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Box Score - Mar 3, 2018

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Husky Classic

Batting Lineup
E. Brown, CF400001.375
D. Turner, 2B411001.333
B. Hemphill, 1B200011.364
Schroder, PR000000.000
Hemphill, 1B000000.000
K. Tow, RF302100.333
G. Callaway, DH300001.324
P. Grantham, 3B200011.297
Dykes, C300002.182
S. Booker, SS200001.357
Sides, PH000000.000
R. Bobo, LF301000.167
C. Gettins, P000000.000
Batting Lineup
T. Van Zee, 3B311000.500
Bates, SS202110.500
K. Thomas, 1B200010.286
J. Deponte, LF201101.167
Gibson, LF-PR010000.000
E. Helm, C-DH210011.000
T. Atlee, 2B200000.000
R. Ogasawara, C-DH200100.000
T. Melhart, PH010010.000
A. Milloy, RF302100.500
K. Burdick, CF200001.200
N. Kaupe, PH100001.000
G. Plain, P000000.000
T. Alvelo, P000000.000
C. Gettins (L)6.0644440282.47
G. Plain (W)4.0100050151.75
T. Alvelo (S)3.0311240142.33
Play By Play
Alabama - Top Of 1st
Brown struck out swinging.
Turner struck out swinging.
Hemphill struck out looking.
Washington - Bottom Of 1st
Van Zee singled.
Bates singled, bunt; Van Zee advanced to second.
Thomas walked; Bates advanced to second; Van Zee advanced to third.
DePonte flied out to rf, SF, RBI; Bates advanced to third; Van Zee scored.
Thomas stole second.
Helm walked.
Atlee popped into double play ss to 2b; Thomas out on the play.
Alabama - Top Of 2nd
Tow singled up the middle.
Callaway reached on a fielder's choice; Tow out at second p to ss.
Grantham struck out swinging; Callaway advanced to second on a wild pitch.
Dykes struck out swinging.
Washington - Bottom Of 2nd
Ogasawara fouled out to c.
Milloy flied out to cf.
Burdick grounded out to p.
Alabama - Top Of 3rd
Booker flied out to lf.
Bobo reached on a fielding error by p.
Brown reached on a fielder's choice; Bobo advanced to second.
Turner grounded out to 2b; Brown advanced to second; Bobo advanced to third.
Hemphill flied out to lf.
Washington - Bottom Of 3rd
Van Zee flied out to rf.
Bates walked.
Thomas lined out to cf.
Bates out at first 1b unassisted, runner left early.
Alabama - Top Of 4th
Tow lined out to lf.
Callaway popped up to ss.
Grantham popped up to 3b.
Washington - Bottom Of 4th
DePonte struck out looking.
Helm struck out looking.
Atlee out at first 1b to 2b, bunt.
Alabama - Top Of 5th
Dykes out at first 1b to 2b, bunt.
Booker struck out swinging.
Bobo grounded out to p.
Washington - Bottom Of 5th
Melhart walked.
Melhart stole second.
Milloy singled, bunt; Melhart advanced to third.
Burdick struck out swinging.
Van Zee hit by pitch; Milloy advanced to second.
Bates singled, RBI; Van Zee advanced to second; Milloy advanced to third, out at home cf to ss to c; Melhart scored.
Thomas lined out to cf.
Alabama - Top Of 6th
Brown grounded out to ss.
Turner singled through the left side.
Hemphill walked; Turner advanced to second.
Tow doubled down the lf line, RBI; Hemphill advanced to third; Turner scored.
Callaway struck out looking.
Grantham intentionally walked.
Dykes struck out looking.
Washington - Bottom Of 6th
DePonte singled.
Helm reached on a fielder's choice; Gibson advanced to second.
Atlee grounded out to p, SAC, bunt; Helm advanced to second; Gibson advanced to third.
Ogasawara reached on a fielder's choice, RBI; Helm advanced to third; Gibson scored.
Milloy singled, RBI; Ogasawara advanced to second; Helm scored.
Kaupe struck out swinging.
Van Zee grounded out to 2b.
Alabama - Top Of 7th
Sides struck out swinging.
Bobo singled up the middle.
Brown lined out to ss.
Turner popped up to ss.