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Box Score - Sep 10, 2023

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Team Game Stats
1Total Goals1
18Total Shots11
7Shots On Target3
1Goals Allowed1
6Fouls Committed12
1Yellow Cards3
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
A. Patterson111000
A. Sentnor042000
O. Thomas031000
M. Dahlien022000
M. Bell010000
S. Meza010000
T. Dellaperuta010000
B. Sember010000
M. Rebimbas, M011000
T. Dellaperuta010000
K. Faasse010000
E. Shores010000
I. Cox000000
E. Moxley000000
E. Colton000000
E. Elgin000000
E. Allen000000
M. Oliaro, F000000
T. Dellarose000000
S. King000000
Game Stats
G. Paul132000
F. Knox031000
L. Kunde020000
K. Henderson010000
I. Gemelli010000
N. Ramadan010010
M. Clem000000
S. Pickard000000
M. Annest000000
G. Skorka000000
T. Sanchez-Carreto000000
B. Steere000000
C. Lallier, G000000
S. Japic000010
K. Garcia000000
B. Scaturro Bright000000
C. Silva000000
I. Smith000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
4'Shot by UNC Dahlien, Maddie, bottom center, saved by Lallier, Coralie.00
5'Shot by UNC Meza, Sam, out right.00
6'Offside against North Carolina.00
8'Offside against North Carolina.00
10'Corner kick [09:16].00
10'Shot by UNC Sentnor, Ally.00
11'Shot by UNC Dahlien, Maddie, bottom center, saved by Lallier, Coralie.00
14'Shot by UNC Sentnor, Ally, bottom center, saved by Lallier, Coralie.00
14'Offside against North Carolina.00
17'UA substitution: Annest, Marianna for Kunde, Leah.00
18'Shot by UA Gemelli, Itala, out top.00
20'UA substitution: Japic, Sydney for Clem, Macy.00
20'UA substitution: Sanchez-Carreto, Tanna for Smith, Isabel.00
24'UA substitution: Henderson, Kate for Gemelli, Itala.00
24'UNC substitution: Dellaperuta, Tori for Dahlien, Maddie.00
24'UNC substitution: Cox, Isabel for Thomas, Olivia.00
26'Corner kick [25:57].00
27'Shot by UA Paul, Gianna.00
29'Offside against North Carolina.00
29'Shot by UA Knox, Felicia, bottom center, saved by Allen, Emmie.00
30'UNC substitution: Shores, Evelyn for Elgin, Emerson.00
30'UNC substitution: Dellaperuta, Talia for Moxley, Emily.00
30'UNC substitution: Rebimbas, Melina for Meza, Sam.00
30'UNC substitution: Oliaro, Mia for Patterson, Avery.00
30'UNC substitution: Sember, Bella for Colton, Emily.00
30'UNC substitution: Dellarose, Tessa for Sentnor, Ally.00
32'Corner kick [31:44].00
34'Offside against North Carolina.00
34'Shot by UA Henderson, Kate.00
35'Corner kick [34:07].00
38'UNC substitution: Faasse, Kate for Cox, Isabel.00
41'UA substitution: Silva, Cameron for Sanchez-Carreto, Tanna.00
43'Corner kick [42:41].00
44'Corner kick [43:16].00
44'Corner kick [43:42].00
45'UA substitution: Garcia, Kennedy for Henderson, Kate.00
45'Shot by UNC Rebimbas, Melina, bottom center, saved by Lallier, Coralie.00
2nd Half
45'UA substitution: Gemelli, Itala for Japic, Sydney.00
45'UA substitution: Clem, Macy for Annest, Marianna.00
45'UA substitution: Kunde, Leah for Silva, Cameron.00
45'UA substitution: Smith, Isabel for Garcia, Kennedy.00
45'UNC substitution: Dahlien, Maddie for Shores, Evelyn.00
45'UNC substitution: Moxley, Emily for Dellaperuta, Talia.00
45'UNC substitution: Meza, Sam for Rebimbas, Melina.00
45'UNC substitution: Sentnor, Ally for Oliaro, Mia.00
45'UNC substitution: Patterson, Avery for Sember, Bella.00
45'UNC substitution: Colton, Emily for Faasse, Kate.00
45'UNC substitution: Elgin, Emerson for Dellarose, Tessa.00
46'Offside against North Carolina.00
48'Shot by UNC Dellaperuta, Tori, out right.00
52'UA substitution: Sanchez-Carreto, Tanna for Smith, Isabel.00
53'Shot by UA Knox, Felicia, blocked.00
53'Corner kick [52:41].00
54'Shot by UA Kunde, Leah.00
57'UNC substitution: Thomas, Olivia for Dellaperuta, Tori.00
57'UNC substitution: Dellaperuta, Talia for Meza, Sam.00
58'Shot by UA Kunde, Leah, out top.00
59'GOAL by UNC Patterson, Avery.10
60'Shot by UNC Sentnor, Ally, out top.10
60'UA substitution: Annest, Marianna for Gemelli, Itala.10
60'UA substitution: Henderson, Kate for Kunde, Leah.10
61'Shot by UNC Thomas, Olivia, out top.10
62'UNC substitution: Shores, Evelyn for Dahlien, Maddie.10
62'UNC substitution: Oliaro, Mia for Moxley, Emily.10
62'UNC substitution: Rebimbas, Melina for Sentnor, Ally.10
62'UNC substitution: Sember, Bella for Patterson, Avery.10
62'UNC substitution: Dellarose, Tessa for Colton, Emily.10
62'UNC substitution: Faasse, Kate for Elgin, Emerson.10
63'Shot by UNC Shores, Evelyn.10
63'Offside against North Carolina.10
64'Shot by UNC Thomas, Olivia, out top.10
65'UA substitution: Garcia, Kennedy for Paul, Gianna.10
65'UA substitution: Japic, Sydney for Clem, Macy.10
65'Offside against North Carolina.10
65'Shot by UNC Dellaperuta, Talia.10
66'Corner kick [65:01].10
66'Shot by UNC Faasse, Kate, out right.10
67'UA substitution: Ramadan, Nadia for Knox, Felicia.10
69'Shot by UNC Thomas, Olivia, bottom center, saved by Lallier, Coralie.10
69'UNC substitution: Dellaperuta, Tori for Thomas, Olivia.10
70'UA substitution: Knox, Felicia for Sanchez-Carreto, Tanna.10
72'Shot by UNC Sember, Bella, out top.10
73'UA substitution: Paul, Gianna for Garcia, Kennedy.10
74'Yellow card on UA Japic, Sydney.10
76'UA substitution: Clem, Macy for Japic, Sydney.10
76'UNC substitution: Dahlien, Maddie for Shores, Evelyn.10
76'UNC substitution: Patterson, Avery for Oliaro, Mia.10
76'UNC substitution: Meza, Sam for Dellaperuta, Talia.10
76'UNC substitution: Moxley, Emily for Rebimbas, Melina.10
76'UNC substitution: Sentnor, Ally for Sember, Bella.10
76'UNC substitution: Colton, Emily for Dellarose, Tessa.10
76'UNC substitution: Elgin, Emerson for Faasse, Kate.10
77'Corner kick [76:15].10
77'Shot by UNC Bell, Maycee.10
78'Offside against North Carolina.10
79'Shot by UA Paul, Gianna, bottom center, saved by Allen, Emmie.10
79'GOAL by UA Paul, Gianna.11
80'Shot by UA Knox, Felicia, out top.11
80'UNC substitution: Cox, Isabel for Dellaperuta, Tori.11
81'Yellow card on UA TEAM.11
81'Yellow card on UNC TEAM.11
83'Shot by UA Ramadan, Nadia.11
83'Corner kick [82:18].11
86'Yellow card on UA Ramadan, Nadia.11
86'UA substitution: Kunde, Leah for Ramadan, Nadia.11
86'Shot by UNC Sentnor, Ally, bottom right, saved by Lallier, Coralie.11
86'Corner kick [85:59].11
87'Offside against North Carolina.11
89'Offside against North Carolina.11