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Box Score - Sep 10, 2023

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Team Game Stats
2Total Goals6
7Total Shots17
4Shots On Target11
6Goals Allowed2
4Fouls Committed3
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0
Game Stats
K. Taylor233000
A. Cedefors010000
F. Dube010000
M. Ehrig010000
K. Matlock011000
C. Mckinney000000
E. Jones, F000000
L. Holst000000
L. Egbuloniu000000
S. Fijneman000000
T. Kuroyanagi000000
L. Ogando000000
C. Suarez000000
E. Duguay000000
D. Merino000000
E. White000000
Game Stats
K. Brady343000
G. Johnson233000
M. King111000
G. Freeman020100
E. Luna022000
L. Montgomery011000
K. Smith010000
M. Bishop010000
A. Mister011100
B. Mullaney010000
T. Radecki000000
J. Kemp000010
L. Logan, M000000
H. Cloud000000
L. Green000000
S. Ohba, G000000
K. Chatman-Haggerty000000
R. Friesen000000
S. Seabrook000000
A. Brown000000
E. Ewing000000
D. Jarrett000100
H. Patterson000000
Scoring Plays
1st Half
3'Shot by OLE Johnson, Gili, bottom center, saved by Duguay, Emma.00
5'Shot by TECH Dube, Flavie, out left.00
5'Corner kick [04:29].00
9'Corner kick [08:54].00
14'GOAL by OLE Brady, Kelly Assist by Freeman, Grace.01
16'Shot by OLE Mister, Aubrey, bottom center, saved by Duguay, Emma.01
19'Shot by OLE Montgomery, Lauren, bottom center, Team save.01
19'Shot by OLE Freeman, Grace.01
19'GOAL by OLE Johnson, Gili.02
20'OLE substitution: Mullaney, Brenlin for King, Meredith.02
20'OLE substitution: Jarrett, Dakota for Cloud, Hailey.02
20'OLE substitution: Green, Lucy for Freeman, Grace.02
20'Corner kick [19:50].02
21'Corner kick [20:25].02
22'Offside against Ole Miss.02
24'OLE substitution: Patterson, Hattie for Brown, Avery.02
24'OLE substitution: Kemp, Jenna for Montgomery, Lauren.02
26'Offside against Ole Miss.02
27'OLE substitution: Smith, Kate for Johnson, Gili.02
27'TECH substitution: McKinney, Callie for Dube, Flavie.02
28'Shot by TECH Taylor, Kyra, bottom center, saved by Ohba, Shu.02
28'GOAL by OLE Brady, Kelly.03
28'OLE substitution: Luna, Ella for Brady, Kelly.03
28'OLE substitution: Bishop, Maddie for Mister, Aubrey.03
30'OLE substitution: Friesen, Riley for Chatman-Haggerty, Kayla.03
30'TECH substitution: Merino, Dakota for Kuroyanagi, Tomoyo.03
32'Shot by OLE Luna, Ella, bottom left, saved by Duguay, Emma.03
32'Offside against Ole Miss.03
33'OLE substitution: Ewing, Evie for Jarrett, Dakota.03
33'TECH substitution: Cedefors, Alma for Egbuloniu, Lauren.03
34'Corner kick [33:40].03
37'Offside against Ole Miss.03
37'Yellow card on OLE Kemp, Jenna.03
38'Offside against Ole Miss.03
39'Corner kick [38:54].03
39'Shot by TECH Ehrig, Madita, out left.03
40'GOAL by TECH Taylor, Kyra.13
41'Shot by OLE Luna, Ella, bottom center, saved by Duguay, Emma.13
42'Offside against Ole Miss.13
44'Foul on Matlock, Kalli.13
44'Shot by OLE Smith, Kate, left woodwork.13
44'Shot by OLE Mullaney, Brenlin, out top.13
45'Shot by TECH Matlock, Kalli, bottom left, saved by Ohba, Shu.13
2nd Half
45'OLE substitution: Cloud, Hailey for Patterson, Hattie.13
45'OLE substitution: Brown, Avery for Mullaney, Brenlin.13
45'OLE substitution: Chatman-Haggerty, Kayla for Luna, Ella.13
45'OLE substitution: Montgomery, Lauren for Kemp, Jenna.13
45'OLE substitution: Mister, Aubrey for Friesen, Riley.13
45'OLE substitution: King, Meredith for Bishop, Maddie.13
45'OLE substitution: Brady, Kelly for Ewing, Evie.13
45'OLE substitution: Johnson, Gili for Smith, Kate.13
45'OLE substitution: Freeman, Grace for Green, Lucy.13
45'TECH substitution: Holst, Laerke for Duguay, Emma.13
45'TECH substitution: Dube, Flavie for McKinney, Callie.13
45'TECH substitution: Kuroyanagi, Tomoyo for Cedefors, Alma.13
45'TECH substitution: Egbuloniu, Lauren for Merino, Dakota.13
49'Corner kick [48:42].13
50'Offside against Ole Miss.13
51'Shot by OLE Freeman, Grace, out top.13
54'OLE substitution: Logan, Lily for Montgomery, Lauren.13
55'GOAL by OLE King, Meredith Assist by Mister, Aubrey.14
55'TECH substitution: Merino, Dakota for Jones, Emma.14
55'Corner kick [54:37].14
56'Corner kick [55:18].14
56'OLE substitution: Kemp, Jenna for Mister, Aubrey.14
58'GOAL by OLE Brady, Kelly.15
59'OLE substitution: Smith, Kate for Brady, Kelly.15
59'OLE substitution: Mullaney, Brenlin for Johnson, Gili.15
59'OLE substitution: Bishop, Maddie for Freeman, Grace.15
59'TECH substitution: White, Ella for Ogando, Laura.15
62'OLE substitution: Green, Lucy for Cloud, Hailey.15
62'OLE substitution: Jarrett, Dakota for King, Meredith.15
62'TECH substitution: Cedefors, Alma for Suarez, Carmen.15
62'TECH substitution: Jones, Emma for Taylor, Kyra.15
63'Corner kick [62:48].15
64'OLE substitution: Patterson, Hattie for Radecki, Taylor.15
66'Corner kick [65:09].15
66'OLE substitution: Seabrook, Sarah Margaret for Ohba, Shu.15
67'Corner kick [66:59].15
70'OLE substitution: Friesen, Riley for Brown, Avery.15
70'OLE substitution: Luna, Ella for Logan, Lily.15
71'OLE substitution: Ewing, Evie for Green, Lucy.15
72'Corner kick [71:06].15
74'Shot by OLE Bishop, Maddie, out top.15
75'TECH substitution: Suarez, Carmen for Kuroyanagi, Tomoyo.15
75'TECH substitution: McKinney, Callie for Egbuloniu, Lauren.15
79'OLE substitution: Freeman, Grace for Smith, Kate.15
79'OLE substitution: Brady, Kelly for Mullaney, Brenlin.15
79'TECH substitution: Taylor, Kyra for Dube, Flavie.15
82'Shot by OLE Brady, Kelly, out left.15
83'OLE substitution: Logan, Lily for Kemp, Jenna.15
84'OLE substitution: Johnson, Gili for Bishop, Maddie.15
84'Shot by TECH Cedefors, Alma, out top.15
85'GOAL by OLE Johnson, Gili Assist by Jarrett, Dakota.16
90'GOAL by TECH Taylor, Kyra.26