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Box Score - May 6, 2015

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Mississippi St000000-010
Play By Play
Mississippi St - Top Of 1st
Echols walked.
Bailey out at first 1b to 2b, SAC, bunt; Echols advanced to second.
Seitz grounded out to 1b unassisted; Echols advanced to third.
Toler struck out swinging, out at first c to 1b.
Missouri - Bottom Of 1st
Gadbois grounded out to ss.
Crane grounded out to 2b.
Fagan lined out to p.
Mississippi St - Top Of 2nd
Gaul flied out to rf.
Silkwood flied out to 2b.
Winkfield grounded out to p.
Missouri - Bottom Of 2nd
Sanchez flied out to lf.
Genovese homered to left field, RBI.
Mack struck out swinging.
Randazzo walked.
Roth walked; Randazzo advanced to second.
Fleming flied out to lf.
Mississippi St - Top Of 3rd
Nichols struck out swinging.
Ivy flied out to cf.
Echols grounded out to 2b.
Missouri - Bottom Of 3rd
Gadbois singled to third base.
Crane fouled out to c.
Fagan reached on a fielder's choice; Gadbois advanced to second.
Sanchez hit into double play ss to 2b to 1b; Fagan out on the play.
Mississippi St - Top Of 4th
Bailey grounded out to ss.
Seitz grounded out to 2b.
Toler singled to left field.
Gaul fouled out to 3b.
Missouri - Bottom Of 4th
Genovese singled up the middle.
Mack lined out to cf.
Randazzo walked; Genovese advanced to second.
Roth walked; Randazzo advanced to second; Genovese advanced to third.
Fleming walked, RBI; Roth advanced to second; Sprague advanced to third; Genovese scored.
Gadbois reached on a fielder's choice; Fleming advanced to second; Roth advanced to third; Sprague out at home 3b to c.
Crane flied out to ss.
Mississippi St - Top Of 5th
Silkwood flied out to ss.
Winkfield grounded out to 2b.
Bell fouled out to rf.
Missouri - Bottom Of 5th
Fagan singled to center field.
Sanchez singled to center field; Fagan advanced to second.
Genovese flied out to cf.
Mack walked; Walters advanced to second; Fagan advanced to third.
Randazzo lined out to 3b.
Roth homered to left field, 4 RBI; Mack scored; Walters scored; Fagan scored.
Fleming walked.
Gadbois grounded out to c unassisted, interference.
Mississippi St - Top Of 6th
Ivy walked.
Echols hit into double play ss to 1b; Ivy out on the play.
Bailey lined out to cf.
Missouri - Bottom Of 6th
Crane singled up the middle.
Fagan fouled out to 3b.
Sanchez singled to left field; Crane advanced to second.
Genovese struck out looking.
Mack homered down the lf line, 3 RBI; Sanchez scored; Crane scored.