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Box Score - Oct 31, 2021

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Game Stats
M. Froemming13318.556002013
K. Evans10425.240317213
A. Stivrins8122.318142013
P. Awoleye407.57140106
K. Rivera4213.15410005
S. Naves4211.18210005
B. Cox000.000031823
C. Brower1011.0000110212
L. Stewart000.00000000
A. Maesch000.00000000
M. Norris000.00000000
M. Downing000.00000410
A. Fortin000.00000000
C. Rothenberger000.00000100
M. Hernandez000.00000000
D. Hans000.000006140
Game Stats
A. Marjama11134.294212014
S. Eggleston7227.18501618
L. Smith6213.30830008
K. Reaugh5214.21411517
S. Swanson206.33330104
K. Muckelroy328.12510004
B. Slusser000.000206271
M. Moore000.00000000
D. Kuck000.000001210
S. Jacobs000.00000000
S. Gholson000.00000000
V. Schmer000.00000000
C. Campbell000.00000000
K. Shook000.00000100
E. Janek000.00000120
T. Drapp000.00000000
Scoring Plays
1st Set
[Schmer, Victoria] Attack error by Naves, Sage (from Brower, Clara).01
[Schmer, Victoria] Service error.11
[Stivrins, Amber] Bad set by Schmer, Victoria.21
[Stivrins, Amber] Attack error by Evans, Kacie (block by Slusser, Brooke; Smith, Laila).22
[Eggleston, Shaye] Service error.32
[Cox, Bailey] Attack error by Evans, Kacie (block by Smith, Laila; Slusser, Brooke).33
[Kuck Dru] Kill by Froemming, Meghan43
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Marjama, Abby44
[Slusser Brooke] Kill by Evans, Kacie54
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Awoleye, Phoebe64
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Marjama, Abby65
[Marjama Abby] Kill by Stivrins, Amber75
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Reaugh, Kendyl76
[Swanson Sarah] Kill by Smith, Laila77
[Swanson, Sarah] Service error.87
[Brower, Clara] Attack error by Eggleston, Shaye (from Slusser, Brooke).97
[Brower Clara] Kill by Stivrins, Amber107
[Brower Clara] Kill by Brower, Clara117
[Brower Clara] Kill by Eggleston, Shaye118
[Reaugh Kendyl] Kill by Stivrins, Amber128
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Eggleston, Shaye129
[Eggleston Shaye] Kill by Froemming, Meghan139
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Evans, Kacie149
[Cox, Bailey] Service ace (Schmer, Victoria)159
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Smith, Laila, Block error by Evans, Kacie1510
[Kuck Dru] Kill by Froemming, Meghan1610
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Marjama, Abby1611
[Slusser Brooke] Kill by Marjama, Abby1612
[Slusser Brooke] Kill by Awoleye, Phoebe1712
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Marjama, Abby1713
[Marjama Abby] Kill by Swanson, Sarah1714
[Marjama Abby] Kill by Stivrins, Amber1814
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Swanson, Sarah1815
[Swanson Sarah] Kill by Rivera, Kayla1915
[Brower Clara] Kill by Eggleston, Shaye1916
[Reaugh, Kendyl] Attack error by Froemming, Meghan (from Brower, Clara).1917
[Reaugh, Kendyl] Service ace (TEAM)1918
[Reaugh, Kendyl] Service error.2018
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Eggleston, Shaye2019
[Eggleston Shaye] Kill by Marjama, Abby2020
[Eggleston, Shaye] Service error.2120
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Evans, Kacie2220
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Marjama, Abby2221
[Kuck, Dru] Attack error by Froemming, Meghan (block by Marjama, Abby).2222
[Kuck Dru] Kill by Froemming, Meghan2322
[Rothenberger Claire] Kill by Evans, Kacie2422
[Rothenberger, Claire] Attack error by Marjama, Abby (block by Awoleye, Phoebe; Evans, Kacie).2522