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Box Score - Mar 25, 2021

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Game Stats
T. Bannister22854.2590016022
W. Foreman10620.200500015
H. Brister11743.0933011013
P. Flickinger6515.06700916
A. Anwusi327.14330106
A. Morris306.50010004
D. Maberry2110.10000202
A. Williams116.000001201
M. Telford000.00000000
E. Walters000.00000300
K. Rose002.0000013260
M. Howard000.00000000
S. Hill000.00000000
J. Bohnet000.00000120
D. Goins000.00000000
R. Cianciulli000.000001950
Game Stats
M. Fingall191263.1113113122
A. Bell14120.650901021
L. Felts15645.200318218
D. Mahaffey5516.00040217
J. Brooks5324.08320407
N. Hayward2211.0003012484
N. Capizzi000.00002302
M. Bryant000.000011741
G. Morris000.00000000
K. Moore000.00000000
E. Merrick000.00000000
K. Keeble000.00000000
R. Perinar000.00000000
G. Pellizzon000.00000900
Scoring Plays
1st Set
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Mahaffey,Danielle (from Hayward,Natalie).01
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Attack error by Brister, Hannah.02
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Brooks,Jasmine (from Felts,Lily).03
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).13
[Brister, Hannah] Attack error by Brooks,Jasmine.23
[Brister, Hannah] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).24
[Hayward,Natalie] Attack error by Flickinger,Paige (block by Bell,Ava; Fingall,Morgahn).25
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Bryant,Madison).26
[Hayward,Natalie] Attack error by Foreman,Whitney.27
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Bannister,Taylor.37
[Foreman,Whitney] Service error.38
[Pellizzon,Giana] Service error.48
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).58
[Bannister,Taylor] Service error.59
[Bryant,Madison] Attack error by Mahaffey,Danielle (block by Anwusi,Anita).69
[Flickinger,Paige] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).610
[Fingall,Morgahn] Service ace (Flickinger,Paige).611
[Fingall,Morgahn] Kill by Anwusi,Anita (from Rose,Karli).711
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).712
[Felts,Lily] Attack error by Brooks,Jasmine (block by Foreman,Whitney).812
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Brooks,Jasmine (from Hayward,Natalie).813
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Brooks,Jasmine (from Hayward,Natalie).814
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).914
[Brister, Hannah] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).915
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Rose,Karli).1015
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Bryant,Madison).1016
[Pellizzon,Giana] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).1116
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Bryant,Madison).1117
[Bryant,Madison] Kill by Anwusi,Anita (from Williams,Alia).1217
[Flickinger,Paige] Kill by Williams,Alia.1317
[Flickinger,Paige] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).1318
[Fingall,Morgahn] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Cianciulli,Raigen).1418
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Williams,Alia).1518
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).1519
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Williams,Alia).1619
[Williams,Alia] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Williams,Alia).1719
[Williams,Alia] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn.1819
[Williams,Alia] Service error.1820
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Service error.1920
[Brister, Hannah] Attack error by Felts,Lily.2020
[Brister, Hannah] Service error.2021
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Flickinger,Paige (from Williams,Alia).2121
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).2122
[Pellizzon,Giana] Kill by Flickinger,Paige (from Williams,Alia).2222
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).2223
[Bryant,Madison] Attack error by Felts,Lily (block by Anwusi,Anita).2323
[Flickinger,Paige] Attack error by Felts,Lily.2423
[Flickinger,Paige] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).2424
[Fingall,Morgahn] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).2425
[Fingall,Morgahn] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Williams,Alia).2525
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Hayward,Natalie (from Felts,Lily).2526
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Williams,Alia).2626
[Williams,Alia] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Williams,Alia).2726
[Williams,Alia] Attack error by Mahaffey,Danielle.2826
2nd Set
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Attack error by Brister, Hannah (block by Brooks,Jasmine; Bell,Ava).01
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Bad set by Williams,Alia.02
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Williams,Alia).12
[Brister, Hannah] Service error.13
[Hayward,Natalie] Attack error by Flickinger,Paige.14
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Williams,Alia).24
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).25
[Pellizzon,Giana] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Williams,Alia).35
[Bannister,Taylor] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn.45
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).46
[Bryant,Madison] Service error.56
[Flickinger,Paige] Bad set by Williams,Alia.57
[Fingall,Morgahn] Service error.67
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Attack error by Foreman,Whitney (block by Mahaffey,Danielle; Felts,Lily).68
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Mahaffey,Danielle.69
[Felts,Lily] Service ace (TEAM).610
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Williams,Alia).710
[Williams,Alia] Attack error by Brister, Hannah (block by Mahaffey,Danielle; Hayward,Natalie).711
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Service ace (Cianciulli,Raigen).712
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Attack error by Brister, Hannah (block by Bell,Ava).713
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Attack error by Bannister,Taylor (block by Hayward,Natalie).714
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Bad set by Rose,Karli.715
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Rose,Karli).815
[Brister, Hannah] Kill by Flickinger,Paige (from Rose,Karli).915
[Brister, Hannah] Kill by Brooks,Jasmine (from Hayward,Natalie).916
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).1016
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Flickinger,Paige (from Bohnet,Jill).1116
[Bohnet,Jill] Attack error by Felts,Lily.1216
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).1217
[Brooks,Jasmine] Bad set by Bannister,Taylor.1218
[Brooks,Jasmine] Kill by Flickinger,Paige (from Rose,Karli).1318
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).1319
[Bryant,Madison] Attack error by Mahaffey,Danielle.1419
[Flickinger,Paige] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn (block by Anwusi,Anita; Brister, Hannah).1519
[Flickinger,Paige] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).1520
[Fingall,Morgahn] Service error.1620
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Williams,Alia).1720
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn (block by Foreman,Whitney).1820
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).1821
[Felts,Lily] Attack error by Mahaffey,Danielle.1921
[Rose,Karli] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn (block by Foreman,Whitney).2021
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).2121
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).2122
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Attack error by Felts,Lily.2222
[Brister, Hannah] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).2223
[Hayward,Natalie] Attack error by Flickinger,Paige (block by Fingall,Morgahn; Bell,Ava).2224
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Rose,Karli).2324
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).2325
3rd Set
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).01
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).11
[Brister, Hannah] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).12
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).13
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).23
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Flickinger,Paige (from Bohnet,Jill).33
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).34
[Brooks,Jasmine] Attack error by Bannister,Taylor.35
[Brooks,Jasmine] Attack error by Bannister,Taylor.36
[Brooks,Jasmine] Attack error by Anwusi,Anita (block by Bell,Ava).37
[Brooks,Jasmine] Attack error by Flickinger,Paige (block by Bell,Ava).38
[Brooks,Jasmine] Kill by Anwusi,Anita (from Rose,Karli).48
[Bannister,Taylor] Service error.49
[Bryant,Madison] Bad set by Hayward,Natalie.59
[Flickinger,Paige] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Mahaffey,Danielle).510
[Fingall,Morgahn] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).511
[Fingall,Morgahn] Service error.611
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).612
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Flickinger,Paige).712
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Mahaffey,Danielle (from Hayward,Natalie).713
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).813
[Brister, Hannah] Service error.814
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).914
[Bohnet,Jill] Attack error by Flickinger,Paige (block by Bell,Ava).915
[Brooks,Jasmine] Attack error by Anwusi,Anita.916
[Brooks,Jasmine] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).917
[Brooks,Jasmine] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).918
[Brooks,Jasmine] Service error.1018
[Bannister,Taylor] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn.1118
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).1119
[Bryant,Madison] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).1120
[Bryant,Madison] Service error.1220
[Flickinger,Paige] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Cianciulli,Raigen).1320
[Flickinger,Paige] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).1321
[Fingall,Morgahn] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).1322
[Fingall,Morgahn] Kill by Morris,Allee (from Williams,Alia).1422
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Attack error by Bannister,Taylor (block by Mahaffey,Danielle; Felts,Lily).1423
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Williams,Alia).1523
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Rose,Karli).1623
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Hayward,Natalie (from Fingall,Morgahn).1624
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Attack error by Foreman,Whitney.1625
4th Set
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).10
[Brister, Hannah] Bad set by Bannister,Taylor.11
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Service ace (Cianciulli,Raigen).12
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Service error.22
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Brooks,Jasmine (from Fingall,Morgahn).23
[Hayward,Natalie] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).33
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).34
[Brooks,Jasmine] Kill by Maberry,Dylan (from Williams,Alia).44
[Maberry,Dylan] Attack error by Bannister,Taylor.45
[Bryant,Madison] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Williams,Alia).55
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).56
[Fingall,Morgahn] Attack error by Hayward,Natalie.66
[Rose,Karli] Attack error by Foreman,Whitney.67
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Mahaffey,Danielle.68
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Foreman,Whitney.78
[Brister, Hannah] Attack error by Brooks,Jasmine.88
[Brister, Hannah] Service error.89
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).99
[Bohnet,Jill] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn.109
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).1010
[Hayward,Natalie] Service error.1110
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Maberry,Dylan (from Williams,Alia).1210
[Bannister,Taylor] Attack error by Maberry,Dylan (block by Bell,Ava; Fingall,Morgahn).1211
[Brooks,Jasmine] Attack error by Williams,Alia (block by Felts,Lily; Bell,Ava).1212
[Brooks,Jasmine] Service error.1312
[Walters,Emmaline] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).1313
[Bryant,Madison] Service ace (Cianciulli,Raigen).1314
[Bryant,Madison] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn (block by Morris,Allee; Brister, Hannah).1414
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).1415
[Fingall,Morgahn] Attack error by Brister, Hannah.1416
[Fingall,Morgahn] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn (block by Foreman,Whitney; Brister, Hannah).1516
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Bannister,Taylor.1616
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).1716
[Rose,Karli] Attack error by Hayward,Natalie.1816
[Rose,Karli] Attack error by Felts,Lily.1916
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Cianciulli,Raigen).2016
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Cianciulli,Raigen).2116
[Rose,Karli] Kill by Mahaffey,Danielle (from Felts,Lily).2117
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Bannister,Taylor (from Rose,Karli).2217
[Brister, Hannah] Attack error by Mahaffey,Danielle.2317
[Brister, Hannah] Bad set by Hayward,Natalie.2417
[Brister, Hannah] Bad set by Rose,Karli.2418
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Service error.2518
5th Set
[Rose,Karli] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn.10
[Rose,Karli] Attack error by Foreman,Whitney.11
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Rose,Karli).21
[Brister, Hannah] Attack error by Bannister,Taylor.22
[Hayward,Natalie] Service error.32
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).33
[Brooks,Jasmine] Kill by Morris,Allee (from Rose,Karli).43
[Bannister,Taylor] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).44
[Bryant,Madison] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).45
[Bryant,Madison] Attack error by Bannister,Taylor.46
[Bryant,Madison] Kill by Morris,Allee (from Williams,Alia).56
[Walters,Emmaline] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).57
[Fingall,Morgahn] Kill by Brister, Hannah (from Cianciulli,Raigen).67
[Cianciulli,Raigen] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Hayward,Natalie).68
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Fingall,Morgahn (from Hayward,Natalie).69
[Felts,Lily] Attack error by Brister, Hannah (block by Mahaffey,Danielle; Hayward,Natalie).610
[Felts,Lily] Kill by Foreman,Whitney (from Rose,Karli).710
[Rose,Karli] Attack error by Brister, Hannah.711
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Attack error by Bannister,Taylor.712
[Capizzi,Nicoletta] Attack error by Bell,Ava (block by Foreman,Whitney).812
[Brister, Hannah] Attack error by Foreman,Whitney (block by Brooks,Jasmine).813
[Hayward,Natalie] Service error.913
[Bohnet,Jill] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn.1013
[Bohnet,Jill] Attack error by Fingall,Morgahn.1113
[Bohnet,Jill] Kill by Bell,Ava (from Hayward,Natalie).1114
[Brooks,Jasmine] Kill by Felts,Lily (from Bryant,Madison).1115