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Box Score - Aug 27, 2023

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Team Game Stats
0Total Goals2
2Total Shots20
1Shots On Target9
2Goals Allowed0
4Fouls Committed2
0Yellow Cards0
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
L. Firsdon011000
K. Bobo010000
A. Nowak000000
S. Doyle000000
C. Ross000000
R. Casey000000
A. Sweeney000000
L. House000000
A. Brockelman000000
M. Pekmezian000000
N. Haverland000000
S. Curtis000000
A. Legg000000
G. Letto000000
E. Paisley000000
A. Pitts000000
G. Segundo000000
L. Tabor000000
K. Virtel000000
O. Walker000000
K. Wise000000
Game Stats
R. Deresky132000
E. Eggleston133100
C. Jones, M030000
J. Konte032000
S. Gorski020000
C. Betts021000
S. Watts021000
A. Porter010000
N. Calnek010000
M. Antoine, D000000
H. Mclaughlin000000
K. Devine000000
A. Wagner000000
A. Nguyen000000
A. Brighton000000
M. Castillo000000
M. Baker000000
F. Yanchuk000000
E. Zimmerman000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
5'Shot by VANDY Konte, Jada.00
7'Shot by VANDY Konte, Jada, bottom center, saved by Doyle, Sarah.00
9'Shot by BELM Firsdon, Leah, top, saved by Devine, Kate.00
12'Shot by VANDY Konte, Jada, top right, saved by Doyle, Sarah.00
17'Shot by VANDY Deresky, Rachel.00
18'Shot by VANDY Jones, Courtney, out top.00
18'BELM substitution: Walker, Olivia for Sweeney, Anna.00
18'BELM substitution: Pitts, Addy for Firsdon, Leah.00
19'Shot by VANDY Deresky, Rachel, bottom right, saved by Doyle, Sarah.00
19'VANDY substitution: Watts, Sydney for Gorski, Sophia.00
20'Shot by VANDY Eggleston, Ella, bottom left, saved by Doyle, Sarah.00
20'Corner kick [19:56].00
21'GOAL by VANDY Deresky, Rachel Assist by Eggleston, Ella.01
22'BELM substitution: Haverland, Natalie for Pekmezian, Maci.01
25'VANDY substitution: Betts, Caroline for Konte, Jada.01
30'VANDY substitution: Porter, Addie for Deresky, Rachel.01
30'BELM substitution: Virtel, Kate for Ross, Carly.01
35'GOAL by VANDY Eggleston, Ella.02
35'Shot by VANDY Eggleston, Ella, bottom left, saved by Doyle, Sarah.02
35'VANDY substitution: Wagner, Alex for Eggleston, Ella.02
35'VANDY substitution: Castillo, Mia for Jones, Courtney.02
35'BELM substitution: Segundo, Graciella for Walker, Olivia.02
35'BELM substitution: Letto, Gabriella for Pitts, Addy.02
35'BELM substitution: Tabor, Lillie for Haverland, Natalie.02
35'BELM substitution: Curtis, Summer for Brockelman, Allison.02
35'Corner kick [34:26].02
37'Shot by VANDY Porter, Addie, out right.02
38'BELM substitution: Bobo, Kailyn for Nowak, Avery.02
38'BELM substitution: Casey, Riley for Legg, Abbigail.02
41'Shot by VANDY Watts, Sydney, bottom center, saved by Doyle, Sarah.02
2nd Half
45'VANDY substitution: Deresky, Rachel for Betts, Caroline.02
45'VANDY substitution: Jones, Courtney for Nguyen, Amber.02
45'VANDY substitution: Konte, Jada for Baker, Maddie.02
45'VANDY substitution: Eggleston, Ella for Castillo, Mia.02
45'BELM substitution: Legg, Abbigail for Bobo, Kailyn.02
45'BELM substitution: Pekmezian, Maci for Segundo, Graciella.02
45'BELM substitution: Ross, Carly for Letto, Gabriella.02
45'BELM substitution: Brockelman, Allison for Tabor, Lillie.02
45'BELM substitution: Firsdon, Leah for Casey, Riley.02
52'Corner kick [51:54].02
53'VANDY substitution: Zimmerman, Ella for Antoine, Maya.02
59'Shot by VANDY Jones, Courtney, out left.02
61'Shot by VANDY Jones, Courtney.02
62'VANDY substitution: Baker, Maddie for Konte, Jada.02
62'BELM substitution: Casey, Riley for Pekmezian, Maci.02
62'BELM substitution: Sweeney, Anna for Virtel, Kate.02
62'BELM substitution: Haverland, Natalie for Curtis, Summer.02
62'BELM substitution: Walker, Olivia for Firsdon, Leah.02
62'Corner kick [61:42].02
65'VANDY substitution: Gorski, Sophia for Watts, Sydney.02
65'VANDY substitution: Yanchuk, Francesca for Eggleston, Ella.02
65'BELM substitution: Nowak, Avery for Ross, Carly.02
65'BELM substitution: Tabor, Lillie for Legg, Abbigail.02
65'BELM substitution: Bobo, Kailyn for Brockelman, Allison.02
68'Shot by BELM Bobo, Kailyn, out left.02
69'VANDY substitution: Nguyen, Amber for Jones, Courtney.02
69'VANDY substitution: Castillo, Mia for Brighton, Abi.02
70'VANDY substitution: Betts, Caroline for Porter, Addie.02
73'Shot by VANDY Gorski, Sophia, out left.02
73'BELM substitution: Segundo, Graciella for Sweeney, Anna.02
73'BELM substitution: Pitts, Addy for Walker, Olivia.02
75'Shot by VANDY Gorski, Sophia, out left.02
76'Shot by VANDY Betts, Caroline, out left.02
76'Corner kick [75:36].02
77'VANDY substitution: Calnek, Nyela for Yanchuk, Francesca.02
80'VANDY substitution: Eggleston, Ella for Deresky, Rachel.02
80'BELM substitution: Legg, Abbigail for Haverland, Natalie.02
81'Shot by VANDY Betts, Caroline, bottom center, saved by Doyle, Sarah.02
83'VANDY substitution: Watts, Sydney for Betts, Caroline.02
83'BELM substitution: Virtel, Kate for Nowak, Avery.02
83'BELM substitution: Ross, Carly for Casey, Riley.02
83'BELM substitution: Walker, Olivia for Pitts, Addy.02
84'Shot by VANDY Calnek, Nyela, out top left.02
87'Shot by VANDY Watts, Sydney, out left.02
87'BELM substitution: Brockelman, Allison for Segundo, Graciella.02
87'BELM substitution: Pekmezian, Maci for Bobo, Kailyn.02