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Box Score - Nov 12, 2012

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Thomas Assembly Center - Ruston, LA

Game Stats
A. Bruner, -0178/10.8000/0.0001/3.33302230003
A. Welch, F0144/6.6670/0.0006/8.75044812203
T. Mitchell, G0135/11.4550/2.0003/4.75026800022
I. Walker, -0103/10.3003/6.5001/2.50012382112
S. White, -042/7.2860/1.0000/0.00053822112
Game Stats
L. Perry, G0166/14.4292/7.2862/4.50002230020
B. Lewis, -0103/5.6001/11.0003/4.75023500000
J. Borum, -042/6.3330/0.0000/0.00001151042
W. Frazier, F031/7.1430/1.0001/2.50002201014
J. Vucinic, G000/2.0000/1.0000/0.00000000001
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:25Free Throw01
18:55Two Point Layup21
18:23Two Point Layup41
18:00Two Point Jumper61
17:11Two Point Layup63
16:48Three Point Jumper66
16:26Two Point Layup86
16:00Two Point Layup88
15:38Two Point Layup108
14:58Three Point Jumper138
14:23Two Point Layup158
13:09Free Throw168
13:09Free Throw178
12:59Two Point Layup1710
12:42Three Point Jumper2010
12:25Free Throw2011
12:25Free Throw2012
11:03Three Point Jumper2312
10:24Three Point Jumper2612
10:02Two Point Layup2614
9:28Two Point Layup2814
9:28Free Throw2914
8:58Two Point Layup3114
8:58Free Throw3214
7:11Free Throw3314
7:02Two Point Layup3316
6:37Free Throw3416
6:14Free Throw3417
4:46Free Throw3517
3:11Two Point Layup3519
2:49Free Throw3619
2:41Two Point Layup3621
2:05Two Point Layup3821
1:45Two Point Layup3823
1:16Two Point Layup3825
0:50Two Point Layup4025
0:34Free Throw4026
0:34Free Throw4027
2nd Period
19:45Three Point Jumper4030
18:37Two Point Layup4230
17:55Free Throw4231
17:34Two Point Layup4431
16:49Free Throw4531
15:51Two Point Layup4731
15:26Two Point Layup4733
14:57Free Throw4833
14:29Two Point Jumper4835
13:39Two Point Layup5035
13:14Two Point Jumper5235
12:48Free Throw5335
12:33Three Point Jumper5338
12:04Two Point Jumper5538
11:44Two Point Layup5540
11:10Two Point Jumper5542
10:45Two Point Layup5742
9:45Free Throw5743
9:45Free Throw5744
7:58Two Point Layup5746
7:39Two Point Layup5946
7:28Free Throw5947
7:05Free Throw6047
6:38Free Throw6048
6:26Three Point Jumper6348
6:18Free Throw6349
6:18Free Throw6350
6:01Two Point Layup6550
5:32Two Point Layup6750
5:17Free Throw6751
5:01Two Point Jumper6951
4:35Two Point Layup6953
4:19Free Throw7053
4:19Free Throw7153
3:47Two Point Jumper7353
3:47Free Throw7354
3:23Free Throw7454
3:23Free Throw7554
2:25Two Point Layup7754
1:33Two Point Layup7756
1:14Two Point Jumper7758
0:56Two Point Layup7958
0:56Three Point Jumper8258