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Box Score - Nov 9, 2012

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Game Stats
K. Evans, -082/7.2860/0.0004/41.00012301113
A. Ford, -083/6.5001/3.3331/2.50001121083
S. Coffer, G062/6.3330/1.0002/21.00023500022
Z. Stephenson, G052/3.6671/2.5000/0.00001101001
K. Harris, G020/8.0000/1.0002/21.00063910111
Game Stats
A. Bruner, -0157/11.6360/0.0001/5.20030300020
I. Walker, -0135/12.4170/3.0003/31.00031443011
A. Welch, F094/6.6670/0.0001/2.50054913021
T. Mitchell, G094/6.6670/1.0001/2.50002231011
S. White, -084/6.6670/0.0000/0.00001120001
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:36Two Point Jumper02
19:01Two Point Jumper04
18:30Two Point Layup06
18:12Two Point Jumper26
17:40Two Point Jumper28
16:37Two Point Layup210
16:27Three Point Jumper510
15:49Two Point Jumper512
15:10Two Point Jumper514
14:11Two Point Jumper516
14:09Free Throw517
13:26Free Throw518
13:26Free Throw519
12:43Two Point Jumper521
12:14Two Point Jumper721
11:53Two Point Jumper723
10:46Free Throw823
10:46Free Throw923
10:11Two Point Jumper1123
9:58Two Point Layup1125
9:46Two Point Layup1325
8:55Free Throw1425
8:55Free Throw1525
8:02Two Point Layup1527
8:02Free Throw1528
6:34Two Point Jumper1728
5:40Two Point Jumper1928
5:27Two Point Jumper2128
4:15Two Point Jumper2130
3:51Two Point Layup2132
2:42Two Point Jumper2332
2:04Free Throw2333
2:04Free Throw2334
1:37Two Point Layup2336
1:03Two Point Jumper2536
0:56Free Throw2537
0:26Two Point Jumper2539
0:11Two Point Layup2541
2nd Period
19:17Two Point Jumper2543
19:08Three Point Jumper2843
18:49Two Point Jumper2845
18:19Two Point Jumper2847
17:50Two Point Jumper3047
16:39Two Point Jumper3049
16:30Free Throw3149
16:06Two Point Layup3151
15:26Two Point Jumper3153
13:47Two Point Jumper3155
13:44Free Throw3156
13:24Two Point Layup3158
13:06Free Throw3159
13:06Free Throw3160
12:07Two Point Jumper3162
11:07Free Throw3262
10:40Two Point Layup3462
10:12Free Throw3463
9:18Free Throw3464
8:56Free Throw3564
8:56Free Throw3664
8:19Two Point Jumper3864
7:05Two Point Jumper3866
6:17Two Point Layup3868
6:17Free Throw3869
5:42Two Point Jumper4069
5:13Two Point Jumper4269
4:37Free Throw4270
2:14Two Point Layup4272
1:55Free Throw4372
1:55Free Throw4472
1:37Two Point Layup4474
1:11Two Point Layup4476
1:11Free Throw4477