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Box Score - May 5, 2017

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North Texas000000-030
Play By Play
North Texas - Top Of 1st
Schkade, K singled up the middle (0-2 FFF).
Gregory, Li fouled out to 1b (0-0).
5 Minute rain delay.
Schkade, K stole second.
Gregory, La struck out swinging (1-2 KBFS).
Rebar grounded out to p (2-2 BBKS).
Florida - Bottom Of 1st
Lorenz grounded out to p (1-2 KBS).
Kvistad singled to second base (3-2 KBBSB).
DeWitt singled to right field (0-1 K); Kvistad advanced to second.
Wheaton walked (3-2 KBKBBB); DeWitt advanced to second; Kvistad advanced to third.
Roberts fouled out to 3b (0-1 K).
Ocasio lined out to lf (3-2 BBBKKF).
North Texas - Top Of 2nd
Ochotnicki struck out swinging (0-2 FSFFS).
Gerecke walked (3-2 BBBKKFB).
Thompson, B struck out looking (1-2 BFFK).
Perella hit by pitch (1-0 B); Gerecke advanced to second.
Makawe struck out looking (1-2 KSBFFK).
Florida - Bottom Of 2nd
Hoover lined out to ss (1-0 B).
McLean popped up to ss (2-1 BFB).
Reynoso flied out to cf (1-0 B).
North Texas - Top Of 3rd
Schkade, K fouled out to 1b (0-0).
Gregory, Li struck out swinging (3-2 SBBFBS).
Gregory, La grounded out to ss (2-2 BBKF).
Florida - Bottom Of 3rd
Lorenz grounded out to 1b unassisted (3-1 KBBB).
Kvistad singled through the right side (1-0 B).
DeWitt doubled to right field (1-0 B); Kvistad advanced to third.
Wheaton doubled to left center, 2 RBI (2-1 BBF); DeWitt scored; Kvistad scored.
Roberts popped up to c (2-1 BKB).
Ocasio grounded out to 1b unassisted (0-0).
North Texas - Top Of 4th
Rebar struck out swinging (2-2 KBSBS).
Ochotnicki struck out looking (0-2 KFK).
Gerecke grounded out to 3b (1-1 BK).
Florida - Bottom Of 4th
Hoover struck out swinging (3-2 KBBFBS).
McLean singled up the middle (2-1 KBB).
McLean stole second.
Reynoso grounded out to ss (0-2 SF); McLean advanced to third.
Lorenz doubled to right center, RBI (2-1 KBB); McLean scored.
Kvistad walked (3-2 BBBKKB).
DeWitt doubled to right field, RBI (2-2 BBKFF); Kvistad advanced to third; Lorenz scored.
Wheaton singled up the middle, 2 RBI (0-1 K); DeWitt scored; Kvistad scored.
Herndon doubled to left center, RBI (2-0 BB); Chronister scored.
Ocasio walked (3-1 BBFBB).
Clemens popped up to 2b (2-0 BB).
North Texas - Top Of 5th
Thompson, B flied out to lf (0-1 K).
Perella singled up the middle (1-0 B).
Makawe struck out looking (2-2 SSBBFFK).
Perella stole second.
Schkade, K singled to third base (0-2 KS); Perella advanced to third.
Gregory, Li struck out swinging (1-2 BFKFS).
Florida - Bottom Of 5th
McLean grounded out to 3b (1-2 KKFB).
Reynoso doubled to right center (1-0 B).
Lorenz flied out to lf (1-2 KKFB).
Kvistad intentionally walked (3-0 BBBB).
DeWitt flied out to lf (3-2 KBBBFF).
North Texas - Top Of 6th
Gregory, La out at first p to ss to 1b (2-0 BB).
Grahmann grounded out to ss (3-2 BKFBBF).
Ochotnicki popped up to 3b (1-2 BKF).
Florida - Bottom Of 6th
Wheaton doubled to right center (2-1 BKB).
Herndon singled to left field (0-0).
Ocasio doubled to left center, RBI (1-1 BF); Herndon advanced to third; Wheaton scored.