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Box Score - Nov 15, 2012

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Game Stats
A. Thomas, -0124/10.4000/0.0004/41.00012310021
E. Kalu, G0104/13.3080/1.0002/5.40012331033
E. Hogue, -093/9.3330/0.0003/7.42934711012
J. Norman, G094/7.5711/2.5000/0.00011211111
C. Greene, F021/3.3330/0.0000/0.00021301113
Game Stats
A. Welch, F0135/6.8330/0.0003/31.000481200010
I. Walker, -0103/4.7503/4.7501/2.50010150051
T. Mitchell, G0104/11.3641/4.2501/3.33332541001
S. White, -093/7.4291/2.5002/21.00022410002
A. Bruner, -084/9.4440/0.0000/3.000571210022
Scoring Plays
1st Period
19:46Three Point Jumper03
19:16Two Point Layup05
18:54Free Throw15
15:57Two Point Jumper17
15:32Two Point Layup19
15:15Two Point Layup111
14:49Free Throw112
14:49Free Throw113
12:57Free Throw114
12:50Two Point Jumper116
12:08Free Throw216
11:35Two Point Jumper416
10:51Three Point Jumper419
10:24Two Point Layup619
9:46Free Throw620
9:46Free Throw621
8:37Three Point Jumper624
7:21Two Point Layup626
6:49Two Point Layup628
6:36Free Throw728
6:16Two Point Jumper730
5:52Two Point Jumper930
4:35Three Point Jumper933
4:13Free Throw1033
3:58Three Point Jumper1036
3:13Two Point Layup1038
2:55Two Point Jumper1238
2:19Two Point Jumper1438
1:36Two Point Jumper1638
1:07Two Point Jumper1640
0:56Free Throw1740
0:56Free Throw1840
0:21Two Point Layup2040
2nd Period
19:18Two Point Jumper2042
18:52Two Point Layup2044
17:46Two Point Jumper2046
17:46Free Throw2047
17:34Three Point Jumper2347
16:26Free Throw2348
15:24Three Point Jumper2351
14:52Two Point Jumper2551
14:13Two Point Layup2751
13:33Two Point Jumper2951
13:10Two Point Jumper2953
13:08Three Point Jumper2956
12:29Two Point Layup2958
12:03Two Point Jumper3158
11:41Two Point Layup3160
10:45Two Point Jumper3360
10:20Two Point Layup3362
9:49Three Point Jumper3365
9:13Two Point Layup3367
8:55Two Point Jumper3567
8:27Two Point Jumper3569
7:30Two Point Jumper3571
7:07Free Throw3671
7:07Free Throw3771
6:19Two Point Jumper3971
5:50Two Point Layup3973
5:20Two Point Jumper4173
4:23Three Point Jumper4473
3:23Two Point Jumper4475
3:02Two Point Jumper4675
1:27Three Point Jumper4678
1:05Free Throw4778