitution: Woodward, Madison for Silvestro, Cami.01
26'AUB substitution: O'Callaghan, Maquena for Thatcher, Carly.01
26'Corner kick [25:37].01
27'Shot by AUB Brown, Sammie.01
27'Shot by AUB Richards, Sydney, out right.01
31'ARMY substitution: Nichols, Madison for Palaian, Kaitlin.01
31'AUB substitution: Thibodaux, Sydnie for Colson, Hayden.01
31'AUB substitution: Houston, Erin for Candelino, Olivia.01
33'ARMY substitution: Hupp, Melanie for Talley, Jasmine.01
34'Shot by AUB Woodson, Olivia.01
38'GOAL by AUB Brown, Sammie Assist by O'Callaghan, Maquena and Richards, Sydney.11
38'ARMY substitution: Oberhaus, Elizabeth for Niebish, Madison.11
38'AUB substitution: Driver, Dylan for Brown, Sammie.11
38'AUB substitution: Bondon, Maddy for Richards, Sydney.11
39'Shot by AUB Woodson, Olivia.11
40'GOAL by ARMY Follenweider, Jordan Assist by Bradley, Kaelan and Duffy, Brigid.12
41'AUB substitution: Contreras, Becky for O'Callaghan, Maquena.12
2nd Half
45'ARMY substitution: Niebish, Madison for Nichols, Madison.12
45'ARMY substitution: Talley, Jasmine for Oberhaus, Elizabeth.12
45'ARMY substitution: Silvestro, Cami for Hupp, Melanie.12
45'AUB substitution: Thatcher, Carly for Contreras, Becky.12
45'AUB substitution: Brown, Sammie for Driver, Dylan.12
45'AUB substitution: Richards, Sydney for Bondon, Maddy.12
45'AUB substitution: Arias, Marissa for Woodson, Olivia.12
45'AUB substitution: Colson, Hayden for Thibodaux, Sydnie.12
45'AUB substitution: Candelino, Olivia for Houston, Erin.12
50'Shot by AUB Mooney, Mallory, bottom right, saved by Strohman, Sage.12
51'GOAL by AUB TEAM.22
54'Offside against Army West Point.22
55'Shot by ARMY Silvestro, Cami, bottom center, saved by Prohaska, Maddie.22
56'Shot by ARMY Woodward, Madison.22
57'Shot by AUB Candelino, Olivia, bottom left, saved by Strohman, Sage.22
58'AUB substitution: Driver, Dylan for Thatcher, Carly.22
59'ARMY substitution: Palaian, Kaitlin for Niebish, Madison.22
59'AUB substitution: Thatcher, Carly for Driver, Dylan.22
60'Shot by AUB Thatcher, Carly, out top.22
60'ARMY substitution: Oberhaus, Elizabeth for Smith, Lindsey.22
62'GOAL by AUB Haddock, Anna Assist by Thatcher, Carly and Mooney, Mallory.32
62'AUB substitution: Thibodaux, Sydnie for Arias, Marissa.32
64'Shot by ARMY Follenweider, Jordan, out right.32
66'Shot by ARMY Talley, Jasmine, bottom left, saved by Prohaska, Maddie.32
67'ARMY substitution: Nichols, Madison for Woodward, Madison.32
67'AUB substitution: Houston, Erin for Haddock, Anna.32
67'Shot by AUB Candelino, Olivia, bottom right, saved by Strohman, Sage.32
69'Shot by AUB Candelino, Olivia, bottom right, saved by Strohman, Sage.32
70'ARMY substitution: Hupp, Melanie for Duffy, Brigid.32
70'AUB substitution: Bondon, Maddy for Thatcher, Carly.32
70'AUB substitution: Driver, Dylan for Brown, Sammie.32
72'AUB substitution: Haddock, Anna for Richards, Sydney.32
73'Shot by AUB Candelino, Olivia, bottom center, saved by Strohman, Sage.32
75'ARMY substitution: Smith, Lindsey for Talley, Jasmine.32
75'AUB substitution: Arias, Marissa for Candelino, Olivia.32
75'Shot by ARMY Hupp, Melanie, top, saved by Prohaska, Maddie.32
78'Yellow card on ARMY Follenweider, Jordan.32
78'Shot by ARMY Follenweider, Jordan, top, saved by Prohaska, Maddie.32
79'Corner kick [78:06].32
79'ARMY substitution: Talley, Jasmine for Palaian, Kaitlin.32
79'ARMY substitution: Duffy, Brigid for Silvestro, Cami.32
79'ARMY substitution: Woodward, Madison for Hupp, Melanie.32
79'AUB substitution: Richards, Sydney for Houston, Erin.32
79'AUB substitution: Thatcher, Carly for Bondon, Maddy.32
79'AUB substitution: Brown, Sammie for Thibodaux, Sydnie.32
80'Shot by ARMY Woodward, Madison.32
80'Shot by ARMY Oberhaus, Elizabeth.32
82'AUB substitution: Houston, Erin for Colson, Hayden.32
83'AUB substitution: Candelino, Olivia for Driver, Dylan.32
83'AUB substitution: Duca, Haley for Arias, Marissa.32
85'Yellow card on ARMY Follenweider, Jordan.32
85'Red card on ARMY Follenweider, Jordan.32
86'ARMY substitution: Palaian, Kaitlin for Nichols, Madison.32
90'Offside against Auburn.32