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Box Score - Nov 13, 2021

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Game Stats
T. Strasser7213.38501308
K. Burbage7315.26700007
K. Cox6217.23510907
J. Iliff6218.22200206
A. Dixon4618-.11101205
A. D'Cruz417.42910105
B. Carlson207.28600102
M. Isenberg000.00000000
A. Lyon000.00000080
L. Forbes001.000001130
S. Buckley001.00000190
N. Alford001.000004150
E. Williamson000.00000100
E. Brown000.00000000
Game Stats
K. Evans12226.385207013
K. Rivera9315.400101010
S. Naves8114.500301010
A. Stivrins8018.44410509
M. Froemming6015.40010107
P. Awoleye509.55620306
B. Cox001.00002852
D. Hans000.000027222
L. Stewart000.00000000
A. Maesch000.00000000
C. Brower000.000008180
M. Norris000.00000000
M. Downing000.00000200
A. Fortin000.00000000
M. Hernandez000.00000000
Scoring Plays
1st Set
[Williamson Erin] Kill by Naves, Sage01
[Stivrins, Amber] Attack error by Cox, Kaylee (from Forbes, Lauren).02
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Froemming, Meghan, Block error by Cox, Kaylee03
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Strasser, Trista13
[Strasser, Trista] Service error.14
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Cox, Kaylee24
[Alford Nicole] Kill by Evans, Kacie25
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Burbage, Kayla35
[Cox, Kaylee] Attack error by Rivera, Kayla (from Cox, Bailey).45
[Cox Kaylee] Kill by Awoleye, Phoebe46
[Evans, Kacie] Service error.56
[Forbes Lauren] Kill by Rivera, Kayla57
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Rivera, Kayla58
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Rivera, Kayla59
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Burbage, Kayla69
[Lyon Addison] Kill by Dixon, Anna79
[Lyon Addison] Kill by Stivrins, Amber710
[Brower Clara] Kill by Stivrins, Amber711
[Brower Clara] Kill by Dixon, Anna811
[Williamson Erin] Kill by Stivrins, Amber812
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Evans, Kacie813
[Stivrins, Amber] Attack error by Iliff, Jordan (block by Evans, Kacie; Naves, Sage).814
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Iliff, Jordan914
[Strasser Trista] Kill by Evans, Kacie915
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Iliff, Jordan1015
[Alford Nicole] Kill by D'Cruz, Anna1115
[Alford Nicole] Kill by Froemming, Meghan1116
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Rivera, Kayla1117
[Hans, Dalaney] Service ace (TEAM)1118
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Evans, Kacie1119
[Hans, Dalaney] Bad set by Alford, Nicole.1120
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Evans, Kacie1121
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Cox, Kaylee1221
[Cox, Kaylee] Service error.1222
[Evans, Kacie] Attack error by Dixon, Anna (block by Rivera, Kayla; Awoleye, Phoebe).1223
[Evans, Kacie] Attack error by Burbage, Kayla (from Cox, Bailey).1224
[Evans, Kacie] Service error.1324
[Forbes Lauren] Kill by Awoleye, Phoebe1325
2nd Set
[Stivrins, Amber] Service error.10
[Forbes, Lauren] Bad set by Brower, Clara.20
[Forbes, Lauren] Attack error by Evans, Kacie (from Brower, Clara).30
[Forbes Lauren] Kill by Naves, Sage31
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Burbage, Kayla41
[Lyon Addison] Kill by Froemming, Meghan42
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Strasser, Trista52
[Williamson, Erin] Attack error by Rivera, Kayla (from Hans, Dalaney).62
[Williamson Erin] Kill by Evans, Kacie63
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Stivrins, Amber64
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Awoleye, Phoebe65
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Strasser, Trista75
[Strasser Trista] Kill by Stivrins, Amber76
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Rivera, Kayla77
[Awoleye, Phoebe] Attack error by Cox, Kaylee (from Lyon, Addison).78
[Awoleye, Phoebe] Attack error by Iliff, Jordan (block by Stivrins, Amber; Naves, Sage).79
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Cox, Kaylee89
[Alford Nicole] Kill by Naves, Sage810
[Brower, Clara] Service error.910
[Cox, Kaylee] Attack error by Dixon, Anna (from Cox, Kaylee).911
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by D'Cruz, Anna1011
[Forbes Lauren] Kill by Evans, Kacie1012
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Dixon, Anna1112
[Buckley, Skylar] Attack error by Dixon, Anna (from Buckley, Skylar).1113
[Hans, Dalaney] Service ace (Dixon, Anna)1114
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Rivera, Kayla1115
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Strasser, Trista1215
[Dixon, Anna] Service ace (Cox, Bailey)1315
[Dixon Anna] Kill by Awoleye, Phoebe1316
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Cox, Kaylee1416
[Strasser Trista] Kill by D'Cruz, Anna1516
[Strasser, Trista] Service ace (Stivrins, Amber)1616
[Strasser, Trista] Attack error by Strasser, Trista (from Buckley, Skylar).1617
[Awoleye, Phoebe] Attack error by Rivera, Kayla (block by Cox, Kaylee; D'Cruz, Anna).1717
[Alford, Nicole] Attack error by Naves, Sage (from Hans, Dalaney).1817
[Alford Nicole] Kill by Stivrins, Amber1818
[Brower Clara] Kill by Burbage, Kayla1918
[Cox Kaylee] Kill by Naves, Sage1919
[Stivrins, Amber] Attack error by Burbage, Kayla (block by Evans, Kacie; Naves, Sage).1920
[Stivrins, Amber] Attack error by Dixon, Anna (from Forbes, Lauren).1921
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Dixon, Anna2021
[Forbes Lauren] Kill by Froemming, Meghan2022
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Strasser, Trista2122
[Buckley Skylar] Kill by Awoleye, Phoebe2123
[Hans, Dalaney] Attack error by Strasser, Trista (from Buckley, Skylar).2124
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Evans, Kacie2125
3rd Set
[Cox Kaylee] Kill by Froemming, Meghan01
[Stivrins, Amber] Attack error by D'Cruz, Anna (from Alford, Nicole).02
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by D'Cruz, Anna12
[Forbes Lauren] Kill by Naves, Sage13
[Cox, Bailey] Service ace (Cox, Kaylee)14
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Evans, Kacie15
[Cox, Bailey] Attack error by Dixon, Anna (block by Froemming, Meghan; Awoleye, Phoebe).16
[Cox, Bailey] Attack error by Dixon, Anna (from Forbes, Lauren).17
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Burbage, Kayla27
[Buckley, Skylar] Bad set by Brower, Clara.37
[Buckley Skylar] Kill by Evans, Kacie38
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Iliff, Jordan48
[Carlson, Brynn] Service error.49
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Strasser, Trista59
[Strasser, Trista] Service error.510
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Rivera, Kayla511
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Iliff, Jordan611
[Alford Nicole] Kill by Rivera, Kayla612
[Brower Clara] Kill by Cox, Kaylee712
[Cox Kaylee] Kill by Carlson, Brynn812
[Cox Kaylee] Kill by Stivrins, Amber813
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Carlson, Brynn913
[Forbes Lauren] Kill by Evans, Kacie914
[Cox, Bailey] Service ace (TEAM)915
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Evans, Kacie916
[Cox Bailey] Kill by Burbage, Kayla1016
[Buckley, Skylar] Bad set by Buckley, Skylar.1017
[Hans Dalaney] Kill by Iliff, Jordan, Block error by Awoleye, Phoebe1117
[Carlson Brynn] Kill by Strasser, Trista1217
[Carlson, Brynn] Attack error by Evans, Kacie (from Hans, Dalaney).1317
[Carlson Brynn] Kill by Rivera, Kayla1318
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Stivrins, Amber1319
[Evans Kacie] Kill by Cox, Kaylee1419
[Strasser, Trista] Service error.1420
[Awoleye Phoebe] Kill by Iliff, Jordan1520
[Alford Nicole] Kill by Naves, Sage1521
[Brower, Clara] Attack error by Burbage, Kayla (from Alford, Nicole).1522
[Brower, Clara] Service error.1622
[Cox Kaylee] Kill by Naves, Sage1623
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Naves, Sage1624
[Stivrins Amber] Kill by Burbage, Kayla1724
[Forbes Lauren] Kill by Froemming, Meghan1725